Hollywood Rivalry

By Blessed Eternity

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Chapter 5: The Sand: Part II

"Neji! Gaara!" Sakura screamed in bliss. They both turned their attention to face their happy friend.

"Sakura?" Gaara stated in surprise. Sakura gave both of them a quick embrace.

"How long has it been?" Sakura reminisced and tried to think of their last encounter.

"Since Tokyo, at the airport," Gaara reminded.

"Ah, now I remember. So, are you settling well here in Los Angeles?" Sakura smiled.

"Yeah, pretty good. I mean, I opened a club already and I would say it's pretty successful," Gaara pointed out.

"Yeah, so Neji, why are you here?" Sakura suddenly questioned.

"We were just bored, so Lee and I came here to grab a few drinks. He's at the dance floor right now, trying to find some date," Neji replied casually.

"Really, so are you on a date as well?" Sakura slyly questioned. She took a seat next to Neji and Gaara placed a glass of champagne on the bar table for Sakura.

"Of course not," Neji simply replied to the sweet pink haired actress. Sakura smiled in reply. They've been friends for the longest time she could remember. He was also a graduate of the famous Konoha high, but he was one year higher than hers and the others. Neji was one of the only real friends she was left with after the Sasuke car disaster. The rest of her friends reluctantly joined drama club without Sakura but soon adjusted as they all began to leave her out of most of their activities together.

It was Neji who always stayed by her side and went to the burger place next to school with her. It was never Ino, or Hinata, or even Naruto. Well they were still friends, but she remembered the vague memories that they shared together before all of them joined drama club. She remembered the one time she and Neji were seated in the corner of the Burger Palace by their school as the complete drama club entered, laughing at each other's jokes and just simply hanging out. It stung Sakura deeply when they didn't even acknowledge her presence in the small shop.

She kept the envy of all her friends joining the famous Konoha High drama club to herself as she herself, in the beginning of senior year joined chorus after Neji's graduation. Soon enough, she was the leading singer of chorus. She sang songs for all of the plays at the school that evolved drama club. Eventually, this led her back to the group of friends she clung to before they practically abandoned her. Even if they did 'abandon' her, she couldn't blame them for it entirely. After the Sasuke incident, she created an invisible glass wall, separating her from everyone else.

But when she met Neji, she couldn't help it, but to break that wall and open up to people again. He was just… So much like Sasuke. Well, now that they're all grown up, and living their own life of fame, they've matured. There were rumors back when Sakura was a singer, that she and the famous, 'Sexiest Man Alive', Hyuuga Neji had secretly began to date. It wasn't entirely false, but it wasn't true either. They simply reunited after meeting each other at an Awards Ceremony, and after that, they just kept contact. When they were with each other, they just couldn't help but to flirt madly.

Sasuke, Ami, Ino and the rest of the group already found themselves a table that was vacant and ordered drinks. With everyone sitting around, and the Sakura girl, just hanging around Hinata's famous hottie cousin, it just felt like old times again. Sasuke's eyes began to wander off to the direction of where he saw Sakura, laughing with Hyuuga Neji. He couldn't help but wonder if Sakura was on her period with her suddenly mood swings and such, but the fact that she was with Neji just didn't satisfy him. Sasuke was the second choice for last year's Sexiest Man Alive Award and everyone knows how Sasuke hates it when he's not first. Of course, the award and title didn't really matter to him, but it was because Neji was the one that won over him that made him angry.

"Sasuke, what do you think?" Sasuke's attention averted from Sakura and back to the table. He gave a look of confusion, having tuned out everything that was said a moment ago.

"Think about what?" He questioned irritably.

"About producing more movies together," Ino answered briefly.

"Oh, uh, sure," Sasuke replied. At that moment, Sakura had arrived to the table along with Neji.

"Hey everyone! Why don't you guys go out there and dance?" Sakura questioned strangely. She took a seat beside Ino as Neji took one beside herself. She was still holding the glass of champagne that Gaara gave her earlier.

"I'll go dance with you!" Ino gradually stated. "Come on Shikamaru!"

With one heavy tug at his arm, Ino pulled Shikamaru onto the dance floor with him. It was quite a strange sight to actually see Shikamaru attempting to dance with Ino, but he wasn't half bad. A wicked smile crossed Sakura's face as she stared at Neji.

"Neji, remember prom night?" Sakura giggled. Neji stared at Sakura for the sudden mention of prom. Yes, at Neji's senior prom, he had taken Sakura with him. From his wild senior friends, Neji and Sakura were taught to 'juke'. It was fun for Sakura but it troubled Neji to no end that he had no talent in that area.

"What about prom night?" Neji stated, trying to forget the embarrassing memory.

"Let's see if you improved," Sakura challenged. A smirk appeared on Neji's face as the two got up and joined Ino and Shikamaru on the dance floor. Now, only Sasuke, Ami, Hinata and Naruto were left at the table.

"Sasuke! I want to dance too!" Ami suggested. Sasuke gave a heavy sigh as he got up, following Ami. Now, it was Naruto and Hinata. They sat with an awkward silence at the table seeping their alcohol.

