Hey everyone how are you doing? Golden Lass here with a new story. Actually it's a squeal to a previous story. Percy's Pain is the story I'm talking about. I know its Chocolate Obsessed Squirrel on Sugar High. We came up some ideas for this and I had been asking her if she was going to put it up. So we decided that I'm writing the squeal because she doesn't have as much time as I tend to. Anyways, here it is I hope you like and let me know if I should change it before I put another chapter up it might be a little confusing. Have fun and please bear with me.

War of the Weasley's

It had been three weeks since the house warming party for Percy Weasley. The party where his family finally understood why he did what he did. Three weeks since he and his father put their differences aside and told each other how much they cared for each other.

So, three weeks after that lovely party Percy found himself in love with a wonderful man and in love with his job. The first week of the job was shall we say hectic. Charlie kept drilling the rules into his head. It was enough to drive Percy insane. Percy hated the way he was being treated as a child. Anyways, everything seem fine but then one day the papers reported on attacks on men who were gay. This startled Charlie. No matter how much Percy insisted that he didn't need an escort home he always had Charlie taking him home. Percy just guessed that that was why he had siblings.

One week later though Percy received his daily newspaper and his owls for the day and began to shuffle through them. He looked at the newspaper that his youngest brother wrote for. Ron himself had his own column with the newspaper. Today his story was different from the others. Today he reported about the attacks, which were beginning to get more violent to the day.

Once again Percy thought of Charlie escorting him everywhere, even if he was on a date with Oliver. Charlie would be fussing over them like they were children, even though it was for their safety.

Percy read on looking at the picture of an injured man. As soon as he finished reading the article he put the paper down he looked at the letter right by it. It was just so intriguing, still Percy laid the letter down and decides to look at it later. So Percy goes on with his day-to-day routines.


Oliver was getting ready to his office, when two familiar red heads faces popped into the fire. It was the twins. Percy's little brothers who Percy loved dearly. They were checking in on his relationship with Percy.

"Hi, Oliver." The twins said in unison.

"Hi, you two." Oliver said as he chuckled at them.

"How are you two tonight?" Oliver asked.

"Fine, how are you and Percy doing?" Fred asked.

"Fine, I'm taking him out to dinner tonight. Then we will go do some other things. Not what your thinking! I'm taking him out and that's it." Oliver said.

"Okay, but you better be careful with him." George said with a smile.

Oliver looked at the clock.

"Shit. Guys, I have to go. Percy will kill me if I show up late. Bye!" He said to the twins.

"Bye!" The twins said and with that they left the fireplace. Oliver smiled at the twins' antics. They were always good little brothers for Percy. Though Percy never really figured it out until six years after he was out of school. Oliver packed his things and apperated to the door of Percy's apartment. Oliver took out a silver key. Percy gave him the spare key to the apartment. He put the key into the knob and opened the door.

"Percy?" Oliver said as he walked through the doorway. There was no answer.

"Percy?" He called out again. Still no answer.

Oliver looked at the table. There was a letter on the table. Curious the browned haired man picked it up and opened it. He began to read through it when Percy came through the hallway.

"Oliver, what are you doing?" Percy asked.