Good To Be True

Rating: R
Summary: Kon's back, and despite Tim's doubts, he's too good not to be true.

It was too good to be true. Kon was back, healthy and whole, and himself, irrepressibly happy to be alive and not even angsting over being dead.

Kon was back, and the first thing he'd done was to find Tim, and tell him he loved him. Tim had been so happy to have his best friend, his secret love, back, that he hadn't even questioned why Kon hadn't gone back to Cassie until they were both half-naked.

Kon's answer had been…illuminating.

"I felt sad to leave her behind, but…wherever I was, I didn't really miss her," Kon had said, flushing with something like embarrassment or shame. "I missed you. I worried about you. And I…I love you, man. Tim."

And then there'd been kissing, and groping, and the other halves of their bodies became naked. They'd kissed and groped some more, fondled each other and writhed against each other until they both exploded into climax. Then they'd done it all again, in varying combinations including lots of lube, spit and sweat, but no condoms.

It was too good to be true. And after spending the whole night making love, and most of the morning sleeping in his love's arms…Tim's doubts finally caught up to him.

Tim slipped out of his now-shared bed, ignoring the ache in his heart as he left behind his lover, and headed for his computer. He went over the security camera logs, face set in a determined frown, feeling more than a bit pensive. The infrared, heat sensors, X-Ray sensors and everything else he'd had installed showed that Kon had the same body temperature, general make-up and bone structure as he had before he'd…died.

Tim knew Match was a zombie, currently locked up in STAR Labs. But having Kon back…back and wanting him, loving him…he just couldn't believe he'd gotten that lucky.

Five minutes later, the strand of hair he'd taken from the pillow next to his had been typed and matched with his original DNA files on Kon.

It was Kon's. Kon was…back.

Tim slumped back in his chair, unable to believe his good fortune. Kon was back, and he wanted him, loved him.

But those doubts still swirled in Tim's mind, even if they were less of a tempest and more of a small tide pool.

Long moments later, a hushed, groggy voice interrupted Tim's brooding. "Hey, man. Whatcha watching?" Kon rubbed a hand across his eyes, casting a smiling glance towards Tim.

Tim started a bit, and flushed as he turned to face his friend, now his lover as well. He didn't know if the flush was from embarrassment or fear.

Kon looked at the surveillance screen, currently showing the two of them sleeping together a few hours previously. "You got the whole place wired up?" he asked, voice casual.

Tim nodded jerkily, feeling his heart begin to pound and sweat break out on the back of his neck.

"So…last night…we're on tape?" Kon's voice was less casual this time, and he had the beginnings of a leer on his face.

Flush darkening, Tim felt his heart start to dance a tarantella in his chest; his cheeks warmed with arousal and his doubts began to hesitantly melt away.

"We should watch us sometime, then," Kon said, before leaning down to gather him into a tight hug and deep, deep kiss. When their lips finally parted, he breathed out, "But later. Right now…I just wanna be with you for real."

Tim swallowed down the tumult of emotions roiling inside of himself. He wondered how he could have ever thought this wasn't Kon, when Kon was acting exactly like his usual not-so-smooth, pervy-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold self. "Me too, Kon. Me too."

It was too good not to be true.