AN: I stole this Chapter's name from the Budokai Tenkaichi 2 What if that I loved. The game did come out 5 years after my fics release, lol. I felt a kinship with it back then for obvious reasons as another Raditz Redemption What if. Fight Choreography is hard. I still own nothing but. Also, I'm thinking of retro-actively changing Pura's name to Gine, I named their mom before she had a canon name. What do you all think?

Chapter 84: Fateful Brothers

Above all of them in altitude and self-worth flew Vegeta flanked by two wisps that darted off together off as soon as they arrived with him. Vegeta dusted off his gloves a bright Halo crowning his head, he looked toward his foe, Kid Buu, then back at his allies which caused his eyebrow to raise slightly at the sight of the fat fiend that he fought earlier. But he didn't care for an explanation he just went back to staring Buu down. "Why are you here Vegeta?" Raditz said with not a small amount of bitterness oozing from his voice. Vegeta didn't turn back only spoke plainly, "I am a prince, am I not. This is my duty." Kabito-Shin who had arrived with much less circumstance before hand, so much that no one noticed, spoke now, "Vegeta if your soul takes too much damage you can never come back you'll cease all existence." "Fine...if that's the punishment than I'll accept it. Now..." Vegeta landed across from Buu who had a look like he knew who Vegeta was already. "I will go first.." Vegeta's ki flared up into a golden crackling display, bravely charging first before any protest could deter him. Raditz regrouped with his family as they watched Vegeta give the trio a reprieve. They watched blow after blow by the powerful Saiyan be absorbed without issue. "He's doomed..." Gohan said gathering himself. Raditz took the point, "Brother..." Goku blinked heavily, "What?" Raditz forgot himself a moment, "No, sorry, Kakarot. I meant Vegeta...and before you ask it's how we called each other under Freeza." Goku, just nodded, "I heard you and him say something like that. Raditz sighed heavily, powering up to his maximum, "I have no intention in letting him face that demon alone. That is not the way of the Saiyan." Raditz caught a kick meant for Vegeta but was only welcomed by the monster's fist flying at him like elasticized missiles from either end turn man striking him and causing him howl a bit blasting his double Sunday at both hands to get Buu off. Vegeta used a quick Big Bang to create a little more distance and time as their opponent had to reform. The two men nodded at each other getting ready for the counter-attack. Goku and his son got into their stances, the father looked back at his son, "Listen, Gohan. You're a whole hecka lot smarter than I am. I can punch things real good, but that's not what gonna win this. I want you to watch and see if you can figure out a way to put an end to him."

Gohan took a deep calming breath, once again his father's faith rested heavily on him and he retreated backward to the non-combatants analyzing quickly any weakness the three full blooded Saiyans could find in their desperate struggle against the child-like monster. Gohan was indeed Piccolo's student calculating quickly knowing he didn't have much time to do it. Like a spark caught by lightning rod Gohan's mind kicked up into two decisive if desperate plans. He looked over at Dende, "We need you to contact New Namek. Tell them to bring back Earth and all those on it. We're going to need an Ace in the hole." Dende looked solemnly at Gohan, "I'm not sure if Porunga can handle that but...there's no harm in trying." "Thank you, Dende." "I'm the's the least I can do." Gohan locked his gaze back onto the battle, just in case plan a didn't work… he began to power up, putting every once of his strength into what was coming up hoping the full blooded Saiyan's efforts would by both his plans the time they needed.

