A Storm in Hogwarts

Chapter 3: HOGWARTS

Her heart was racing in her chest, she hid herself in the leaves of the upper branches of the trees. The rainforest was quiet except for the songs of the night creatures. She had to stay out of the reach of her pursuers until help arrived.

"Come out, McTaggert, there is no escape for you." The male voice yelled.

Ro's heart raced as she summoned a lightning storm and fog to hide her.

"Do you really think you can hide from us in this? We will find you McTaggert! And I will have my revenge!" Then the male voice laughed insanely.

'Ma, where are you? Come on! I need you.' Thought Ro desperately.

"I see you McTaggert! Just come out and take your medicine like a good little girl!" The male voice said, and suddenly something whizzed past Ro so quickly she wasn't sure what it is.

'How am I going to get out of this? I should have waited until tomorrow, just before heading to Hogwarts, but no, I got impatient. Stupid, stupid, STUPID.' Ro thought.

"I see you McTaggert! Come on and take your punishment like a woman." Said another male voice. Both males sounded so angry, but really they shouldn't take it so personal, thought Ro.

"Ro, honey, are you in there?" Said the familiar female voice.

"Ma! Yes, I'm here, help me! They've both lost it!" Screamed Ro. Suddenly a small explosion happened next then another and she was on the forest floor with her pursuers.

"Got you, McTaggert, I'm going to…"


The light came on and the Danger Room shut down. What was a mere moment ago a giant rainforest with thunderstorm, turned in a giant empty room with a control room perched near the ceiling. Muira McTaggert looked down at the room's occupants and starting laughing hysterically. "Oh my God! KURT, YOU'RE… YOU'RE… PINK!" She said as she laughed til she fell off her seat. Bobby Drake stood next to Kurt in his Iceman persona which he shut off, just as Muira got back in her seat, she then looked at Bobby and fell off her seat again, looking at his pink hair.

"It's not funny, Muira. We're heroes, we can't go out and save the world with pink hair, and well, just generally pink in Kurt's case, and Ro here said she didn't know how to change us back." Said a miffed Bobby Drake. Kurt Wagner otherwise known, as the sensational Nightcrawler was a mutant whose genetic code had him looking like a cross between a blue elf and a blue demon, though Kurt himself was a devoutly religious person, and had the gentlest of souls. Today, however thanks to one of the pranks that Ro picked up in Diagon Alley, the fuzzy blue elf, as Kurt was sometime called was now pink from head to toe. And he was not a happy elf.

"Guys, guys, I read the direction on that prank, and not to worry, it'll wear off before the day is over… I hope." Said Muira.

"YOU HOPE?" Bobby and Kurt chorused.

"Well, see these pranks were designed for wizards and while they are relatively safe for muggles… non wizards… they were never tested on mutants."

"Oh.. I..uh.. never thought of that." Said Ro sheepishly. "I'm sorry guys, I hope it turns off on it's own, if not I'll talk to Professor McGonagall about reversing it."

"Well, you are so lucky you are cute and we think of you as a little sister Ro or so help me, I'd wake you up for school tomorrow by dumping ice water on your head then I'd freeze everything in your trunk." Said Bobby.

"Thanks Bobby, and I promise if not gone by morning I'll talk to McGonagall first thing at school. Are we good Kurt? You know I love you right, it was just a prank, and you guys pranked me first." Said Ro.

Kurt said nothing just BAMFED. Only to re-appear a second later and tickle Ro til she couldn't breathe. "NIGHTCRAWLER ALWAYS GETS HIS REVENGE, Liebshen!"

"I give… ha ha ha.. I give … You win! Uncle! Uncle… ha ha ha… I can….I can't breathe!" Ro laughed trying to push Nightcrawler off of her.

"That's enough Kurt, she has to get to bed, we don't her to miss her first day at school, now do we?" Said Muira smiling as her adopted laughed and gasped for air.

