-AN: A hard chapter to write considering this is one of the last ones as well as an important conclusion to the way I've always wanted Raditz's arc to end.

Chapter 85: Blood of My Blood

The two brothers squared off against Majin Buu, their strength draining whilst their opponent remains relentlessly unassailable pink nemesis. They took broke first against the cackling fiend, hoping their combined efforts would get the better of their opponent together. After training together for well over a decade two Saiyan brothers are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Raditz took point charging up his Double Sunday. The monster fired a large ki-bomb toward Raditz, the elder brother used the half-beam in his right hand and fired it into the ground vaulting himself upward. Buu laughed satisfied as the bomb connected in front of Goku exploding violently. Raditz used this moment to launch the other half of his blast straight at Buu. He howled at the long haired Saiyan letting out a shot gun volley to stop him in his tracks, biting down on the single Sunday and attempting to spit it out. But Goku had used instant transmission to hid and waited and struck now as his brother's blast was in Buu's mouth. The staggering uppercut shut the monster's mouth exploding the blast removing the head and making it scream as best as a headless creature could windmilling out dozens of blasts flailing backward in surprise. The two brothers scattered as the massive panic blasts pock-marked the previously pristine planet of the Kais. The two Saiyans coughed, "Gohan is that plan A ready yet?" his father asked with a weary lilt. "N-not….yet..." Gohan's said straining under the might of his own beam charging. Raditz barked, "Hurry up squirt! Neither of us have much left in the reserves." The two brothers looked above them their opponent high above them clutching his face laughing in sadistic joy at the wanton destruction he caused adding more forcing the two airborne away from the devastation. The Saiyan siblings emerged from the smoke and flames preparing to launch a counterstrike.

Like phoenixes rising from the ashes the dou made chase blasting Buu but their opponent grimaced seriously, deflecting any strikes coming his way fully bored dealing with his opponents his snarl growing to that of a vicious beast. The two men stopped their volley hoping that psychical strikes would gain more purchase. The vicious being eyes glinted at Raditz, and by just witnessing his attack had learned and copied it. Firing a Double Sunday that dwarfed anything Raditz had ever fired, howling in laughter Raditz eyes widened as he saw himself in his brother's place relative to the battle they had so many years ago now. Though only giving him pause for a moment, the moment was enough. "Raditz, watch out!" Goku had taken notice and tried to tackle his brother out of his half of the double beam. Getting caught himself on the back being torn form his brother's arms. Buu twisted his hand with the other beam making the second beam catching the falling Saiyan by the side knocking him to the ground, bouncing off the hilly terrain. "Kakarot!" Raditz dove hand reached out in desperation for his sibling. Easily out-sped by the ancient monster, Buu blasted Raditz away to dive down like missile hands back firing bolt to keep Raditz back. Buu landed on Goku with a rib-crushing kick stomping and grinding his foot. Goku howled in pain in a familiar scene, Gohan's pupils dilated as his protective nature was triggered as he burst forth the world shattering Kamehameha that put the one that exterminated Cell those years ago to shame. "Don't Raditz eyes widened in sheer awe of his nephew's power, the cerulean light of the beam reflected in his black eyes. Something shook Raditz about this scene, send a cold shock through his body freezing him, mouth agape at the display of familial love and rage echoed from his mind.

In a way, Gohan succeeded. In a way Gohan had protected his father. Buu was no longer crushing his father, indeed. And perhaps if Gohan hadn't needed to aim his beam such that it wouldn't hit his father...but who could blame him? And perhaps if Buu were any other creature it'd have been far more effective. Gohan dragged his father away from the tiny bits of pink monster panting heavily his father's arm hanging limp and broken, "S-sorry dad plan A didn't work." Goku, rather impressively, got to his feet gave his son a smile that spoke of both sympathy and gratitude through the wincing. Gohan began, "With plan B we'll have to wait until..." "Gohan?" King Kai's voice was heard in his mind. Gohan's eyes widened with renewed hope, "King Kai? Thank...well thank you I suppose. Great timing!" Goku's eyes looked curiously at his son, "So...King Kai has plan B?" Gohan nodded, "Well.. we need to use the spirit bomb, if our individual powers aren't enough then our only hope is to gather everyone in the world together." The youngest Saiyan's voice cracked with a hint of failing hope. Goku nodded trying to pull himself up into position, but his body was too weakened from defending his brother. "Raditz! You have to use the Spirit Bomb! You're the only one who can!" But Raditz had been shaken into some sort of daze. "Brother, please!" Goku plead and Buu was set on them again. Gohan took point while his father supposed him from behind as best as he could manage. Raditz was awoken from a single small kai blast from Vegeta who picked himself up to join the father and son, "Come on you've always wanted to prove to me you weren't weak, now do it."

