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Isn't it terrible that Raditz got killed off so quickly from DBZ? What if the story had gone on with Raditz as a main character? What could have changed?

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The Blood of my Blood by Raditz Silver

Chapter 1: A child's anguish

Damn you Kakarot! You murderer, you've killed everyone I ever cared about, and now you've killed us both too! You bastard, if I see you in Other World I WILL DESTROY YOU!

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Goku slept atop a slow-moving truck on snake way. A bit of drool dribbled down his mouth. He slowly rolled off the truck and began to fall fast. The brother who shared the same death would soon have their fates would intertwined again. The shock woke him up he yelled as the clouds' hands dragged him down.

"Hey! Hey, let go! Come on! AHH!" He struggled and swam against the clouds. But it was in was thrown down into limbo, and he hit the ground with a loud thud.

"Wha…What? Eh… Where am I? Uh…"

He looked around at the colorful landscape; the colors were so bright it was almost hard to look at. The scene had a transcendent quality about it. The trees were greener than green, the wheat bright yellow rather than dull amber. These hills of wheat and grass went on beyond the horizon. It definitely didn't seem like heaven to him.

"I guess I shouldn't have dozed off huh? Oh well, I can just fly out." He ascended at cruising speed but hit the 'ceiling'. It was like running head first into a rubbery wall; with a flick, it bounced him back a little.

"Eh?" he said in confusion and then descended quickly and tried to ascend at maximum speed. The rubbery ceiling gave way a little, only to fling him back down to the ground below. He stopped himself just short of a very nasty impact.

"Whew, that was close!" Goku wiped the sweat from his forehead.

About two and a half miles away, Raditz's scooter started to act up, so he turned toward the power level it was picking up.

"What!?" He smirked as he recognized it almost immediately, his teeth and fists clenching in pure hatred

"That…That power, it's KAKAROT!" Without a moment of hesitation, Raditz flew towards Goku without any regards to energy consumption. Fury built in his soul, one more chance is all he had thanks to Vegeta's order, one more chance is all he had and he had ruined it. Ruined it like he ruined everything else.


Goku's body trembled as he felt a powerful energy closing in on him. He was completely paralyzed, backing away slowly from the approaching power level and then stumbling backward onto the ground.

"No, it can't be."

Raditz flew toward Goku with a fierce anger in his eyes.

"DIE!" Raditz's fist connected with Goku's awestruck face, sending him through a nearby tree and into a hill, which was now a small crater. The blast awoke a panic in Goku, and he cringed, "EHH!" and managed to avoid Raditz's ki blast by jumping over it.

"FOOL!" Raditz quickly appeared behind Goku and blasted him with an even bigger Saturday Crush attack. Goku hit the ground and rolled, then jumped to his feet his body already feeling strained. He holds his left arm with his right and his right eye was closed in pain and he cringed a little, "R-Raditz…"

Goku felt cold and truly terrified, he saw the hatred in Raditz's eyes. Wh-what can I do? I barely beat him before! Why is he still after me?! A sinister smile poured slowly over Raditz smile as he watched his brother squirm. Priceless, I'm going to enjoy this Kakarot!

Raditz rushed at maddening speed, throwing wild powerful punches at his younger brother. Goku managed to block and dodge all these punches. Though there was strength behind them, there was no thought of accuracy with the punches, unlike the time they fought on earth.

"Ra…Ra..Raditz! What…Why are you? Please." Goku could see the rage building in Raditz, like a wild beast's his eyes were afire.

"Kakorot you will NEVER understand the pain you have caused me!"

"Wha…Raditz?" Goku said sadly, his sympathy was clear in his face; he even extended his arm a little while wincing in pain. Raditz growled knocking Goku's hand in spite.

"I will destroy you," he said as he managed to get a body blow with his right fist, knocking the wind right out of Goku's lungs. He then used his left hand to blow a ki blast point blank at Goku's chest.

"I will KILL you Kakorot!"

In response, Goku laughed with what little strength he had, and Raditz grimaced in absolute disgust looking down at him directly, looming over him, "You mock me now Kakorot when you're completely at my mercy?" Goku coughed up and croaked, "H-how can you kill me Raditz, I'm already dead…"

Raditz froze, taking a step back, Unbelievable! He makes a fool of me even now! Raditz warrior composer and Saiyan pride had been broken, his knees buckled as he began to laugh hysterically.

His laughter soon became quiet, but he still shook, making some choked noises. He was covering his face, so it was impossible to tell if he was still laughing or if he was crying.

Goku struggled to his feet. He was in shock; he had never seen someone in such a state. Goku approached his brother weakly and attempted to speak but no real words came out, until he managed, "What…did I do?"

Raditz stood up with a look of death in his eyes, looking at its next target. "You…what did you do….?" Goku took a step back, seeing the seriousness of the situation. Raditz's face was red with anger and pain, he barked at Goku, his hands clenched at his chest, "You killed my mother!"

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