"Oh, Dear God." Said Severus walking into an utterly pink room "I've walked into the room of my own personal hell." For the past several years he has walked into this same room and it had never been this pink. He had been frozen in place looking at the Great Hall like it was a dead opossum on his seat. He turned around intent on leaving as soon as he could witch would be right away but slammed into a barrier and got seriously pissed off.

"ALBUS!" he yelled spinning around to look at a tall thin and old man standing at the head table. Even at that distance he could seethe mad twinkle in the old mans eyes. "Students and teachers, as you can see and have probably been waiting for, St. Valentines day has arrived!" Many of the students started clapping at that. "We will be in this room all day with no classes and no one will be allowed to leave!" people were screaming, most in joy but some in complete outrage such as the teachers and some odd Rravenclaw students, but nobody likes them. "NOW LET THE PARTY BEGIN!" he ended with a swipe of his electric purple cloak.

"I am going to kill him." Severus said in a voice that clearly showed he was not to be messed with. He walked, or rather stalked, up to the head table asking Dumbledore with a fake smile "Albus , what the Fuck are you doing?" McGonagall having never heard him cuss, never even saying a simple bloody hell, was dumbfounded and didn't even relies to whom he said it to. "Now, my boy, there is no need for profanity. I am just lighting the mood for all the people in Hogwarts, besides them apparently." HE said gesturing to the weird Ravenclaws searching in their books for something that might make this illegal. "That I'm quite sure you did on purpose. They wont find a thing wrong with it and eventually join the students who don't have a stick up their arses." He said now leaning against the Headmasters chair. "Severus! Don't talk about the students like that!" exclaimed Minerva having gotten over her shock. " Why it's true, for most of them any way." He said looking over at her "Well I'm sure you-." She was suddenly cut off when large Fluffy Pink Bunnies came pouring into the room. Severus looked over at Dumbledore and shouted "YOU-SON-OF-A-…"

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