"Fine but know that Nightcrawler always gets his revenge. Moo hoo ha ha haaaa!" And with that Nightcrawler bamfed back to his room to read and hope the color would wear off soon.

Bobby helped Ro to her feet, ruffled her hair, smiled at her and went to his room.

"Had some fun with the boys today, did you?" said Muira.

"Yea Ma. They're always fun, I wish they lived here with us. I'm going to miss them." Ro said sincerely.

"Well, go up and get ready for bed, Hun. Did you pack everything?" asked Muira.

"Of course, with the seven lock trunk, I could have brought my entire room furniture and all, and still have had lots of room. Thanks for loaning me those books from the library, Ma, I promise I'll take good care of them."

"Not a problem Sweety, just make sure they don't get damaged some of the books you borrowed are first editions you know." Said Muira as she walked Ro back to her room.

When Ro and Muira reached the room, Rahne was on her way down for a bedtime snack.

"Oh, Rahne I got a call from Charles today, you have to go back to school, in the morning, I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together, but you are needed to go with your team somewhere, I think it's a field trip or something. Oh and Ro, you'll have to be leaving earlier than originally planned since I have to take Rahne to the airport then have a meeting with the Prime Minister. So I'll have to get you to the train station two hours early." Muira informed the girls.

"Yes Ma'am" the girls chorused. Muira left and Rahne started to continue down the kitchens.

"Rahne wait. I, I just wanted to say that I hope you have a safe trip back to school." Ro finished lamely.

"Okay." And Rahne walked away.

Ro was saddened by her relationship with Rahne. No matter what Ro did, Rahne wouldn't even meet her half way.

'I just want us to be sisters, why does she have to make it so hard. Okay I get that she was raised to fear magic, but its not like I'm evil. I'm only just learning magic and yet she acts as if I'm the devil incarnate. Goddess, is it asking so much to want to have a sister or brother? I know I should be just grateful I have Ma and I am, it's just that I feel something is missing. Better get to bed, I'll have to be up early in the morning.' Ro thought as she headed to room.

September 1st

Muir Island, Scotland

Ro had packed the night before and laid out her clothes for the day, so she could sleep an extra hour while Rahne and Muira were busy getting ready for their trips. Ro got up at 8:30 a.m. showered and dressed. She had her trunk by the door and was quietly eating breakfast as Rahne ran around trying to find some book she wanted to take with her to America. Ro offered to help, she said she knew a spell that would summon the book right to her, but Rahne refused. Her fear or hatred of magic seemed to always keep her from even trying to get to know Ro. Ro sighed finished her breakfast, and waited at the door. It was 9 a.m. and finally Rahne and Muira were ready to go.

"Have you got everything Ro?" Muira asked her daughter.

"Yes, indeed, you know with my trunk I could practically take the whole of the house with me, so I just packed everything." Ro said with a cheeky smile.

Muira shot her look and glanced at Rahne. Ro smiled sheepishly, she had forgotten she wasn't to mention how special her trunk was around Rahne, or the fact that Muira had one too.

"Alrighty then, everyone to the car." Said Muira. Muira decided to take the limo today, it was just easier for the trip. The driver drove them the docks where the limo got on the ferry, and was taken to Clydesman's Wharf. The limo disembarked and then drove to London and was at Kings Cross by ten.

"Well Sweety, here you are. Be good and owl me when you get sorted in a house okay? I'm betting you're either a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw." Said Muira as she helped Ro get her trunk on a cart. It didn't really need a cart, of course, it had a feather weight charm on it, but since they were in the muggle section of King's Cross they didn't want to risk, standing out with a 13 year old carrying such a heavy looking trunk easily.

"Personally, I don't care which house I go in, just so long as I can make some friends and learn some magic. You know it still feels stupid to come all the way to London from Scotland to take a train TO Scotland." Said Ro. "I know the school is in a secret location and that the trip is a bonding experience for the students, but it still feels stupid. Well, you better get going Ma, I don't want you to be late getting Rahne there to airport. I wouldn't want Charles to have send the Blackbird for her or anything."

