When you decided to tell a story in your life, where do you begin? What exactly is the beginning of a story? Because they just don't just start, events lead to them. Do you write out all of these events or just go straight into the story? But then, to write out all events that caused the story would take you past the beginning of time.

So, that leaves me with another question: Which events, if any, are important enough to add before the actually story? Should I write ones with only major outcomes? Or should I also add some of the ones with lesser importance? But then, what exactly is classified as an important event?

It is partially because of those questions that I never sat down, before now, and wrote out my story. I don't actually mean my full story. But, I mean that everyone has a life story, which is what I call their book. Each person's book is full of stories that contain different parts of their lives. Even then, each of those stories have chapters.

Realizing that has helped me find a way to get this particular story off my chest. For it has been kept inside me for many years, threatening to escape through other ways other than this written form. So, I've decided I should probably just get it out now before going completely insane. You see, the book is my life and this story is what I really need to get down. The story is Him.

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