A Unknown Power
"Michael, do you have any updates on which way the witch went?"
"Yeah, hold on! I'm typing as fast as I can. Can you wait."
"No, ah!" Shots were heard and a loud thud followed.
"Ms. Karasuma! Ms. Karasuma!...Damn."
"I got her Michael, it's alright. She was just knocked out. We're coming back now."
"Alright, thanks Dojima."
Sasaki and Dojima both helped Karasuma to her feet. She slowly limped to Dojima's car.
"The boss told you to take care of yourself, Ms. Karasuma. Try not to over-do it. We are a team ya know?" Sasaki helped her in the car then shut it. Turning his attention to Dojima he spoke with slight annoyance. "Why does she keep doing this to herself?"
"Like I'd know. Maybe it's because she really believes Amon and Robin are gone-"She looked up seeing him already on his bike. She smirked faintly then goes into her car.
Together they drove back to the STN-J.

"How is she doing?"
"I'm not sure, the damage is pretty bad. Those orbo shots muse be killing her."
"What have I told you about saying that around me Nagira…"
"Hey, Hey calm down Amon. It's just a figure of speech." Nagira sat down beside the bed. Amon continued looking down at Robin while he stood.
"Can't you take them out?"
"I could.. But it might kill her. You know that Amon."
"Then do it."
"But Amon the-"
Amon looked at Nagira a bit fiercely, "Just do it Nagira."
"Fine fine. You might want to get some towel and alcohol." He pulled back the top covers. Looking at the dark and damp blood spots on her dark dress, he began to tear the clothing exposing the bullet wounds. As Amon came back Nagira was taking out the bullets and putting them in a nearby tray. After all this he put gauzes over her wounds. Amon wiped up the remainder of the blood with the towels. Then looked at Nagira.
"Since when did you become such an expert at this?"
"When you live where I do," He put the cover back over robin's body. "You learn a few things."
Amon nodded and looked at Robin who was now resting, "Anything else we can do Nagira?"
"Nope, just wait and hope.." He sat back down and folded his arms looking out the window.