"Yes, we better get going. You be good, and remember to owl me, and don't for get to let Heather out of your trunk room when you get to school. She'll need to fly a bit. Have a good time at school Sweety." Muira whispered as kissed her cheek and headed to the car.

Ro was surprised at how choked up she felt. She thought she was too old to feel this way, but apparently she wasn't. She waved as her mom and Rahne drove off. She went to Platforms 9 and 10 and discretely went through. It was a good thing that Minerva told her how to get on the platform or she was sure she would have never figured it out on her own.

Ro was a whole hour early, so she stored her trunk in one of the compartments, made sure the security features were in effect so that no one could open it and that her initials were clearly displayed and then left to hit the restaurant across the street from the station. She had already had breakfast, but from what Minerva told her it would be around dinner time before the train hit Hogsmeade's Station. Ro decided it would be smart to get some burgers at the restaurant for herself and anyone in her compartment. As she left King's Cross she saw a Chinese Restaurant just opening for the day next to the dinner she was originally planned to get the burgers from and decided Chinese food would be better.

"Hello, can I help?" Said the waitress. "Would you like a table or take out?"

"I'd like take out. I like 2 orders of BBQ Pork fried Rice, 2 Orders of BBQ Pork Chow Mein, 2 Orders of Sesame Chicken, 2 Orders of Fried Prawns, double order Egg Rolls, and 2 six packs of Pepsi."

"Okay, miss that'll be ten pounds two p. Please." Said the waitress as she rang up the order on cash register. Ro paid for the food and the waitress said it would be half an hour. Ro was fine with that the restaurant was across the street from King's Cross and she would fifteen minutes to get back to the train before it left. Ro decided to look in some of the shops across from the station. She found a book store and decided to look around in their for a few minutes before heading back to the train station. Ro looked around the bookstore and was surprised when she felt a pull to a section of wall that didn't have books. She followed the pull and touched the wall, the wall turned into a door and she entered. Behind the wall was a room with books some looked very, very old. She picked up the books and realized the store must have a wizarding section that only wizards could find.

Ro was amazed at the place it looked dusty like no one had been back there in years, and there were so many books it looked as big as her Mom's library, and Muira's library was the largest muggle owned magical library in Britain. Purebloods and a few half bloods had larger libraries, but not by much from what Muira had told her.

Ro browsed through the rows of books and the titles and age of the books astounded her. The room was bigger than the store, but hey that's magic for ya. There were shelves and shelves of books. Ro found an old basket that apparently had a feather weight charm on it, and started collecting books, she knew she didn't have enough to buy all the books she wanted but she figured she could haggle, and maybe get some of them. It was a good thing that Muira had given her such a large an allowance since it was to last the next nine months that Ro would be away, and it was to cover Christmas gift buying too.

Ro saw some very interesting titles: "Joining with Your Inner Beast" by Godric Gryffindor, "Potions: the good and the bad" by Salzar Slytherin, "Herbology" by Helga Hufflepuff, "Your Mind is Your Power" by Rowena Ravenclaw, "You and Your Magic" Merlinus Myrrdin, Ro read these titles and instantly dumped into her basket, she knew she could never afford even one but if the dust was any indication, maybe the owners didn't really want them or at the very least maybe she could talk them into letting her have at least one of them. Ro continued browsing for another twenty minutes before she remembered the time, she had over twenty books in her basket and ran out of the room and the counter to pay for her purchase or at least, talk them into selling her at least one.

The sales girl, wasn't magical. Ro didn't know how she knew but she did know. Still, she wasn't a thief anymore so she would be honest about the value of the books. "Miss, I would like to talk to someone about getting these books." Said Ro shyly.

