Hollywood Rivalry

By Blessed Eternity

Another fan fiction! This means I'm going crazy over them and probably going to drown myself in a whole bunch of fan fictions.

Summary: Naruto&Bleach Judged my other people, rumored with drama, the new hit singer; H. Sakura walked into acting as well, meeting other famous stars, and making friends along the way. What could possibly go wrong? SasuSaku & IchiRuki. OOC

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach.

Chapter 1: Introduction

K.o.n.o.h.a. C.o.r.p.

A young female with a sunhat, and a black jacket walked toward the entrance of the beautiful, tall glossy building that stood in front of her. Her heels clicked as they hit the floor, and the door opened as she pushed the double doors. Right when she enters, camera flashes, abrupt sounds of media, and magazine reporters surrounded her.

"Ms. Haruno, what new movies are you planning to take part in?"

"Sakura! Tell us, how was the experience of filming your first movie?"

"Sakura, how does it feel, to have your first movie as such a success?"


"Ms. Haruno!"

"Ms. Sakura?"

Being shoved back and forth by the crowd, she walked through halfway, while saying 'no comment' to all her media reporters. Two huge security guards quickly joined the group, as they encircled Sakura, leading her to the elevator with ease. She immediately made a run for the open doors that seemed like the gates of heaven, and entered. The elevator was made of shining golden material, of which you could see yourself in a reflection. She pushed the Floor 7 button as the elevator began to move at its own will. She sighed deeply, and pulled off her sunhat, revealing her luminous, powder pink hair. Her green eyes glistened as the elevator doors opened.

"Sakura, you're here!" A female voice called. She quickly stepped out of the golden cage and met the beautiful ocean deep eyes of her friend.

"Yeah, it was pretty hard getting through the crowd," Sakura replied, pulling off her black jacket. Underneath the jacket, was a plain V neck, sleeveless white shirt and a bit above the knee length black skirt. She threw the jacket and sunhat to a sofa close by. The floor that appeared to be Floor 7 held a lounge look. It looked like a personal and high class living room, with the exception of the reception desk in the middle of the room. The carpets were red and the ceiling was gold. The windows were clear, and the view of the city was phenomenal.

"Well, you are the award winning new actress of the year. Along with your Grammy nominated first movie," Ino praised. Sakura giggled at her friend's high boast.

"Well, Ms. Yamanaka Ino. You weren't so bad yourself when you first came to be known. Your looks matched so many descriptions of what so many film writers needed to be the main female character; your mailbox was bunched with letters!" Sakura commended. Ino smiled at her friend's generosity.

"Any who, Tsunade would like to be seeing you soon in her office. I heard you're going to be doing another movie, starting in two days if you sign the contract," Ino instructed. Sakura looked at her friend in weirdness.

"Two days? Isn't that a bit too much, considering my first movie was just released into theater today?" Sakura bickered. Ino shrugged as she left her best friend.

"So how about it?" Tsunade eagerly urged. "The publicity would be great for K.C. (Konoha Corp.). You, as one of our 5 lead female actresses, if you would just sign this contract for your next movie."

Sakura raised an eyebrow, while rubbing her chin at the same time wondering if she should accept the offer. She shrugged and lifted the pen to the paper. Ink slowly curved onto the paper as Sakura's hand gestured, revealing a beautiful signature. Tsunade's tension released. She smiled at Sakura.

"Thank you," Tsunade gratefully thanked. Sakura smiled at her and nodded. "You could go get some rest now."

Sakura plopped herself onto the leather seat of her dressing room. She stared at the albums on the walls. The ones she completed with her ex-partner, Kuchiki Rukia. Before she entered the filming world, she was once engulfed in the world of music. Singing was also her talent, until the day her partner quit, leaving her, and moving on into acting. Of course, this left Sakura devastated, leaving the girl band, Usagi. So, Sakura entered the acting business herself, just for experience, but was offered more than she could imagine.

Sakura took hold of the framed CD cover on her desk. It read, Usagi: Nothing Lasts Forever. She always thought it was kind of ironic how the album's name was Nothing Lasts Forever, since this was the album she and her partner were working on just before Rukia left, and left the album incomplete as well. She never knew the reason Rukia quit, but she was sure that it involved pressure from her brother, and it wasn't her fault. Sakura stared at the file that was placed on her desk in a neat pile.

"New movie huh?" Sakura mumbled to herself. She picked up the file to read through some information on it. A list of actors and actresses, with their roles listed beside them appeared to be on the first page. There were numerous amounts of them. She was surprised this movie title hasn't even gone out into the public yet. Well, they needed the last confirmation of the last needed character, which was of course she.

She quietly scanned the list of names, surprised at how many names she recognized. They were huge stars. Probably many years more experienced then her. Well, Sakura's role in the movie wasn't lead female anyways. She was just one of those side characters that were friends with the main characters. Her eyes widened at the sight of her old classmate's names. They appeared to be the main cast which excluded her.

