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You know after I saw that memory in Snapes pensive I didn't have as good of a liking of my father as I once had. I still thought the world of him, he's my dad, but then I remembered about the Quidditch cup. When the DeathEaters became active again, there were people floating in the air being humiliated. I asked many people after tracing them down what James Potter was like that Dumbledore didn't say. I found out something that changed the way I act, dress, and think. I had wanted to be like James. To feel like I still had parents by being just like one of them. I found out that James was no better than a DeathEater. According to some people I started acting more like my Mother and Professor Snape than James.

I was fine with all of that. James was like the people I used to run away from, like my cousin. Snape had never lied to me once. He told me that James was basically a prick. Now I know why. Sirius and Remus said they were just stupid kids playing around when I asked them about it. Well I guess 22 is also an age for them to be stupid little boys. Both of them did that, I don't look up to ether of them I don't even look at them if I can prevent it. I used to think of them as father and brother figurers, but now I can't, I'm not going to look up to someone who does anything like my cousin. James was no better than a DeathEater, he may not have killed countless muggles but he tortured and killed many people that got in his way when defending against DeathEater raids. Some of them were muggles others pregnant witches, men and women with family.

Dumbledore told me nothing, Snape what I needed, Dumbledore said lies, Snape told truths, Dumbledore is dead, Snape is alive he killed Dumbledore; he is the man I look up too. He is my father figure, or at least, as close to one as I'm going to get.

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