The sales girl looked at the books and her eyes lit up. She reached under the desk and got a paper and read. "Okay, the books are yours. You may return once a year, and get more books, however you won't be able to tell anyone where you got them from. They are yours and you should not give them away, not even has gifts. You can share them and loan them out but you should remember that they are yours and yours only. Have a good day." The sales girl then looked at Ro, and said, "Sign here, please."

"But I don't understand?" Said Ro confused.

"I don't either. The owner told me if someone came to the counter with a load of dusty books I was to read that paper and get them to sign it. I'm not to ask questions or tell anyone about it, or lead anyone to look for the dusty books, he said that those books are for those who can find them on their own. Whatever that means. He said that when I read the paper to the person with the dusty books and then I get a week's paid vacation, or big bonus, my choice. I've here five years and no one ever turned up with dusty books, the owner make me clean all the books in the shop at least once a week, so I have no idea where you found them, but they are yours. So sign here and I'll get my bonus, I saw this car I've been wanting and with the bonus I'll have enough for the down payment," the sales girl said happily.

Ro was still confused, but signed the paper, she felt a way of magic from the paper and frowned all she could do was hope that it wasn't something dangerous. Ro didn't notice all the books get a soft a glow after she signed for them and all the dust that was on them, disappeared. The books still looked incredibly old, but they now looked well taken care of. The sales girl told her to keep the basket the books were it since she didn't have any bags big enough to carry such a load. Once Ro was outside, she went into a near by alley and said "Reducio." The basket of books shrunk and she put them in her coat pocket. Ro looked at her watch and saw it was three minutes until the train was to leave she ran to the Chinese restaurant and got her food, and then jetted across the street to the station, unfortunately for her the station was really crowded with muggles and she was having a hard time getting through the crowd. By the time she reached the gate and saw the clock it was 11:01 a.m. She had missed the train. She sighed what was she to do? Her trunk was in her compartment, Heather was in her trunk house, Ro couldn't even send a message. Ro went to the ladies' room and put a stasis charm on the food to keep it warm, and then shrunk it too and put in her pocket with the books.

Ro thought about calling her mother, but then she realized that her mother had meeting with the minister, so Ro didn't want to disturb her. Then Ro remember the floo at the Leaky Cauldron. She figured there had to be a public floo somewhere in Hogsmeade, she would ask the man who ran the Leaky Cauldron the address for the Hogsmeade floo, and then she should make to school hours before the train got there. With the plan set she went to the curb and hailed a cab.

Ro arrived at the Leaky Cauldron twenty minutes later and saw the bartender washing glasses. "Excuse me sir, can I use your floo to get to Hogsemeade, I've missed the train." She said.

"Sure, Miss, it'll be a 5 sickles for the floo powder. What's your name by the way? I'm Tom."

Ro got the five sickles out and paid Tom. "I'm Ororo MacTaggert of the Clan MacTaggert, nice to meet you Tom. Everyone just call me Ro, though. What's the address for the public floo in Hogsmeade?" Asked Ro.

"Ororo? That's a beautiful name, exotic, do you know what it means? Oh and the address for the public floo in Hogsmeade is 'The Three Broomsticks." Tom said as he handed her a small pouch of floo powder.

"Ororo' means beauty. Thanks Tom. I better get going. Have a nice day." Ro said as she headed to the fireplace. Ro flooed to the Three Broomsticks. It was a nice restaurant, and has she not just had breakfast and was carrying a lot of Chinese food in her pocket she would been tempted to try the fair. Still, it was only 11:30 a.m. and the train with the other students weren't due to arrive until dinner. She sighed and decided to get a drink before going to explore the town. Ro took a seat near the front of the restaurant and was quickly attended to by the waitress, it was start of lunch time so business had really picked up yet.

