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"If you will please extract yourself from our Potions teacher, Miss Granger, we have things to clean up." Said Dumbledore while pulling outa lemon drop from his powder puff pink (A/N EEEWWW!) robesand pop it in his looked over at the couple again seeing they had not gotten up. He looked at them oddly and bent down to see if they had actually heard found out that they most definently hadn't or were ignoring him completely because Hermione was still kissing, more like playing tonsel hokey, with her professor, with the added bonus of being flicked off by his young employee. Seeing that he would never get them to willingly separate from each other he grabed his wand and levitated his proferssor into the airaaway from Hermione and letting him down about five feet away from her. "Good now I believe we should start prying the students off oneanother." Said Dumbledore straightening up and walkiong around with that goddamned twinkle in his eyees as he saw several of the couples or groups (YEE-HAW!) of different houses such as; Harry & Pansy, Draco &Ginny, Ron & Millicent Bulstrode, and Parvati, Lavender, Padma, Remus, and Dean. HE happened to not notice how cute it looked to see Severus walk over to Hermione giss her a quik kiss, rap his arm around her waist, and them walking away to separate the other people that had been shot into kissing each other. That was of course until they noticed all the Fluffy pink Bunnies lineing the wall grinning evily showing their extraordinarily sharp ass teeth. Sufice to say that when they started singing there rather evil song Dumbledore was somewhat forced to call off the wards before they where all slatered and eaten like rabbits, by evil bunnies.

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