Dirt 13

What the hell? Me on the ground LEFT in the dirt? How un-nice is that, or maybe I mean bastard-y cause it can't be bitchy 'cause they are guys. Whatever that's not the point! The point is. The other girls had some guy to pull them from the fight and I didn't so I'm on the ground.

Teddy pulled a glowering Nessa to her feet and bit his lip. Her lip had been busted and it was dripping so now she was holding a tissue to it to stop the bleeding. Faye, who had brushed Vern off and stood on her own, was now nursing a bruise above her eye. Trix was leaning against Gordie breathing heavily and holding her stomach. When I turned my head to Chris and Drea I glared.

Chris was hugging her.

Chris and Drea.


What the hell?

Drea seemed to be crying into his shoulder as Chris sent me this look that could kill…well if looks could kill that is. That's when I noticed Nessa and Faye glaring at them too. So I wasn't alone in the battle against Drea. She had stolen our man.

It was odd. I realized all at once what had happened. Faye had liked him a lot, so had Nessa. I wasn't the only one. And now he had chosen another. This other was starting to piss us off.

The next time I looked over at Chris (lots of looking for us 'cause no one dared to say anything) he looked like he was going to blow up in Trix's face. The poor girl, she only wanted her cousin to notice her. Stupid girl really, cousins are always friends. And since when did I get all philosophical? Who knows.

Trix was staring at him looking as if she was going to cry at any moment and apparently Chris didn't care. Chris took Drea's hand and led her to the side of the house; whispers were heard. The rest of us stood in an awkward silence. I got up and sat on the porch steps sighing. The others eyed me oddly. I stared back, what the hell? Why was I the odd one out?

"So, you turned all of the boys against her." Faye added quietly. Trying to get this messed up thing straight.

I nodded and stared at my…. Oh my god so gross…I have all this dirt under my fingernails! Anyway I nodded and stared at my hands.

"How?" Nessa asked relaxing so Teddy would release her, even though…he didn't look like he really wanted to come to think of it…she didn't seem like she wanted to be released. That's interesting.

I shrugged; did I really have to reveal my amazing plans? Yes I did. "Well I started with Vern and I just had Trix over here get him annoyed so he blew up in her face." Vern turned bright red and bit his lip looking over at Trix apologetically.

"Next was Teddy and basically I did the same thing, just made him annoyed at her I guess those two were really easy." I smiled slightly; I was very excited for the unleashing of my next two plans.

"For Gordie…I wrote a note and gave it to Trix over here and then Gordie appeared to have stood her up." Nessa and Faye exchanged glances as if saying silently that I was a genius.

"And Chris I just got her to bitch at him and they all went down and bitched her out." Trix was glaring at me silent tears running down her cheeks. Gordie was having issues holding her back and I was just praying that is scrawny arms could indeed keep her from attacking me.

Nessa and Faye nodded as if one person and everyone was okay with what was going on, well that is until Chris and Drea came from around the corner.



I seriously think I am gonna just shoot something now. I mean everything is going my way for once and BAM it goes wrong again…good god.

Nessa had seen this and was staring her mouth hanging open and Teddy tightened his grip, I really doubt Nessa would charge, but I mean what can be done really? Trix was the one to finally say something.

"What are you doing Chris?" She asked through tight lips, her face and paled and she looked very annoyed, scared, worried. All that good stuff.

"Why did you lie to me Trix?" Trix stood up straight and stared wide-eyed at Chris,


Chris repeated the question, "Why did you lie to me?" Trix looked around at us for help, but we were all staring at her asking her the same questions. In our minds. God I'm so weird.

"I…I" She scowled and furrowed her eyebrows. "What the hell are you talking about?" Chris glared at her looking at Drea and then back to Trix.

"Drea, you lied to me and her!" Trix bit her lip and shook her head.

"No…I did it for your own good! She is a bad person…"

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Chris yelled cutting her off and causing Trix to stand up straight and take a step back. "You know you lied to her so she wouldn't come back and you lied to me so I wouldn't go after her, now I wanna know why!"

Trix shook her head backing up into Gordie causing him to walk back, "I just did so you wouldn't ditch me!" She bit her lip and stared at him, hurt evident all over her face, "I knew that if you had her I would be nothing again! That's what I told you for all these girls, but it was especially evident for her! Because she was the worst! You loved her. You didn't like her. You loved her and I didn't want to be left behind again!"

Chris just stared at his cousin dumbfounded. I can't believe he is just getting this. I mean its not that hard to understand really. It's obvious really, why she would do it. I guess Chris is just an idiot.

Apparently Nessa and Faye think so too.

And Gordie and Teddy.

But not Vern.

"You seriously thought that if I were going out with Drea over here I would ditch you?" Trix nodded, biting her lip and staring at him the tears about to start flowing again.


Chris sighed and let go off Drea and walked over to Trix and stood in front of her, waiting. Waiting for what though?

Oh for Gordie to let go of her, okay.

All right I have to say, now that I see her in her vulnerable form. With no one on her side and everyone hating her. I feel kinda bad for her, but not enough to say I was sorry.

Chris on the other hand shook his head, "Trix, you are family. All right? I can't ditch family." And with that he pulled her into a hug. Aww family moment!

It's gross really.

Trix pulled away and smiled up at him. Then Chris being the heart-throb hero went over to Drea and kissed her.

Kissed her?

Hand holding to kissing?

Did I miss something?

Anyway, they were kissing and Drea's arms were around his neck his arms around her waist, it was quite cute actually. Well it would be if it was Chris and me and not Chris and Drea, but that's not the point.

Now this is going to sound totally corny and stupid, but people have got to believe me when I tell them that this really did happen this way.

I looked over to Gordie and Trix and they were talking quietly. But I could hear them, cause I'm awesome like that. It went as follows:

Gordie: Trix there is something I have to tell you.

Trix: Yeah?

Gordie: I really, really like you.

Trix: I thought you liked Belle.

Gordie: No. I love you.

(I told ya it was corny!)

Trix: Really?

Gordie then nodded and kissed her wrapping her arms around his neck and they ended up in the same pose as Drea and Chris.

And I dunno if it was sexual temptation or they really liked each other, but when I saw them Nessa and Teddy were making out, who knows really.

It was kind of funny when Vern tried to join in on the fun. Faye wouldn't have any of it, she put her hands up made a disgusted face and walked away.

Aw poor Vern.

I don't think he is too heartbroken. He just took out some cherry flavored Pez.

God I feel so left out. Here I am all alone on some god for saken step while everyone else makes out with their lovers.

Life sucks.

I stood and walked away, but someone caught my arm, my heart skipped a beat 'cause I thought, 'hey maybe its Chris'. But it wasn't when I turned around it was Ace.

Now we are kissing.

He is a really good kisser.

I like this boy a lot.

We stopped and he took my hand and led me from the little kids of the group.

'Cause that's what they are.

Little kids.

I have a man as my lover.

So there.

I guess alls well that ends well.

Chris and Drea kept in touch via-letters. They are as close as ever its cute and disgusting at the same time.

Gordie has turned Trix into an okay person. She doesn't freak as much and as long as Chris pays attention to her sometimes I don't think she is gonna go off and kill Drea.

Oddly, I think Nessa and Teddy did end up going out. Although they make out with each other more than they talk. Its really entertaining to watch them.

I haven't seen Faye since that day, but Vern is going out with some girl from school who is funny and really sweet, so the group doesn't mind her.

Not that I am in the group.

See after that day I was transferred to the Cobras.

For I am now…

Ace Merrill's…


I guess what it all comes down to in the end is…


Oh man…I can't believe its over! Tear I hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Until next time