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Disclamier: This is based on Cinderella the fairy tale. The characters however are my own .

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'OK, checklist time…dresses…'




'…Sleeping bag's…'


'…hair dyer and straightners…oh and curlers…'






'Wash bags'


'…and we are done! Hot, sexy and ready to party!'

Katie and Suzy had been preparing for tomorrow night their whole lives, meeting the right people, looking the right way and acting with the right attitude. Tomorrow night was the prom, a night of great beauty and spender a night to be glamorous. And they were damned if they messed it up now, and they were going to spend it properly and have a good time. Prom in the USA, is like a life changing thing, you can make the best and worse decisions of your life and it was a pivotal moment in any teenagers life. Here in London England, it was the most special night of a teenagers life until their final college party, which would leave them all drunk, high or asleep.

But tonight the girls were off to their friends house so they could all prepare for the prom together tomorrow evening. It also created a brilliant alibi if one of them needed to slip off with their dates, or indeed some other guy.

Their bedroom door swung suddenly open and their younger sister, Marie, entered the room loaded up with bags of shopping.

'Oh Marie! You are a sweetie! Thanks for bringing up our bags.' Said Katie rather sarcastically, 'Do you think you could have done it any faster?'

'We need you to pack our cases for tonight, remember to put padding around the shoes so they don't get scuffed, or you'll be paying for them.' Remarked Suzy as she grabbed her latest fashion jacket and swung it over her shoulder, with effortless style. 'We're off, got to go meet The Girls for some lunch. We'll be back in 2 hours so you had better be finished by then.'

Katie and Suzy then turned and walked, with seductive ease, out of the room and out to whatever new restaurant they had just discovered with 'The Girls'. It seemed ever present to Marie that her sisters were vain, over-egotistical sluts and they were never going to change.

Marie began the process of packing her sisters cases, folding the casual clothes, and PJ's, packing the shoes (with padding of course!) and boxing the different hair appliances.

Marie was browsing through the several other bags of shoes and accessoires, when she came across a pair of beautiful black heels with the most delicate diamond incrusted sliver straps. The diamonds seemed to glow in the light, more than it seemed possible for any gem, and she could not remove her gaze from these…magic shoes. After what seemed like an age she pulled her eyes away and re-boxed them with sadness in her heart.

She had the most perfect dress to wear with those shoes, if only she could go to the prom too.

She could hear Katie and Suzy arrive back and quickly piled the rest of the boxes into the shoe cupboard, locked it and went back to her own room. Their voices approached but turned into the other room before reaching her own, and she felt a sigh of relief and grief. They would be gone tonight and not back again until Sunday afternoon, once they had recovered from the prom.

Oh that prom. It was what was on every single persons mind for the last two weeks: what they were going to wear, how they would have their hair which was mostly the girls. But even the guys were at it, who they were taking to prom, if they would get lucky, what aftershave smelt the best. Marie would have loved to have been all caught up in the beautiful rhythm of it all too, but what was the point when she couldn't go. It was so unfair, she was in her last year too, she had done her exams just like everyone else, and she had every right to go to prom like the rest of them, like her sisters. Yes, her sisters they were the reason she couldn't go. Although her sisters were technically older than her it was only by a few months, and what right did they have? Unfortunately they had their dad on their side, their dad, not hers. Marie had been adopted aged two, by Mr and Mrs Dore. Mrs Dore or Catherine as she was known had adopted Marie because she was her best friend's only child, fatherless and at age two became motherless. The Dore's initially accepted her and she felt loved and at home until she turned 8. That was when the family was shaken by the death of Mrs Catherine Dore, the only mother Marie really knew.

She had known that over the years the rest of the family had tired of having her around, and only Catherine made her feel loved and needed, but when she died the story changed. They no longer felt they needed to be nice to her, and treated her unwell and since then she had not once felt she was worthy or cared for.

That was how life was, and she had learnt to accept it. The prom was just another thing that she wasn't allowed to do in case she embarrassed her sisters or made her 'father' look like a fool.

The memory of her mother made her think back to a time when she had felt down at school and her mother had comforted her. They had sat on this very bed and she had told her mum about not fitting in and how it made her feel. She exclaimed at how her sisters had loads of friends and how they planned to go to the prom when they were old enough and wear beautiful dresses. She had not felt like she could go because she would know no-one and se would not enjoy it. Her mother had comforted her and hugger her so tight she felt better from just her love. Catherine had then taken her into the main bedroom and opened the wardrobe to revel all kinds of beautiful dresses, and pulled out an amazing white and black number that Marie had often admired. Catherine gave Marie that dress as a gift telling her to wear it to the prom, make it something to aim for, to make friends and be invited to the prom.