"Hello, I'm Madam Rosemerta, I own this restaurant and I'll be your server today, what would you like?" Said the busty and beautiful waitress. She wore a peasant blouse with a deep cleavage, it had was white, with lace around the neck and sleeves, she wore a black pleated skirt that went to her knees, and had a white apron around her waist. She had kind eyes, and beautiful face. Ro couldn't help but think that the woman could probably have just about any man she wanted. Ro shook her head slightly and ordered a butterbeer, she never really got to try before, but she remembered Minny telling her that butterbeer and pumpkin juice were the drinks of choices for wizards and witches.

Madam Rosemerta got the drink for Ro and Ro paid, and Ro asked for directions to Hogwarts. Rosemerta gave her directions and Ro drank the butterbeer, she had to admit was a pretty good drink. So in fact that she ordered a case and it shrunk put into her pocket as well. Ro thought about going sightseeing in Hogsmeade but decided against, she would just go and check in at the school and see if she can't get some flying time on the pitch. She didn't have broom, it was in her trunk but then again she didn't need a broom to fly, now did she. Minny told her that the teachers would know she was a mutant, but that they were sworn to secrecy unless Ro gave them permission to reveal it. With it being hours until the train would arrive Ro figured this would be her last chance to get a fly in during the daylight hours. She figured she would fly at night. It took a half an hour to walk up to the school, but she figured she could the exercise. When she was close enough to see the castle she was flabbergasted, it was like something out of fairytale. It was one of the most beautiful buildings she had ever seen. As she came to the gates, she felt a wave a magic hit her. She was frozen in spot and felt like she was being analyzed. Ro figured it must be the wards. Suddenly, she smiled. She felt accepted, she wondered if it was like that for everyone. Somehow, she felt that Hogwarts itself, liked her. It was weird but she felt like she'd just met a friend. She continued on her way to the castle reached the front door, as she was about to knock, a small creature that could only be house-elf opened the door.

"Welcome Miss." The little elf said as it bowed.

"Thank you, my name Ororo MacTaggert of the Clan MacTaggert, but you can call me Ro, and you are?"

"I's is Dobby. The professors are in the Great Hall follow me. Mistress Ro."

"Thank you again, Dobby, and please, just Ro, no need to call me mistress" Said Ro politely.

"You's is much like my Harry Potter. You's is. My Harry Potter is a great wizard. Harry Potter is kind to us house-elves, you's is like him, Miss Ro."

Ro had, of course, heard of Harry Potter. She was just about say something when they reached the doors of the great hall, Dobby snapped his fingers and the doors opened.

"Headmaster, sir, Miss MacTaggert has arrived, sir." Said Dobby as he then popped away.

"Ro, what are you doing here now?" Asked Minerva.

"Hello, Miss MacTaggert, welcome to Hogwarts." Said Dumbledore.

"Hello Professors, I'm sorry, I missed the train, so I went took a cab to the Leaky Cauldron and then flooed to the Three Broomsticks, and then walked here." Said Ro, feeling a little embarrassed for having missed the train.

"Why didn't you owl us?" Asked Minerva.

"I got to the train station an hour early, and stowed my things away in a compartment then I went to get some food for the trip at a restaurant across from the station, I went looking in some stores while I waited for the food, and lost track of the time, by the time I got back to the platform it was 11:01 and I'd missed the train and my owl is on the train."

"Well, it's rather ingenious of you to take the floo from the Leaky Cauldron to the Three Broomsticks, last year we had a couple of second years miss the train, they arrived by stolen flying car, got spotted by muggles along the way too. Wound up crashing the car into the womping willow. Poor Pomona wound up nursing that vicious tree for half the term." Squeaked Professor Flitwick.

"Well, we're having a bit of a late lunch would care to join, the elves made some sandwiches since they wanted to concentrate on the start of term feast." Said Professor Dumbledore.

"Yes, I'd like to join you, but could I contribute too? See I still have the food I paid for that made me miss the train. It's right here in my pocket." Said Ro, as she reached into a pocket and pulled out the little basket of books and the Chinese food.

