A Simple Happiness

Description: Okay, so this is my first Azumanga Daioh fanfic. I really hope that everyone will give it a chance. Anyway.. ever since Kagura joined Miss Yukari's class, there has been friction between her and Tomo. Their friction even somehow created a slightly twisted friendship. But what will happen when Tomo starts to develop some feelings for her "rival"? KaguraxTomo.

Rating: T.

Chapter Five: The Dream

"Haha, I win!" Kagura exclaims.

The small screen in front of us reads "Winner - Kagura", and below it, it says, "Loser -Tomo". A small cartoon pirate in the background expresses his victory by smiling smugly and flashing a peace-sign. The cartoon ninja beside him lies unconscious on the floor.

Kagura laughs and imitates the pose of the pirate on the screen.

I stick out my tongue and grip my controller tightly. "Best out of three?" I challenge.

The "video game champion" beside me shakes her head slowly. "Nah, it's boring playing against you. It's way too easy. I'll win every time, I can tell you that before we even play." she grins un-modestly. Her expression soon changes to a much more serious one before she speaks in a a soft, hushed voice, "Plus... I think I have a better idea..."

I look at her questioningly, then grab the game next to me. "Pacman?"

Kagura laughs and begins crawling towards me. "Don't be such a knucklehead, Tomo," she scolds, her voice still as low as before. "Even if it IS cute..." she adds with a small smirk.

I start to feel nervous. I drop my controller as Kagura edges closer. I start to catch the jist of what Kagura is hinting. My heart is pounding and my breathing has become heavy. I look into Kagura's eyes, which don't seem to be losing contact from mine, they're filled with lust.

I gulp and begin to edge away, but Kagura doesn't stop moving forward.

"Don't play so hard-to-get, Tomo. I KNOW this is what you want," Kagura licks her lips as she moves slightly faster.

My head keeps telling me that this is wrong, that this shouldn't be happening... But why does this situation feel so right?

Feeling the wall hit my back, I know that I've hit a dead-end. And my legs are too weak to stand and run away.

Kagura smiles seductively as she crawls closer and closer. Once she can't move any further, she slowly wraps her arms around me and pulls me towards her. Her face is about an inch away from mine. I can almost taste her breath. My cheeks are now bright red.

She begins to move in...

Tomo's eyes suddenly flew open as she shot upright. She was breathing heavily, sweat dripping down her face.

"OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD!" she screamed, leaping out of bed and running towards the bathroom. Once there, she franticly splashed her face with cold water. "W-what the hell... just happened?" she closed her eyes and shook her head vigorously, as if trying to get rid of all the lewd thought from her head.

She then looked at herself in the mirror, she was completely shaking. She placed her hand on her chest, her heart was beating WAY faster than it's supposed to. "This... this can't be happening..."

At school that day, Tomo was unusually quiet, as if still in shock from the dream she had had that previous night. And something like Tomo being quiet was just not right. "Tomo" and "quiet" just DON'T belong in the same sentence. So, naturally, something like this didn't go unnoticed.

After last period, just as everyone was leaving the classroom, Yomi decided to take the chance to talk to her friend.

"Hey, what's up?" the taller girl asked as she walked over to Tomo.

"Huh?" she exclaimed quietly as she looked up. Yomi had a genuinely concerned look on her face. "Oh... nothing..." she lowered her head, trying not to make eye-contact, as if her eyes held evidence of the dream she had.

Yomi smiled knowing right away that she was lying. "C'mon, Tomo, I'm no-where near as stupid as you. I'm not gonna fall for that," she said. She was half-expecting Tomo to snap for Yomi's comment, and was slightly surprised when she saw that she didn't react at all. She just kept looking at her feet.

"Look, I have a better idea..."

"Plus... I think I have a better idea..."

Flashbacks of Tomo's dream ran through her head. She could hear Kagura's seductive voice, see her lust-filled eyes, taste her hot breath on her lips, feel her arms around her...

"No! Go away! Get out of my head!" she squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed her head and started shaking it again, like she did that very morning.

"Tomo?... Are you alright?" Yomi asked, more concerned now than ever.

"I'm fine, just leave me alone!" She then ran away from her best friend, pushing past anyone who got in her way. She received many, "hey! watch where you're going!"'s and "an 'excuse me' would've been nice!"'s from the many people she shoved. She didn't care. Usually she would respond by telling them to "piss off" or something, but she really wasn't in the mood for that. She had much more important issues on her mind than picking a silly fight with one of her classmates, like her developing crush on one of her best friend's, for example.

Once she was finally near the exit of the school. She let out a sigh of relief as she began to change her shoes, thinking she had lost Yomi, who was one of the last people she wanted to see. She knew if she'd spent too much time with her, she'd probably end up pouring her heart out to her, which she didn't want one little bit.

Suddenly Tomo felt a hand on her shoulder. "Hey..."

The short girl whirled around quickly, "LOOK, YOMI! I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME..."

When she turned around, her worst fears had came true.

"Woah! What the hell was that all about?" Kagura exclaimed, somewhat stunned. But not that much considering how Tomo was usually like this. She smiled. "Did you and Yomi get into another fight?"

Tomo felt an uneasy sensation in her stomach. "Nah... it doesn't matter..." she hoped to God that her cheeks weren't as red as they felt. "Erm... why're you here?"

Kagura laughed, kind of confused. "So now I need a reason to talk to my friends?"

Tomo laughed nervously. "Well... no... but..."