Mare got up and walked over to her small wardrobe and reached far into the back and found a long plastic covering that protected the dress from getting dusty or dirty. The dress looked every bit as gorgeous as it had all those years ago and her deep green eyes sparkled at the memory and the pure beauty of it. For sometime she stood admiring it and hope its colours would never fade and so maybe in 10 years time she would find an occasion to wear it to.

The loud sounds of arguing suddenly alerted Marie of the fast approaching steps, and she hung the dress back up and closed her wardrobe soundlessly.

Her door swung open violently and she was aware of Katie's apparent distress.

'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!' She yelled at the top of her voice.

Marie was clueless to what she could have possibly done to upset her sister.

'You are just trying to get in with the in-crowd, well guess what it's not going to happen! Get that into your thick skull you nasty little maggot!'

Marie still dumbstruck to what had happened asked politely, 'Errmm…Sorry? But I don't understand what I've done'

This clearly was the wrong answer because Katie's face grew redder.

'You…said you would…' She could barely manage to speak for the anger, '…be on the…committee making the…YEAR BOOK!' She managed to squeeze out.

'Oh,' said Marie, slightly surprised at this exclamation ' Is that a problem, it's just principle Marcee said he wanted me to help. I couldn't really say no.'

'Yes you could! You know I'm on it too with the girls, it's not something for sad people like you. People with no friends aren't real people, you have no right to help out. Tell them you can't do it because something came up, make up anything, but you will not be on that committee!' Katie exclaimed once again and turned upon her heel.

Another thing they can take away from me, she thought.

Katie and Suzy left that evening to go to their friend Beth's house. Marie didn't say goodbye, she didn't need to they wouldn't notice anyway. She curled up on her bed, and wondered what tomorrow night was going to be like, she imagined the lovely decorated hotel room, the drink an snack table, the people who would attend, she thought about everything she would be missing.

Slowly the reality came to her, she could sit and think depressing thoughts about what she couldn't do or she'd do something she could.

From under her bed she pulled out a sewing machine and a box full of old bits of clothes. She sat at the small desk in her room and began work using the materials. Her father would only give her a small allowance for clothes every two months, or when his daughters exclaimed that she needed new clothes because she was embarrassing them.

But Marie loved to make her own garments, something original and different, using old scraps from previous outfits of her own or her sisters. She had just found an old pair of Suzy's jeans that she clearly thought were out of season, and was using the scraps to make new and funky patterens on the trouser legs when she heard a knock on her door.

Her father appeared at the door wearing a coat and with a bag slung over his shoulder.

'I'm going away for the weekend, to see a friend. He lives in Manchester so I'm travelling down today and I'll be back on Sunday, probably around the same time as the girls. So don't wait up.' He looked uncomfortable as he often did around Marie, waiting to see if she was going to say anything. It was the only time she had any power over him, she let him sqerm for a minute and as he was about to leave, relieved she hadn't talked back, she called out to him.

'Roy.' He turned and faced her once more.

'Can I have some money for this weeks food shopping? Is there anything we really need or that Katie or Suzy want?' She asked with no emotion in her voice.

'Here…' He handed her £50. 'Nothing I know of, you can ask them yourself. I've got to go.' He turned and left, thudded down the stair slammed the door and reved the car engine.

Marie smiled broadly. This was brilliant! No Katie. No Suzy. No Roy. How could this be more excellent. Of course she knew the answer, she glanced over to the wardrobe at the plastic cover slightly sticking out. The only thing that would make this situation any better was to fulfil her promise to her mum, and go to the prom. But it was impossible, they would find out and then she'd be in deep trouble. No, that was not an option, so she pushed the thought away and turned back to the sewing machine.

A few hours later she packed away the sewing machine and the box of scraps and folded her newly accessoirsed trousers in her draw and a top she had created in the wardrobe. As she opened the door she remembered the dress again, and took it out. What was the use? It probably wouldn't fit anyway, why was she still in her heart considering going?

There was nothing for it, but to try it on and see. She removed the cover and hung it on the edge of her bed. She removed her top and jeans and slipped the dress over her head, zipping up the side. It fitted perfectly, she looked good in it, even she could see that. It fitted her hips like gloves and her medium sized chest looked beautifully round and curvy. It even made her look taller, and her face longer and thinner. And her auburn hair looked glossy and fabulous.

The bottom was alittle long, but she could shortern that abit. What was she thinking? She had no shoes, no make-up, no jewerly and even if she did she would turn up and Suzy and Katie would notice her straight away and forcefully remove her if they could, or call their dad. No she couldn't go.

She slipped the dress back off and put it back on its hanger, and covered it once again, pushing it to the back of the cupboard once again, where it would probably stay. She turned toward her bed and dropped onto it, her face in the covers and screamed.

Another dream, not come true.

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