"Engorio," Ro as she waved her wand over the items from her pocket. The Chinese food and the basket of books returned to their normal size.

"Now what was the elf's name… ah Dobby!"

"Hello, Miss Ro, how can Dobby helps you's."

"Hello Dobby, I got some extra food I want to add to lunch could bring up some extra plates please?" Said Ro with a kindly smile. The elf smiled brightly and disappeared with a pop, he returned seconds later with a few serving platters, and some extra plates.

"Oh, muggle Chinese food, I have had that since I was a dueling champion. Yes, last time I some was in San Francisco, lovely city that. What kind do you have, Miss MacTaggert?" asked an excited Flitwick.

"I have Pork Fried rice, Pork chow mein, Sesame Chicken and Fried Prawns, a six pack of soda that I'm going to save for the semester, I think." She said with a smile, Dobby set the food on platters, it was quite a lot the restaurant gave generous orders.

"I've never had muggle Chinese food, though I did have magical Chinese food with the Emperor of Magical China, I must say it was quite a surprise to eat stir fried Chinese fireball dragon, phoenix nest soup, griffin fried rice, and hypogryff chow mein, but when in China, do as the Chinese do. I really didn't want to insult them you know." Said Professor Dumbledore. Everyone tucked in, and the sandwiches the elves made laid forgotten. Luckily half the professor were arriving later in the day so was plenty of food to go around.

"Miss MacTaggert, why did you get so much food?" Asked Minerva.

"Well, as I said it was going to be long trip on the train and I wanted to get enough for the people sharing my compartment, it would be right to eat such a meal in front of them, without at least offering to share." Ro said shyly.

"That very considerate of you." Said Minerva. Ro blushed.

After everyone was finished with the meal, they all thanked Ro for sharing her food, Ro picked up her basket of books and a book fell out, Professor Dumbledore picked up the book and read the title, his eyes went wide, and breath caught. The other professor stopped suddenly on their way to the doors and looked at him.

"Where did you get this book!" Dumbledore nearly yelled, all composure lost.

"I…I … I can't say." Ro said.

"Albus is there a problem?" Asked Minerva as she looked at the normal calm headmaster.

"Minerva look at this book."

Minerva read the book and paled. "Your Magic and You" by Merlinus Myrrdin.

"What other books do you have?" Asked Professor Dumbledore shakely.

Everyone headed back to the head the table and spread the books out. Every professor was speechless.

"Albus, I thought these books were lost to time. Albus, they're all real!" Said a shakey Minerva. She held "Tranfiguration: Changing the World One Piece at a Time" By Godric Gryffindor.

"I can't believe they are here!" said an awed Flitwick as he held "Charming: the Magic of Control" by Rowena Ravenclaw.

"Sweet Merlin!" explaimed Professor Sprout as she held "Herbology" by Helga Hufflepuff.

"Albus, we don't even have these books in our library." Said Miss Pince as she had made a rare appearance outside of her library domain.

"Miss MacTaggert, where did you get these books." Said Professor Dumbledore. He remembered that she had lived as a thief at the airport before she was found by security and eventually wound up with Muira MacTaggert.

"I, I , I can't say." Said Ro again.

"I hate to ask this but did you steal these books?" asked Dumbledore.

"NO, look. Yes, I was a thief, but I was doing it to survive. I had no memory of who I was or where I came from, I had men after me for some reason I still don't know. I was only doing was I needed to live. I don't have to do that anymore, I have Ma. So, no I didn't steal the books." Said Ro, feeling insulted.

"I know your mother has the most extensive selection of magical books owned by a muggle, however I know for a fact that she doesn't have books of this calibur, where did you get them?"

"I told you, I can't say. I'm magically bound, not to, but I will say the books are mine!" yelled Ro in frustration.

"Uh, Albus, the books are hers, look." Minerva showed Albus a gold nameplate in the transfiguration book, the plate read, "Property of Ororo Dawn MacTaggert" The professor went through all twenty two books and they all had the same magical name plate.

