A Simple Happiness

Description: Okay, so this is my first Azumanga Daioh fanfic. I really hope that everyone will give it a chance. Anyway.. ever since Kagura joined Miss Yukari's class, there has been friction between her and Tomo. Their friction even somehow created a slightly twisted friendship. But what will happen when Tomo starts to develop some feelings for her "rival"? KaguraxTomo.

Rating: T.

Chapter One: Annoyance

Chiyo had always loved school. The reason was pretty obvious... she was a child-genius! Even in High School, she still got the best grades in the whole class. So it was pretty much a breeze for her. It wasn't just her good grades that made her like school so much, it was also because she loved making friends, and her cute charm always made it easy for her.

Tomo, however, loathed school. Nobody really understood why considering how she never even did any work. But she simply saw it as "boring" and would much rather be doing something more fun. She did like to see her friends, though. Even though they annoyed her at times, and she annoyed them constantly.

Currently, everyone was in their normal places in Miss Yukari's English class. Sakaki was watching the clouds go by out the window and occasionally doodling kitties in her book, while Kaorin looked at her with a dreamy gaze. Osaka was sleeping and in her own little world. Chiyo was watching Miss Yukari and listening intently. And a very bored Tomo was trying to entertain herself by bugging the rest of her classmates, she had only just finished annoying Yomi to the point of almost getting punched, so she decided to move onto Kagura.

"HAHA, you can't even spell 'language'?" Tomo poked Kagura's book. "Seriously, 'langwag'... you've gotta be kidding. How stupid can you get?" she began to laugh hysterically.

Kagura's hands curled up into angry fists. If that dumbass annoying little twerp made one more insult against her intellect, it would be the last thing she ever did. "You're hardly the one to be correcting me on something like that when you're not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed either".

Tomo scoffed. "I'm smarter than you".

Kagura smirked and crossed her arms. "Oh yeah, I got one mark less than you on last year's exam. Hardly a difference. At least I'm good at sport. You have nothing going for you".

Tomo started to get pissed off. "Shut up you... you... BIG BREASTED BIMBO!".

The tanned girl chuckled. "Tomo, haven't you learnt by now that the boob-jokes don't work? It doesn't offend me when you say stuff like that... if anything it's a compliment. At least I have breasts. You're as flat as an ironing-" she was cut off all of a sudden. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!"

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Tomo poked at Kagura's chest again, and again, and again. Repetitively, basically.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Kagura's cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she tried to slap Tomo's hands away. "Stop that!"

Tomo snickered. "No, it's funny watching you get all pissed about it" she continued to poke.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Kagura screamed something indistinguishable and shoved Tomo away. The scream drew the attention of the rest of the class. Everyone turned to look at the scene.

Yomi spoke, "Tomo... what are you doing?".

Kagura turned bright red. But Tomo, however, could care less what people thought. She was too busy being amused by the fact that Kagura was so embarrassed to be embarrassed herself, and only saw it as a chance to annoy her athletic friend further.

"Isn't it obvious? I was feeling her up." she had a smug look on her face, but Kagura butted in.

"WHAT! That's a LIE!"

Tomo stood and placed her finger over Kagura's lips, "Hush. It's okay now. Everyone knows now, so I best admit our secret relationship to everyone."

Kagura was fuming. She grabbed Tomo's hand and gripped it tightly, crushing her fingers together. "SECRET RELATIONSHIP!"

"Owwww, Kagura, that hurts! Stop it!" Tomo wailed.


Everyone turned their attention to the front of the class at Miss Yukari. Kagura let go of Tomo's hand instantly, before the hyperactive girl held onto it in pain while taking her seat.

Yukari glared at the two girls for a few seconds, before turning back to the chalkboard.

"Tomo, you have half an hour's detention after school."

The addressed girl shouted in protest, "WHAT! Why me? She was the one who crushed my hand! I think she broke it!" she held the "injured" hand out for affect.

Yukari didn't turn her head away from the board. "Because you're a shit-stirrer, that's why. You provoked her. She had every right to do that. Plus, she can't have hurt you that much. Stop being such a drama-queen."

"Yeah. C'mon, Tomo, I didn't squeeze it that much," Kagura chirped while glaring at her.

Tomo pouted, crossed her arms and slouched in her chair. She had an expression on her face that of a three year-old who was told they weren't allowed any candy. However, she was quiet throughout the rest of the lesson.

A/N: Okay, so that was chapter one, I know it's really really short... but it's just an introduction, really. Anyway, hopefully I'll keep this fanfic going and actually COMPLETE it without getting distracted, like I used to do in all my other fandoms...

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