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It was an hour later that he got bored. (sigh) Cell opened his eyes, to find himself staring at what looked like a poster of him. His eyes widened, wtf he thought. He then noticed that he seemed to be every where in this females room. From action figures to key chains , ext. "Interesting" he said while standing up. He looked over to Emily who was still sleeping. Guess I'll go have myself a look around this houseā€¦. hmm there are two other energy signatures must be her parents. Leaving the room quietly he looked to his left and found stairs that led to the first floor. "Might as well start from the ground up" he said going down the stairs. A half hour later Emily woke up. Ugh what a terrible way to sleep, she thought as she stretched out, groaning as she did. (Yawn) She looked at her clock that she had on her computer desk. It read 1am. "Wow, I slept that long"

She got up and looked over to her bed. As she looked at the bed, she thought, hmm what am I forgetting.

Then it clicked. "He's Gone", she whispered. "My Parents" she said quietly but quickly rushed to their room. When she got to there room which was on the other side at the end of the hall. "woo there alive and okay" she said while sighing. But where did Cell go, she thought as she went to check the rest of the second floor. Meanwhile, Cell was in the kitchen inspecting one of the knives, he sensed a chi spike from the females room and chuckled slightly. I see she's awake he thought as he set the knife down and headed for a different room. So turning right out of the kitchen, he walked to the first door on his right. Opening it to find a fairly large den. It was filled with manga's and anime manga's. Across from in front of the door was a fire place. The room itself was a nice deep forest green color that was textured with beautiful dark colored wood shelf's. Dark navy colored leather arm chair recliners in front of the fire place. (A/N Sorry about that just wanted you to know what the room looked like and what was init.) Cell strolled over to the fire place and put a few logs in it, he then shot a tiny energy ball at it and watched as it burned to life. Having done that he walked to the nearest shelf and picked a manga at random. There were two handsome males on the front cover. Cell not knowing it was a Yaoi opened it and started to read while looking at the pictures. It read, Yoko slid his hand heading south down Kain's chest, Mmm moaned Kain, and that's about the time Cell went blue in the face. Incinerating the manga in his hand. Yck he thought and he selected a different manga. Luckily this one was a normal one and he went to sit in one of the chairs by the fire. Hmp, I'll just let her find me and then interrogate her he thought while beginning to read. Emily was walking down the stairs having just finished checking the second floor.

Hmm, ok he wasn't up there, so hopefully he's down here, she thought heading into the living room.

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