The Writer wanted may have been the Prom Queen

The Prom Queen may have wanted the Peace Maker

The Peace Maker may have wanted someone in another state

The Girl Next Door may have wanted the Writer

Too bad no one ever gets what they wanted.


((Prom Queen P.O.V))

Stupid dirt. I hate the fucking dirt…whoever invented dirt sucks. But that of course isn't the problem oh no of course not! The problem is that in order to walk to town (the only place where there are stores) I have to walk on the road. This means kicking up the dry, brown, ugly, stick to your shoes brown dirt. Not only that, but the fact that I'm wearing my NEW white shoes! It just pisses me off. My first day in Castle Rock and already my NEW shoes are ruined by this fucking dirt! Ahhh. I hate Castle Rock I really, really, really do. I can't believe my mom made me move here…oh wait oh jebus…those are some nice looking boys.

I sauntered over to them slowly, hey I could totally be Prom Queen 'kay? I can do anything I fucking want and right now I want that hottie. So here I am sauntering over to him smirking what I have been told is a 'sexy' smirk.

"Hey there." The boy smiled politely at me obviously turned on. I mean I am totally gorgeous! I wasn't named Belle for no reason was I? I twirled my long blonde (not dyed…cough) hair around my index finger cocking my head to the side.

"Hey, you new?" Okay so the boy is a genius, not well we can't have everything in life can we?

"Yeah…my names Belle and I'm kind of lost. Could you show me the way to my house?" I asked with the puppy dog look and everything. I saw him eye his friends before turning back to me eyeing me with his gorgeous eyes…they remind me of an ocean.

"Well where do you live, Belle?" I loved how my name sounded coming out of his mouth. Well I love my name when it comes out of anyone's mouth so never mind! That doesn't really work. So I told him where I lived and a second boy stepped over to me…who the hell is this kid?

"This is Gordie, he lives down the block from you. He has to go there now, so he can show you." I nodded smiling softly.

"Thank you…" Damn what the hell is this guy's name? "Uhm…I didn't catch you name before." He blushed slightly causing his friend with these huge unattractive glasses to elbow him in the side.

"That's because he didn't tell you, this is Chris. I'm Teddy and this pussy over here is Vern." Now that wasn't very nice. So what if it was true? Teddy is that his name? Had no right to call that fat kid he was a pussy even if he looked like he was. Some people.

"Well thank you, Chris." Gordie who had been standing next to me cleared his throat slowly.

"Do you wanna go now?" Aw he is such a doll! Aw and he has the cutest puppy dog eyes. This guy is adorable! So I nodded smirked over at the boys and turned my hair swirling around my head, over my shoulder and slightly in front of my sea- green eyes.

"So…where did you move from?" Okay this boy is so cute. Making conversation acting like he cares about my other life. Or maybe he does? Maybe he isn't like the people in L.A. maybe he is more like the cutesy people you meet in small towns. Wait dangit I do live in a small town now. Dammit.

"I used to live in Cali." Gordie looked over at me obviously confused.

"You know California, L.A. Hollywood, movie stars…" Gordie nodded still apparently a little shaken, he reminds me of a deer…he really does. I like deers. But I like hotties better and Chris fits that description perfectly. Okay enough day dreaming. Bad Belle Bad!

Gordie stopped and I stood beside him. "Well here is your house. I live across the street and…"

"GORDIE!" he was cut off by a girl's voice, Gordie apparently knew the voice and liked the person because he turned to greet her.

"Hey Trix." I saw her eye me, she isn't that attractive really I mean if you think about it? Her hair is just past her shoulders and wait what? Two different colors…that doesn't make any sense? It's like she messed up and tried to fix it and it ended badly. The top half is this hot pink while the bottom is this electric blue. Well the electric blue kind of matched her eyes. That was kinda cool. And why did Gordie call her Trix?

"Gordie…who's the stranger?" She asked, stranger? I bet she is jealous, because she thinks I'm gonna take her man or maybe he isn't her man. See I have become a professional on how to figure out when someone likes someone else. This girl was so crushing on Gordie. Aw that's cute…kinda.

"This is Belle, she just moved here from California. Belle this is Trix." She was standing arms crossed and apparently trying to stare me down, but that didn't really work because she was at least three inches shorter than I was. Then again she didn't look sixteen either, but more of a fourteen year old or something. Hmm I need to figure this out.

"Hey Trix." Trix eyed Gordie before looking back to me.

"Excuse us one second please." She grabbed Gordie's shirt and dragged him over to the middle of the dirt encrusted road…I hate dirt. She seemed to be either annoyed or hurt or a mixture of both. That is so cute! He put his hands on her shoulders and I could see a slight blush; which she quickly covered by storming away. Gordie shook his head and walked back towards me.

"Sorry about that. Trix has had some problems with new people…" Yeah well Mr. Gordie I am not just some person! I am the flipping Prom Queen! Well of the future he didn't need to know that detail though. I mean I looked enough like a Prom Queen.

"Why?" I asked sitting on my front step asking pretending to be sincerely concerned even if I wasn't.

"I dunno, Girl's like going after her cousin I guess and it bothers her. And then for some reason something horrific happens out of the blue and they end up moving." Horrific? Wait her cousin?

"Who is her cousin?" I asked all the while watching Gordie as he sat on the step beside me elbows on his knees.

"You know that boy Chris you met?" My heart almost stopped, the heart throb was that unattractive girl's cousin? How did that work out?

"Yeah…he is her cousin?" Gordie nodded and seemed to be looking off in the distance. Shit. Horrific things? That doesn't mean that she would do anything to me would it? Oh crap what if it does? This is not good! Its like code red! Okay Belle keep it cool and ask him some things that have happened, they can't be that bad…right?

"So what are some of these horrific things that you know about?" I could sense him jogging his brain for something he remembered as if he really wanted to give me an answer.

"There was this girl named Casca she was here probably a few months ago. Trix had her gone in about two weeks. I think that's her record, but Casca was easy all she had to do was fill her shampoo with hair removal cream and then tell all of Casca's dirty little secrets with the town before Casca took off." I could feel my mouth start to hang open so I quickly shut it and thought. This girl seemed vicious. Okay I had to know one thing before I made my feelings about this girl definite.

"Why do you call her Trix?" He immediately smirked. That good or bad?

"Well one because her hair looks like Trix yogurt and two because she is always playing tricks on people." Okay so it's confirmed this girl is going down. She will not beat me and I will indeed have her cousin as my boy. By the end of this endless summer. I nodded and stood brushing off the dirt from my pants. How the fuck did it get there? I swear it is EVERYWHERE!

"Well Gordie it was nice talking to you, but I am going to go in. I'll see you later." I smirked flipped my hair, giggled and walked into the house or maybe it was a saunter. Jesu Christ was I just flirting with him? Damn oh well. So inside I went and I was met with the worst compliment type thing ever.

"Hey honey nice auburn shoes. Did you get those downtown? Oh and they look exactly like your white ones! How nice." I looked down at my once white shoes only to see them so covered with dirt they were auburn.

Stupid dirt.