A Storm in Hogwarts

Prologue: This story takes place after the X-men's battle with the Adversary. Storm and her team sacrificed their lives to stop the Adversary, but the Guardian of Time and Space said that such evil must not be removed from the universe forever and so gave the X-Men back their lives. As a reward for their heroism, she granted them three things. 1. The Siege Perilous, which would send a person to an alternate path for their life. 2. She made it so that no machine could detect the Storm's group, for them to be observed in any way it could only be done by Magic or by actually being with a member of the team, or by having a piece of Reaver equipment attached a surveillance system. 3. The Reaver base in Australia.

Storm accepted the gifts and decided to use them to strike at back at their enemies, without fear of them coming after the ones her group loved. The plan on seemed sound. One day however a couple of mutants named Nanny and the Orphan Maker turned up at the X-Men base in Australia. There was a fierce battle and Storm was captured. Nanny used a mimic-bot to replace Storm, mimic-bots were created by S.H.I.E.L.D. and come copy a person down to their DNA, and only a deep DNA scan would reveal that it was not the person it seemed to be. Orphan maker created a distraction that let Nanny send a decoy ship and the fake Storm to take her place. She used a powder that would allow her weak telepathic powers to affect almost anyone on Havok, who fired at the fake ship and shot it down even though it held the fake Storm. The X-men believed that Havok had accidentally killed Storm.

Meanwhile, on the real Nanny ship, Storm was being held. Nanny used her advance technology to regress Storm from 25 to 13 years old. Nanny then contacted the Shadow King a long time enemy of Storm who has sought to possess her since she was a small child. A deal was struck and Shadow King came to pick up his prize. He flew her out of the country immediately, taking her from Australia to his base in England. Some how or another she managed to escape at the airport when a mysterious storm appear out of nowhere and ground air traffic for half of England. Storm ran, and hid in Heathrow airport for nearly a month before she was caught by security for stealing. She had no memory of who she was or really how she got there but she did remember most of her thievery skills. The police thought it was strange that they couldn't finger print her and that she didn't show up on any surveillance equipment. Eventually they contacted Moira MacTaggert; she was the leading expert on mutants and magic in the British Isles.

When the girl was brought to Moira, she was instantly stunned by how much she looked like her friend Storm who had died two months before in Dallas fighting the Adversary. Moira kept the girl with her and contacted Albus Dumbledore for a consultation on the girl's case. Together MacTaggert and Dumbledore tested the girl, and found that she had a high potential in mutant power and in magic. And so they put the question to her, where do you want to go.

"Hello, honey, we've tested you and you have a high potential for power as a mutant and as a witch, therefore we give you a choice. You can study to control and master your mutant power at a school in America called 'Xavier's School for Gifted Children', or you can go to 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,' there you will study and develop your magic. Now if you chose Xavier's, you can come back here on Summer holidays and train in magic, or if you chose Hogwarts you can come back to me and I can train you in the use of your mutant abilities here over the summer holidays. What do you want to do, honey?" Said Moira.

The girl thought about for a moment, mutant powers, or witchcraft? She smiled at Albus and said, "Hogwarts."

-End of Prologue-

A/N Okay this is not written as well as I like, I admit it, this is just to get you up to speed on how Storm got to Hogwarts. Now that this tedium is out of the way, the next chapter will begin our tale. I've read some of the other stories that have hooked up X-men and HP universe, they aren't that good, so I thought I would give it a shot. Don't expect to be seeing any other X-men at Hogwarts; it will be just be Storm and maybe Magik. I always like her. Man it made me mad when hey killed her off permanently. As for updates on this story, they will be slow but I will try to do them as well I do my veela story, which is my main thing right now. I'm a long time X-Men fan but I got priced out of collecting them. I am huge fan of Storm though. Well, remember this story, start next chapter, so come back for that. Also use Story alert it will email you and let you know when the next update is posted. Trust me it will get better, I just really hate prologues.

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