Raditz hands clenched, his eyes shutting to the sight of battle "Only the pure can perform the spirit bomb though… and I..." "Raddy..." Raditz heard Mint's voice in his mind, speaking with a tone that was a balm to his soul. Raditz eyes shot open and his wife continued, "Raditz, listen, you're so much better than you think you are. I've seen you grow into a wonderful man next to me, there's no one else I'd rather have on this journey. But you have to stop being so hard on yourself! I love you, our daughters love you, we know you can do this." Raditz closed his eyes, feeling warmth, a bit of energy swelled in his palms as he pushed them upward. "Daddy! I love you! You're the best dad ever! I know you can win!" Peanut cheered as Raditz felt more energy swell into him. "Yuh! Daddy da best! Daddy number one! Kick him in his butt!" Almond hopped in excitement, her exuberance felt through his body. "Hey! You better shape up, I still owe you one … heck never mind, you turned me into a softie like you." Nappa scoffed as he gave his energy, Lima added her own along with her daughter with just a quiet, "Oui." Raditz could feel the strength of all of Kakarot's friends...no, his friends, well within his body and into the Spirit Bomb. It was an impressive looking attack with a great deal many strong fighters and their families. Raditz looked up to the bomb "Thank you...all of you...but I'm going to need more! People of earth, anyone who can hear my voice please help me!" "Gohan, we're going to need more power than this… Please people of Earth, everyone needs help!" Goku said coughing, With Goku's voice ringing out his plea being answered by a few more friends he'd met before his reunion with Raditz but it wasn't a great amount. Raditz looked at Gohan who merely shook his head at his uncle between trading blows with Buu. When suddenly, "People of Earth! What are you waiting for these guys are trying to help me, Hercule, the world champ, beat majin buu! You need to pitch in if I have any chance of defeating him for good! Raise your hands and give me your energy!" Raditz himself who felt the power flow through him into Spirit ball felt all the hopes, love, joy, and determination of humanity flow through him into the pure light blue ball of perfect goodness. "This will have to be enough." Raditz said overwhelmed by the feeling of this attack. "Go! Brother you can do it!" "Let's pin him down while Raditz throws the Spirit Bomb!" Gohan cried to the other two blasting Buu with a Maseko, Goku and Vegeta with their own beams bearing down oppresing the pink menace such that he couldn't move from the path of careening ball of all of Earth's hopes as weilded by one who seemingly ages ago was a threat against it. Raditz closed his eyes to concentrate further on pushing the ball of energy. In his mind he felt his wife and children holding onto him, "Pay for the suffering you caused the Earth, monster! Perhaps you too can repent in the other world." Opening his eyes intensely as Buu's howls increased as the giant light blue orb crashed into a the planet. The spectacular clash of light and power silence Buu eradicating any trace of the monstrous foe. Raditz elevation gently descended back to the earth panting quickly being embraced by his family there. Vegeta crossing his arms scoffing at the other Saiyan warrior. Raditz sighed holding them back, "Let's go home..." Hercule meekly lifted himself out of the bushes, "Sorry for uh...taking credit, I really didn't have much choice, I had to make them believe me." Goku gave him a friendly pat on the back making the champ's knees buckle a bit, "You kidding, you really did save the world, real or not if you hadn't said anything! You're a hero!" "Hahaha yeah! Party at my place, everyone's invited. I've got enough food to fee everyone. WAAAHOOO!" The saiyan men, even Vegeta, had to admit that regardless of how abrasive Mr. Satan could be he was well meaning and all three men were too starving from fighting Buu to look any gift horse in the mouth. With weak laughter and pained smiles the group made their way back to Earth and back to those they loved.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter, I knew this is how I wanted to end Buu at the outset. It may have been a little bit hard to write but I'm at least a little proud of it.