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Chapter 2

'Ok, Cell is lying on my living room floor, Weird but ok' Emily thought as she paced back and forth in front of him. She looked at

the clock which now read 6:25pm. 'I better try and get him to my bedroom before my parents get back' (sigh) 'Thankfully I

weight train but this is still going to be hard' So as she tried to carry him bridal style but that didn't work. He was too heavy for that

so dragging was the next best thing; she managed to get him up to the second floor of her house and collapse. "Damn, for an anime

character you sure are heavy, I don't even want to know how many muscles I pulled," when she got to her room she dragged him

straight to her king size bed which was across from the door; after closing the door which had a poster of Cell on it, she sat in her

computer chair which was located to the left of her bed. After falling asleep and a few hours later there was movement on the bed.

'Why does my head hurt, Sh! ' Cell sprung from the bed and into a fighting stance quickly looking and feeling for the Z fighters, 'ooo…

k where am I' Looking to his left he spotted a young female fast asleep in a chair, after giving her a good once over he decided to wait

until she woke up before asking her any questions. He then walked over and sat on the bed crossing his arms with a sigh. 'This should

be interesting' where his last thoughts as he went into a light meditative state.

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