The other girl cut her off, "It's okay. I have a reason anyway..." she bent over to take her school shoes off. She skirt slid up a little and she did this. Tomo tried to resist looking, she immediately looked in the opposite direction just as Kagura had started to bend over. But it felt as if her eyes had a mind of their own, and eventually they trailed back over to Kagura (or her backside, rather).

Kagura was wearing purple panties.

And Tomo felt incredibly dirty for knowing this.

She stood up straight again after she changed into her pink sneakers before finishing her sentence, "I wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I acted last night." she blushed slightly, remembering her sudden outburst.

Tomo shuddered. The words "last night" only brought back more disturbing flashbacks from the dream. "Uhhh... it's okay. You were upset, and you needed someone to comfort you... I didn't mind... really.0"

Kagura blinked, confused by Tomo's new understanding attitude. "Urm, Tomo? Do you want something from me?" she knew that Tomo wasn't usually this nice unless she wanted something from someone.

"NO! I DON'T WANT IT!" she felt like she was going to throw up. She held onto her stomach and shut her eyes tightly. She walked out of the school andsat ona wallto support herself, her legs felt like jelly.

"Tomo, are you okay...?" Kagura asked, she was standing in front of her, looking concerned.. She placed her hand on Tomo's forehead to check for any sign of a fever. The skin-contact made Tomo shudder violently. She slapped the hand away instantly.

"Seriously, Kagura, don't touch me. Please, don't..." Tomo murmured, still holding her stomach. She had never felt this way before, and it was almost unbearable for her. Especially because she was feeling this way towards one of her friends. Female, at that.

Kagura put her hands behind her back, as if to prove that she wasn't going to touch her friend again. "Tomo..."

The addressed girl suddenly began to cry. Tomo had actually never liked anyone before. She simply went through life thinking of nothing but having fun, she never usually dwelled on any emotions any more important than being jealous of Yomi having a much luckier day than herself. So a crush was something so unfamiliar to her that it brought her to tears, the fact that it was someone who, morally speaking, she wasn't supposed to like only made things worse.

"Uhhh..." Kagura felt confused and awkward. "What's wrong?..."

"Let me handle it, Kagura," came a voice from behind the tanned girl. Kagura turned around to see Yomi standing there, a warm smile on her face. "You can go off home. I'll look after her."

Kagura smiled and nodded. She then made her way over to catch up with Chiyo, Osaka and Sakaki.

Yomi watched as her four friends walked away until they were out of line of her poor vision. She then looked down at the girl who was sitting below her. She sat down next to her crying best friend and put an arm around her shoulder.

"What's wrong, Tomo?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"It's... nu-n-nothing.." Tomo lied trough sobs.

Yomi couldn't help but giggle at Tomo's ever-so blatant lie. "You wouldn't be crying for nothing, Tomo."

Tomo wiped her eyes and looked up at her friend. Her eyes were blood-shot and tears stained her face. Should she tell Yomi? If something like this were to get around, she would never be able to live it down, or even face Kagura again. But on the other hand, she'd known Yomi for years, and she knew that she wasn't the type to go around spreading secrets about friends. Plus, she really could use someone to talk to about this.

"If I tell you," she started, "Promise you won't tell anyone?"

"Promise," Yomi said, she put her hand over her heart to express this.

Tomo smiled slightly. She couldn't help but admire Yomi for sticking byherfor all this time, even ifTomo had never treated her the way that best friends should usually treat eachother.

"Well... here goes..." Tomo said, sighing deeply.

Yomi moved in closer to listen.

"I... well, ever since last night... I've been kinda... been getting feelings for a certain someone. At first I thought it was nothing. That I was just feeling sick or something. But then... I had a dream. It was really distubing... yet, I liked it at the same time... and now today I can't look at them in the same way."

Yomi smiled, glad that it was nothing serious. "So a crush, eh? Who is this guy, then?"

Tomo murmured something indistinguishable.

"Huh? I didn't catch that..." Yomi exclaimed.

"It's a gi-..."


"I said it's a girl!" Tomo yelled. She then clasped her hand over her mouth, scared that someone might've heard her. She was relieved to discover that the school grounds were empty.

Yomi was kind of shocked, but pressed further. "Who's this girl, then?"

"I... I don't wanna say..."

"OH MY GOD!Is it me!" Yomi shot up from her seat,terrified that Tomo might decide to jump on her at any moment.

Tomo's eyebrows furrowed. "Well now I know how understanding you would be if I ever developed feelings for you. No, it's not you, you asshole."

"Heh, sorry. I have nothing against gay's or anything. It's just the thought of a girl kissing me makes me shudder," Yomi said admittedly. She sat down next to her friend again, feeling a bit safer. "So, anyway... is it someone in Class Three?"

Tomo nodded.

Yomi thought for a second. "Uh... is it Chihiro?"

"No, I hardly know her," Tomo replied.

"Uhh... is it one of our friends?"

Tomo sat silently for a moment. She knew now that she will be caught out within the next few seconds. Eventually, she replied, "Yes..."

"Is it Sakaki?"




"Eeew, it's not Chiyo-Chan, is it?"

"No way! That's sick!"

Yomi laughed. Positive about the last one. "So it's Kagura, then?"

"... Yeah," Tomo exclaimed. Her cheeks reddened.

"Aww. That's sweet," Yomi said.

"How is it?" Tomo asked. When she thought about her and Kagura, "sweet" was one of the last words that came to mind.

"I dunno. I guess it just shows that you have a heart afterall," she laughed again.

"Oh shut up," Tomo replied, her face now even redder.

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