"These books are hers, Albus. The books are magically bound to her as the name plates are magical and will only list the true owner of the books." Said Miss Pince knowledgeably.

"Great Merlin," suddenly explained professor Sprout, "Severus would give his left nut for Slytherin's potion book." She laughed.

"Pomona, language!" exclaimed Minerva.

"Sorry, I'm just saying though. You, young lady, hold on to that book, if you get in trouble with Severus, it should get you ONE free pass from him." Professor Sprout said with smile.

"Thanks, I'll remember that. And as a thank you for your tip, and for NOT accusing me of stealing you can borrow the Hufflepuff herbology book until after dinner." Ro said with a smile.

"Really, thank you." Said professor Sprout as she took the book and headed to her rooms.

Ro gathered the other books back into the basket. The other professors stayed looking nervous as she load the basket. "Professor Dumbledore, since the other students don't arrive for another six hours, do you mind if go flying in the Quiditch pitch?"

"No, go right ahead, I'll have a house elf bring you a key to the school brooms closet." Said Headmaster Dumbledore.

"No need." Said Ro simply.

"But isn't your broom on the train?" Asked Dumbledore.

"Well, yea, but I don't need a broom to fly now do I?" Said Ro with a mischievous smile as a wind picked up in the enclosed Great Hall.

Some of the professors who remained behind looked a little surprised. "You did tell them about me, yes?" Said Ro to Dumbledore.

"Yes, but only the professors here now know that you are a mutant, they just don't know what your ability is." Said Dumbledore.

"Ah, well, for the record, I control the weather. And all so for the record every cloudy day is not my fault, there were cloudy days, rainy days, and sunny days before I came there will be some while I am here, and some when I am gone. While I can control the weather does mean that I am actually doing it. I will use my mutant abilities sparingly as I'm here to learn magic, but I will use them. I have to stay in practice." Ro said as she prepared to leave the room.

"Miss MacTaggert," said a surprisingly nervous McGonagall, "Can I borrow that transfiguration book?"

"Sure but I need it back after dinner. I have looked at any of them yet. I had planned to on the train, but well, you know how that worked out." Ro went into the basket and go the book for McGonagall.

"Thank you." She said simply and she was off to her rooms for some reading.

Ro started to leave again, when the rest of the remaining professor hit her up for the loan of a book. Finally Professor Dumbledore approached her.

"Miss MacTaggert, may I borrow the Magic book by Merlinus Myrrdin?" he asked.

"No." Ro said simply and started to walk away.

"Why not you loaned books to the others," he said petulantly.

"Well, the others didn't accuse me of stealing the books, now did they." She said with narrow eyes then walked out before he could say another word.

Once Ro as out of sight she summoned Dobby again and asked directions to the pitch, Dobby gladly guided her there, and then popped back to work in the kitchens.

Ro placed the books in the top of the stands, and started flew around the pitch. Ah how she loved the freedom of flying. Flying on brooms is okay, but nothing beats the feeling of freedom that comes from flying on your own. She did dives and swoops and then started a dance in the air. She manipulated the winds to swirl around her as a mini tornado and the banished it. She loved flying, and didn't know if night flying would ever be enough for her.

Ro had been flying for about an hour when she heard a small cry on the winds. She tracked the sound to somewhere in the Forbidden Forest. She knew it was wrong to go into the forest, she read it in Hogwarts: A History, but the voice that called for help sounded like a child. Ro followed the sounds until she readed a small clearing. And there she saw a child half trapped in a giant plant of some kind.

As she looked closer, she remember from her herbology books, it was devil's snare. The child was half covered so deeply that she coldn't even see his legs. The child screamed when she came closer but she wasn't sure if it was from the plant or fear of her.

"It's alright sweetheart, I'm here to help you." Ro said gently. "Give me your hand I'll try to pull you free.