(Made up role names)

Main Cast

Uzumaki Naruto as Dan

Hyuuga Hinata as Eliza
Uchiha Sasuke as Joe

Wasabi Ami as Ginger

Yamanaka Ino as Elle

Nara Shikamaru as Pete

Hatake Kakashi as Detective Roy

Sakura picked up the role of Jane. She was supposedly Pete's younger sister. Although her role wasn't big, Jane's death in the movie would be the cause of everything that's going to happen in the rest of the movie. Sakura once again sighed, seeing what a coincidence this was. Did the directors even know that all these people came from the same high school? Did he forget about her until the last minute, and fit her in as a minor? Sakura was definitely frustrated. She did not want to see some of these people. A soft knock suddenly appeared on the door.

"Sakura, I see you accepted Tsunade's offer!" Ino happily cheered. Sakura smiled a bit at her best friend. Surely her happy attitude was enough to cheer her up. Ino noticed Sakura's down expression as her smile turned into a slight frown. "What's wrong? Aren't you excited about seeing everyone again?"

"You don't remember?" Sakura pointed at the names Uchiha Sasuke and Wasabi Ami on the list.

"Oh, them. Don't worry about them! I haven't exactly read over the script yet, but I'm sure you aren't associated with them in anyway in the movie! I mean, they're main roles!" Ino tried confronting.

"Well let's just hope so," Sakura quietly mumbled.

Two Days Later

"Sakura, aren't you excited? I mean despite those two you don't like seeing; you get to see Naruto, Hinata and Shikamaru at least!" Ino exclaimed. She was hyperactive this morning. It was only five in the morning, and already, she was bothering Sakura. They both exited the elevator, stepping out onto Floor 16. This was where they were going to film their movie Of Love and Abduction. Sakura read the script last night, and she was not at all satisfied with what she was going to have to do.

"Ino, did you read the script at all?" Sakura groggily stated, still being in her sleepy mood.

"Of course! I scanned through, looking for my name! I memorized all the parts that I'm suppose to be part of already," Ino bragged.

"Well you sure have a reason to be happy! You guys are going to play all the love of this Of Love and Abduction movie! I'm the Abduction!" Sakura practically screamed. Ino's eyes widened in shock (two blank pupils in anime).

"Eh? Really? I don't think I read that part," Ino was completely dumbfounded.

"Sakura?" A female voice from behind them called. Sakura quickly turned her attention to the familiar voice. There before her, stood a girl with dark indigo hair, and white pupils. With her, was a blonde haired male with cerulean orbs.

"Hinata! Naruto!" Sakura and Ino screamed in unison. Sakura quickly ran up to her long lost friends and gave them a quick, tight hug. Ino did the same as soon as Sakura released them.

"I've heard about you being part of the movie and all, but I wasn't quite sure because your name wasn't on the list," Hinata pointed out.

"Oh, well actually I just signed the contract two days ago. It was really all a last minute thing," Sakura confessed.

"I'm still glad you're here Sakura! I mean, I thought for sure you would've made it to the top being a singer, but suddenly you turn to acting, and you're already on your way to the top here!" Naruto yelled. Sakura let out a small laugh, just as she caught sight of another one of their classmates. His hair was spiked, and put into a neat tucked ponytail. His eyes looked bored and his hands were in his pocket.

"So it's true what they were saying huh? The Haruno joins K.C.," Shikamaru voiced.

"Shikamaru, how've you been doing?" Sakura happily greeted. Ino smiled at her old classmate. Ever since they were little, Ino and Shikamaru had something special. The year before graduation, they even went out, until they knew they were both leading separate paths. Ino's first choice was becoming a famous model, which ceased to succeed, so she turned to acting, hoping to find the rest of her friends, which she just did.

"I've been good," Shikamaru simply stated. He turned his attention to Ino, who already had her eyes glazed on him. Seeing him in the magazines was definitely different then seeing him in person. She blushed when she realized she was caught staring. "Ino, how's it been?"

"Great. It's been a while, hasn't it?" Ino replied in a calm voice. Rather than her usual loud, intruding voice, her voice was serene and soothing this time.

"It's been a really long while," He extended her sentence.

"Well, well, if it isn't the famous Konoha High's former drama club?" A sharp, perky voice stated from behind the group. All their attention turned to her. Her long purple hair swayed from side to side as she and a dark haired male walked toward the group.

"If it isn't Wasabi Ami and Uchiha Sasuke," Ino retorted sarcastically. Her deadly glare pierced the rich brown pupils of her high school enemy.

"Sasuke, long time no see," Naruto greeted with a wide grin. Shikamaru nodded at Sasuke, as he did the same, returning their silent greeting. Ami's brown eyes glanced around the crowd, noticing an unfamiliar face.

"Haruno Sakura? What the hell are you doing here?" Ami spat.

Well, what grudge does Sakura have against Ami and Sasuke? Eh? I'll just let you find out soon! Enjoy! Hehe. Oh yes, Neji will make an appearance later. I'm planning on including some NejiSaku parts, but I'm not sure if I want Tenten in the story. So please give me your opinions?

1. Tenten

2. No Tenten