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Chapter 23: Your Guardian Angel Pt. 1

"Jack!" Camryn screamed from the front lawn as her husband fell to his knees, clutching his right shoulder.

Melanie (3) was with Camille and the girls, luckily.

"CAMRYN!" Jack screamed.

Bobby shot the bastard that shot Jack, but before any of the brothers had the chance to get to Jack, a dark blue, beat-up van pulled up to the Mercer house and a bunch of guys with guns jumped out.

"Shit! Cam, get down!" Bobby yelled, running back onto the porch, and hiding behind the brick wall.

Camryn hit the ground fast enough to get out of the way of the barrage of bullets heading her way. After 2 minutes of lying on the ground, scared shitless for herself and her husband, she found the courage to attempt to crawl to Jack, slowly.

By the time she got there, Bobby was beating the shit out of some guy's head with a brick and Angel was trying to get him out of the way of the speeding van that was coming directly towards them.

WHAM! Jerry's car came crashing into the van and Bobby got up to get to his little brother, along with Jerry and Angel.

"Jack, look at me, baby," Camryn sobbed.

"Someone call an ambulance!" Bobby screamed.

"I'm calling, I'm calling…" Sofi cried, dialing 911 as she ran out to the brothers and Cam.

"Jack! Don't you dare close your eyes! Jack!"

The ambulance sirens sounded behind them and Camryn stood, shakily.

1st Person

I sat in the ambulance, holding Jack's hand and crying. The paramedics were speaking hospital so I tried to ignore them all, until we got there.

Everything was a blur. If someone asked me to re-cap it'd be something like "Jack got shot. I screamed. He screamed. Bobby screamed. I laid on the ground, scared shitless until I could get to Jack. Ambulance. Hospital."

I sat in the waiting room, sobbing into Jack's sweatshirt that I stole because I loved it so much; it smelt just like him, which only made me cry harder.

One of the nurses, average height with dark hair, came over to see if I was all right. That's exactly what she asked, "Are you all right?"

You wanna know what I said? "What do you think? I just watched the love of my life get shot, several times, and you ask me if all right? Did you pass your common sense class yet or—no wait. Common sense isn't taught! And, apparently, you don't have any, either!"

The nurse sighed and walked away. I sat back in the chair, my eyes red and damp. My cheeks were wet still, I was cold from the snow that had leaked through my clothes and I didn't know if my husband was alive or dead.

Bobby came in and I wasn't sure whether he was looking for me, or if he just wanted to see his brother. Maybe it was both, because he found me first, gave me the hug that I needed, and went off to find out something about Jack. Angel, Jerry, and Sofi came in a few minutes later.

"Mrs. Mercer," A doctor approached me, but I couldn't find the nerve to stand until Sofi stood me up.

"Cam," I said. "Is Jack okay?"

"He's comatose, but you're welcome to go see him."

"When's he supposed to wake up?" I asked, anxiously.

"Could be days, weeks…even months. It's really up to him."

"What room's he in?"


3rd Person – no point of view

Camryn walked down the hall to room 202 and slowly opened the door. She almost stopped breathing for a few seconds once she saw his body hooked up to wires.

"Jack…" She breathed, slowly walking towards the hospital bed. "I'm so sorry, Jackie…"

Bobby quietly entered the room and shut the door behind him. "What are you apologizing for, Cam? It's my fuckin' fault he's in here."

"Yeah, so maybe it is. But you realized it a little too late," She whispered, intertwining her fingers with Jack's, on his hand without the IV.

Bobby sighed and sat down on the chair next to the door. "I'm sorry, Cam."

"…Me too…"

Couple Days Later – Jack's Hospital Room

After Bobby had left the night before, Camryn had cuddled up in the hospital bed with Jack. She couldn't stand it. It was like he wasn't even really there.

"Camryn," Bobby whispered, entering the room. "Get out of the bed, girl. Come on," He woke her up and got her out of the bed and into a reclining chair that was on the other side of Jack's bed.

"Bobby, no. Put me back!" Camryn hissed, starting to get up.

"Cam, you can't do this every night. Lay down in the chair, okay?"

"No, it's not okay. It's like he's not even here."

"Well your daughter's here… That's the whole reason I came in."

"Why'd you bring her? Do you really want her to see him like this? She's only 3 fuckin' years old, Bobby!"

"She wanted me to bring her! She was having a fit that she hadn't seen you or her own father for 3 days!"

"You aren't good at handling her fits, then. 'Cause Ja-"

"Jack could calm her down, I know! But he wasn't there. It was just me. So if you don't want her to see him, you can tell her that yourself!"

"I don't want her to see him because it'd be too much for a 3-year-old to handle, so don't start with me."

Camryn walked out into the hallway and went down to the waiting room, where she found Sofi, holding Melanie in her lap.

"Hey, Sofi," Cam said, softly.

"Mommy!" Melanie squealed, running over to her mom and jumping for her to pick her up.

Cam picked Melanie and her bunny up and looked at Sofi.

((A/N: Remember the bunny of Camryn's from, like, the 5th chapter that Jack gave to Katie when she couldn't sleep? Yeah, that bunny.))

Sofi mouthed, "How's he doing?"

Camryn shook her head and stood silent holding her daughter for a minute.

"Mommy, can I see Daddy?"


When she walked back into Jack's room, Bobby was in his chair from the night before, starring at her with a smirk on.

She looked at him and whispered, angrily, "Don't even fuckin' start with me."

"Daddy?" Melanie whispered, sitting next to her dad on the hospital bed. "Daddy, can you hear me?" The little girl placed a hand on her father's face.

"Mel, he can't hear you sweetheart," Cam said, softly.

"Why not?" Melanie asked. "He always listens to me, why can't he listen now?"

"He's…in a deep sleep. When he wakes up, then he'll be able to listen to you, okay?"

"Mommy, what happened…?"

"What do you mean, Mel?"

"What happened to Daddy? Why can't he hear me?"

Bobby got up and Melanie looked at him.

"Come on, Mel. Let's go home," Bobby said, reaching his arms out to the little girl to pick her up, but she crawled onto Jack, wrapping her arms as far as she could around his body.

"No. I wanna stay with Daddy!" She cried, clinging to him, tears running down her face.

"Mel,-" Camryn started to interrupt, but found she wasn't going to get her daughter out of the room like she'd hoped she could. She gave her brother-in-law a look and he knew exactly what it meant. I hate you, but in the more comical sense.

"Mommy, is…is Daddy gonna be okay?"

"I don't know, Mel… I don't know…" Cam sighed, receiving a much-needed embrace from Bobby before she started crying herself.

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