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Summary: I'm going to try to describe what in my opinion happened the two weeks Christine spent with Erik in the book.

Warning: this isn't EC! EC is only at the end of every story, and my story happens in the middle; it's still RC, but if you wish, you can of course imagine it's going to be EC. Thank you for your attention.

Christine closed her eyes so she couldn't see Erik's horribly distorted face anymore, but she still could feel his bony fingers holding her dress and passionate kiss it while he muttered her name. "Christine… Christine…"

Somehow she managed to open her eyes again and stared over the head which only had some brown curls left, to the organ, on which she saw, with the red marks, Don Juan Triumphant. She wished she was far away. She felt nothing of the glory and passion anymore she had felt when they had sung Othello together; she didn't feel the fear and horror of only minutes ago when she had removed his mask; she only felt sick and tired.

"Erik," she whispered, feeling strangely light in the head. "Erik… I… I think I'm going to… to faint…"

He immediately got up and she could look at him without flinching, because of the black spots that kept appearing before her eyes. "Yes… Yes, you look terribly pale… my dear." He said the last words strange, like it was something foreign to his tongue. "Maybe you should lie down."

He laid his horrible dead hands around her waist to support her and she leant heavily on him. He guided her through rooms she thought she recognised, and others she was sure she had never seen before. But she didn't care where he led her, as long as she could lean on him. Her weary feet kept walking and walking and she was sure that she couldn't stop anymore, even if they would ever arrive at wherever they were going. She felt whole the time his yellow eyes on her, drinking in every feature, with a frightening longing in them, but she felt too sick to care.

And then his arms had disappeared. Christine blinked and saw she was in the Louis-Philippe room. "Will you be alright, Christine?" he whispered.

Somehow she nodded and smiled. "I'll be alright, Erik. I… I just want to sleep." He nodded also, reached out his death-hand and touched one of her curls. She smelled the corpse-like smell which hung around him. The yellow eyes glowed.

And then he was gone. She still stood in the middle of the room, staring at the door through which he should have gone. She could find it easily, not like last time, when she only could get in the bathroom. She fiddled with her corset for what seemed hours. When she finally managed to get it off, she was so tired she didn't care for the rest of the dress, but just laid herself on the bed.

A welcome darkness started to surround her, caressed her and slowly swayed her asleep.

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