While Gohan formulated his theories the three men made melee with the monster. Goku's super Saiyan 3 clashed arm to arm with the wild opponent. But every moment Goku seemed to be gaining some kind of ground Buu would counter. Goku struck the furious Buu with a strong hook, the beast only smiled biting his razor sharp teeth into Goku's hand he eeked and elbowed him in the forehead using the momentum to grab and spin him off. Buu Spiraled in an exaggerated way as if being thrown by Goku was fun to him, giggling in glee staring in wonder as the blood he spilled into his mouth flew gingerly up then down again. Goku used the moment Buu's back was toward him, timing it perfectly to catch him in a Kamehameha. Goku's eyes shot open in shock Buu stopped spinning, twisting his head all the way around he glared at the Saiyan warrior as if he had done him some grievous offense. Buu took the blast, gladly, even smiling as it blew away everything he had from the neck down. The disembodied head flew at him with an inhuman scream. Forming one hand and immediately firing a massive ki bolt from it then the other right after got even the veteran warrior to go on full defensive barely avoiding the blasts. Raditz and Vegeta flanked him each blasting at Buu to make him stop his assault. Though relenting from the youngest of the three the elastic beast stretched himself toward either man clawed hand stretching toward Vegeta as Raditz braced himself for the kick coming his way. Vegeta was already hard pressed, his undead form was on borrowed time at he expertly defending himself the frequency and strength of the assault wore on him. The claw was caught but Buu strength pushed the now glowing hand Vegeta gasped using the strength of his other hand to ward it as best he could. His neck felt a sudden rubbery texture apply pressure as the monster's antenna squeezed down on Vegeta like a vice making him cough up. The Buu's other hand pummeled him with countless blows. The prince refused to let Buu make contact with the pink bomb that would surely mean his undoing. Welling with rage and a refusal to let Buu win Vegeta's own ki built in his hands overloading with Buu's causing an explosion releasing the regal warrior in free-fall in a cloud of pink and black. Raditz had to concentrate to his fullest to keep up with the machine gunning feet. A blow to his shin, forearm, hip, stomach. He coughed grappling onto the last blow rolling himself between the legs blasting his crackling purple Saturday Crush. The bomb-like attack flew towards Buu's body both of heels crashed down onto his spine. Raditz cried out his shock magnified as he saw Vegeta's explosive release and the man's fall. He looked down for just a moment but that was enough to distract him from Buu's reforming body lunging at him in nightmarish spikes made from his form.

"Stay away from my brother!" Goku shouted flying back into battle at break-neck speed catching the spikes int bundles in his hands using all of his speed to drag Buu away slamming him into a nearby mountain. Goku grits his teeth blasting his signature blue beam to drag home to point. The monster only howls in sadistic glee using his own energy to push back on them beam. Raditz flew to his brother's side adding his power. For a moment the two brothers smiled as their combined might drove the beam back slowly. Goku's body shuttered then stumbled back a moment, his power-level fluxed into Super Saiyan 2. "Uh-oh..." Goku eeked, catching his brother's attention. Raditz pushed as hard as he could to make up for the difference but the massive wave of death was unrelenting as it returned. The two brothers looked at each other a moment and nodded in the same panicked acknowledgment flying of in separate directions the explosion of the energies sending both men careening a few feet out of breath and nearly out of options.

The otherworld watched the whole battle in batted suspense, the family and friends huddled together unable to look away. The three wives of the three Saiyans held their children close to them taking up the closest viewing in stunned silence, trembling, even young Almond could barely muster a noise aside from a small errant gasp. King Kai's antennae shot up as he received a marvelous bit of good news. "Oooh is that right Dende?" all but the intimidate families turned to see the conversation. "Porunga brought back Earth? Oh… well, it'll cost two wishes to bring back everyone to life except Bulma who stared at the only thing she wanted to see, if Vegeta would survive. Seems fair, a couple billion for a couple wishes!" He snickered, this bit of good news got everyone to stare with renewed hope. Chi-Chi chimed in with her normal brash demeanor, "I'm not leaving here! Not until I know Goku is safe!" Mint's eyes pierced with the familiar fierceness she would have if fighting a powerful foe, "We aren't moving an inch!" The blue god stretched his collar like Robbie Dangerfield, "Yeash, no respect. Hey don't worry, I may not be fast buuut I can get you back to Earth. With a fight like this I ought to be pay per view." Death Glares. "But~ It's all free!" He flashed a peace sign which cut a little tension, "Alright, hold on tight kiddos this is gonna tingle a bit." The group of fighters, family, and friends all felt a warmth surround and enter their spirits. The joy the group felt as their halos were traded for legs was a tentative hope as they knew this was all on a razor's edge on the Saiyans' success.

Mint embraced her children, all three of them alive able to feel the embrace. Her weak smile turned to disbelief as her eyes look back at her father with her mother, the former still with his halo. "D-Dad?" She touched him gingerly. He looked down at the gentle touch sadness and kindness, "I didn't tell sick I've been feeling. My body is tired, been through a war and an apocalypse without your mother… I'm tired." Mint trembled as she heard her daughters sobbing as the permanency of his choice now weighed on the Silvers. "Dad…" "Listen to me...hold my hand. It's going to be's going to be okay." Silver held his daughter's hand preciously. Peanut cried shaking a bit, "G-grandpa..." The former army man held the little red-head half-Saiyan close to his chest, he really had nothing he could say. He looked up at Almond, unable to fully comprehend it just felt the sadness with her family held him desperately with her sister and mother. A silence fell over the group as their attention gradually shifted back to the fight the Silver's attention solely now on Raditz praying to not lose another.