Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kon goes to find Robin in Gotham. Only, there's Poison Ivy, and sex pollen, and…a rather amorous Nightwing getting in his way.

Kon's day had been going perfectly wrong.

First, he accidentally kinda sorta broke the plow. Uncle Jon did his best to reassure Kon that it wasn't his fault, but he knew it was. Uncle Jon even told Kon about all the times Clark's powers went wrong when he was a kid, but Clark had had years more experience of being careful about such things and had never done something quite this bad, Kon was sure.

Plus, Clark didn't have tactile telekinesis, so if he'd ever broken the plow, it wasn't the same way Kon had.

Second, he'd left early for the Teen Titans meeting to hang out with Robin and Kid Flash and escape his troubles on the farm for a while. Problem was, while Bart was at the Tower, Robin didn't show up for the meeting, and he somehow – probably because he was Tim's best friend, but more likely because no one else wanted to brave Gotham, and, therefore, Batman – got elected by the others to find out what was going on.

It was nice to find out that he wasn't the only one who broke things when he had an accident with his powers; Bart had vibrated himself through the computer system and now none of their communicators were working. Unfortunately, that meant that Kon had to go to Gotham to find Robin. Gotham City, home of the Big, Bad Bat – who hated having metas in his city.

At least Kon had plenty of practice going incognito in Smallville.

Third, instead of finding Robin quickly and dragging him back to the Tower, he'd gotten sidetracked over Bludhaven when he caught sight of Nightwing fighting what appeared to be Poison Ivy's henchplants. He couldn't actually see the Plant Princess anywhere, but who else in the Gotham City Rogue's Gallery even had henchplants?

He'd managed to rip off the vines that were strangling Nightwing using his tactical telekinesis. He'd actually been listening in Biology class when they'd studied plant life, and knew that plants needed carbon dioxide as much as humans needed oxygen, so he'd then used his TTK to strangle them. They were rather hardy specimens, however, and fought rather vigorously. In the end, however, they were so much mulch.

And then, finally, that pollen that one of those plants had, on its last 'breath,' sprayed him and Nightwing with? Turned out to be some kind of aphrodisiac – well, more like cuddle spores than sex pollen, but still – and now he was having to deal with an overly amorous, extra touchy-feely vigilante.

Nightwing nuzzled Kon's neck and purred something almost lyrical in his ear. Kon didn't even know what language the other superhero was speaking, but his body language was quite clearly screaming, 'I want your sex!' louder than a George Michael concert. Nightwing's glove-encased hands were proving to be as flexible as their owner, deftly finding their way inside Kon's clothes and doing their best to remove said items from Kon's body.

Squeaking indignantly as Nightwing mischievously twisted one of his nipples as he lifted the S-emblazoned black T-shirt, Kon rallied himself and began to actually fight the other man off. Using his tactile telekinesis, Kon carefully removed Nightwing's hands from his clothes – and his body from his person – and then held him immobile, making sure to allow the some air through his TTK field so that Nightwing could breathe. "Dude, there's only one member of the Bat Family I'd go gay for," Kon muttered under his breath, shoving Nightwing out of grasping range, "and you aren't him." And Tim wasn't anywhere around, go figure. He'd thought Robin was working in Bludhaven now.

Nightwing growled at him, and the pleading whimpers almost drowned out a very familiar lub-dubbing sound. Kon found himself smiling involuntarily; it was Tim's heartbeat. Hold that thought – here came Wonder Boy to the rescue! And not a moment too soon, Kon was sure; Nightwing may have stopped sulking and struggling against his TTK, and was no longer trying to get him to take his clothes off, but he'd just moved on to stripping off his own.

Kon blinked as the sight of Nightwing's sculpted physique was revealed to his wide-eyed gaze. Maybe he'd been too hasty when dismissing the idea of his Bat-specific gayness…

Tim's grapple hit the edge of the building with a sharp, metallic, 'K-shuk!' sound, the jump line soon following with the teen hero on the end. The scrape of booted treads across the tarred roof stole Kon's attention away from Nightwing. The flex of Tim's muscles as he landed on the roof in a crouch caused Kon's jeans to become constrictingly tight, and reminded him forcefully of just why Nightwing, the Spandex-clad Superheroes Gift to Sex, didn't really do it for him.

Robin did.

Retracting his jump line, Robin eyed the scene before him, and then walked towards the other two heroes. "Need a…hand…Kon?" he asked through choked laughter, one eyebrow raised above his mask, a mirthful smirk lurking around his lips.

"Among other things," Kon agreed, telekinetically shoving the still-writhing Nightwing towards Tim's waiting arms – and the zip strips he had just gotten out of his belt. Finally, something about this day was going right. Almost perfectly right.

Now, if only Tim would get a clue, Kon's day would be going perfectly.