The child looked at her, and then hesitantly reached out. Ro took his hands and pulled, the more she pulled the tighter the plant held the child. Pulling him from wasn't working the plant already had too tight a hold on him.

"Okay, little one, I have a plan, I'm going to shoot the plant with one hand and pull you free with the other, I need you help me as much as you can, okay?"

The child nodded.

Ro held the child's wrist with her left hand, then fired lightning out of her right, the child was startled at first, but then started to try and pull himself away from the plant. Ro pulled and fired quite a bit, but couldn't understand why the child wasn't free yet, the plant was retreating, and then she saw it. It wasn't a human child it was a centaur foal. The human half was free but the colt end of was entirely shrouded in the plant. There was no other thing for it. Normally, she wouldn't have wanted to hurt the plant, but there was no other choice. She upped the power of her lightning, and fired on the plant, the plant retreated more and between her pulling and foal's struggle, the foal was freed. The quickly moved out of the reach of the plant.

"Are you alright young one?" Asked Ro.

The child nodded, but limped a little.

"Does your leg hurt?"

The child nodded again.

"Here me let me check it." Ro said and she checked the child back left leg. It had a bit of bruise and small cut, but it looked all right. She tore a piece of her robes to make a makeshift bandage for the cut. Just as Ro finished the bandage she felt cold. She looked around a two dark figures in robes heading toward her and the foal.

"Dementors." The child whispered in fright.

"Damn, I haven't learned the charm to get rid of them." Said Ro.

The foal shook.

"Little one run, get out of here, had to your tribe." Ro said as she pushed the foal away to stand between the child and the dementors.

"Go little one!" She yelled. One of the dementors started to follow the child.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" She yelled. "I'm not a criminal, and neither is the child begone."

The dementors started to close in on her. She summoned a strong wind to blow them back. They quickly recovered and came after her again, she summoned a storm and rain.

"I said I'm not a criminal and neither is child, begone. You don't want to mess with me." She said. The cold was intensifying. Normal she was immune to anything but artic temperatures, but this cold seemed to dig at her very soul. The dementors came closer and she pulled a massive lightning bolt from the sky. It landed between her and the dementors, the dementors were knocked back, but the cold kept increasing soon, she heard a woman yelling.

"Ororo, where are you baby, we have to go, the house! There you are, come on little one, we must…" then a large crash and a scream. Ro passed out.

Ororo awoke feel shakey and cold. Her mind wasn't clear, and the storm she had created was still raging.

"The storm is bad. We may have to move he village if it continues, this is not a same place for the tribe in such weather."

Ro felt bad, she was still shakey, and she felt weak, but she had to stop the storm she created. Ro rose up off the bed and felt hands try to make her lay down again, but she would have none of it.

"Please miss, you are not well. The dementor was very close to taking your soul when we arrived, you should be weak for a few days." Said the woman on her right.

Weakly Ro said. "I have to fix this."

Ro made it out the tent to find herself surrounded by centaurs. She nodded at them, and then rose into the air. She used all her strength to calm the storm into a simple summer shower. Exhausted, she fell from the sky, luckily the centaurs were watching and used a blanket as a net to catch her. They wrapped her up gently and headed to Hogwarts.

"Mum, will she be all right?" Asked the foal that Ro had saved.

"The wizards will take care of their own love."

"She saved my life mum, she saved it twice. Once from the devil's snare and once from the dementors." Said the foal.

The foal's mother Aretha went to the elders and told them what the foal had said. The placed a necklace around Ro's neck.

When the reached the grounds the went to Hagrid's hut and knocked.

"Bane, what brings you lot here," Asked the half giant.

"This child has saved one of our foals, and quiet the storm that threatened to make us move, the dementors started to give her the kiss, but we stopped it. She need your aid."

"Thank you Bane. I'll see that she gets help." Said Hagrid as he took the bundle that was Ro and head to the castle.

-to be continued-

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