"Sooo, what now?" Naruto imposed all of a sudden. Hinata simply shrugged as they began to watch their friends dance.

"Shikamaru! You got better!" Ino shouted through the blasting loud music.

"Well, when you're acting, you have to learn a lot," Shikamaru truthfully stated.

"Oh, so I guess it's not a natural talent," Ino teased. Shikamaru smirked a bit and pulled Ino a bit closer by the waist as their bodies hastily, yet slowly moved together. It wasn't long until the couple was joined by Sasuke, Ami, Sakura and Neji. Sasuke stood there, a bit embarrassed, yet a bit irritated that Ami was throwing herself all over him, in making an attempt to dance. Then, his eyes caught notice of Sakura and the Hyuuga. Sakura wrapped her arms around Neji's neck while his hands held her hips. The two seemed occupied by each other's intense gaze as their movements began to flow with the music. It was a pretty erotic scene but yet they looked like professionals on a dance floor.

"Oi, Hinata, don't you want to dance?" Naruto offered generously. Hinata let out a small blush and shook her head in refusal.

"I can't dance at all. Will you stay here with me and just grab some drinks?" Hinata insisted. Naruto nodded in approval and smiled to assure Hinata that it was okay. Then he pointed in the direction of the dance floor.

"Hinata, look at how close Sakura and the Neji guy is!" Naruto pointed an accusing finger at the dancing pair as Hinata's eyes glanced over to them as well.

"Oh, well I've been told they were pretty good friends in high school as well," Hinata suddenly stated.

"Eh?" Was all Naruto said as he gulped down a glass of sea breeze.

"So, Neji-kun I definitely see an improvement," Sakura slyly smirked. Neji simply returned a small smile to Sakura as they continued to flow with the rhythms and dance to the beat. Sakura turned around so that her back was facing the Hyuuga, with her body grinded against his, her waist belly rolling. His body followed the lead of her movements and moved a long with her. She could feel his breathing on the nap of her neck from their proximity. Her eyes suddenly caught sight of the Uchiha hottie with the Wasabi bitch.

"Let's go over to the bar and get a few shots," Sakura insisted. Neji nodded in agreement, following her to the tavern where Gaara held his special alcohols. They walked through bunches of people, all able to be recognized from famous television shows or movies. They spotted the crimson haired male, wiping some glasses dry by the bar.

"Gaara," Sakura stated. "Will you be a sweetheart and give me 3 of your strongest shots?"

"Anything for you, 'sweetheart'," Gaara emphasized the lame word, indicating his dislike in the strangeness of it. Sakura giggled a bit but took a seat beside the already seated Neji, waiting for Gaara to come back with some shots.

"So, what's our Sakura's mind tonight?" Neji questioned knowingly.

"Nothing really. Just some mood swings and a really bad mood," Sakura convincingly lied. It was her earlier encounter with Sasuke that had been bothering her all night long. She couldn't believe how he behaved with her but she didn't really enjoy it. It made her cry and she hated crying in front of people.

"Three shots for Sakura, two for Neji," Gaara stated, taking five shot glasses off a small tray, placing them in front of his customers.

"Thanks," Sakura stated, pulling out a credit card.

"Sasuke! Why didn't we stay on the dance floor? I was having fun out there!" Ami whined annoyingly as they headed back to their table. With Ino and Shikamaru already returned and Hinata and Naruto still staying put, the four already ordered bottles and bottles of beer. They all began to chug and drink, knowing that it wasn't everyday that they would be able to relax.

The Next Morning: The Sand, Hotel (Above the Bar)

Sasuke was long awake due to the discomfort of his sleep. Wasabi Ami's whole body collapsed over his own, causing him to lack air. He didn't care if he woke her up or not. He was uncomfortable. He used a strong push, causing her to fall over back on her side of the bed. He rubbed his temples harshly, with a little hangover still stuck in his head; he stood up, revealing his half naked body. He grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his bottom.

"Mmmm, Neji-kun," Sakura mumbled sleepily, with her eyes still closed. She knew he was already awake. She was just messing around with him.

"Sakura," He whispered softly, giving her a small kiss on the neck. She woke up instantly from the sweet touch. "I knew you were awake."

She smiled slightly, pushing herself into sitting position. She couldn't remember how much she drank. All she could remember was the continuous comings of shot glasses provided by Gaara. And of course, the wonderful night she spent with Neji was still in her head. She held her head with both her hands and decided that it'd be best to sleep for a little while longer.

"Terrible hangover, so don't bother waking me up," Sakura stated firmly. Neji smirked a bit, heading for the door. He opened it, revealing the half naked Sasuke who opened his door across the hall with precise timing.

"Uchiha," Neji greeted casually.

"Hyuuga," He returned the cold monotone. From the corner of his eye, he could see pass Neji, to the master bed inside his room. He could recognize the girl as Sakura. So the rumors were true.

There. I'll post this chapter up for now. It was kind of strange, but yes. Neji and Sakura had sex. Lol and indeed Sasuke and Ami did not have sex.