Nobody see's me, they don't even try,

Nobody see's the silent tears that I cry,

Sometimes I wonder if I laid down and died

Would anyone notice I'm not alive?

Invisible that's what they see.

Invisible, yup that's what they've made me.

One day Demeter smiled as she past by my way,

And happily I thought this was my day,

My one moment to shine, the day I'd be glorified for the rest of my life…

How stupid I was to think that way, to imagine they'd see me and not lead me astray.

Nobody sees me and do you know why?

They don't even know there's no moon in my sky,

Sometimes I sit, ponder or cry,

Trying to get the facts to why I'm still alive.

Its not that I hate them, I just want to be known

It hurts more everyday as I realize I'm more on my own.

I know that they notice me every once in a while

And some even pretend to give me a smile,

I know they don't love me

Its not hard to see that they don't really care all that much about me.

Nobody sees me, and I know I'm not free,

Trapped in this body, dreaming of the queen I want to be.

Someday I'll dance and someday I'll leap,

Wont forever be the one who cries herself to sleep,

One day they'll see me for more then I am

And I'll know for a fact my life's more then a sham.

Nobody sees me and I don't know why,

Wouldn't it be nice if they'd give it a try?

Find out who I was, what I like, what I feel,

To be not always guessing to why I seem so unreal…

So I'll sit and I'll ponder, sometimes cry

Over the fact that there isn't going to be a moon in my sky,

What was I thinking believing a lie,

Thinking I'd go out there and give it a try.

Nobody sees me and they never will,

Never see the queen who might have appealed,

I could have been so much more then they dreamed,

But I know for a fact that that seems so obscene,

Nobody sees me they don't even care,

No one will know when I run out of air,

So trapped in this body, yearning to be free,

Dreaming and wishing of the queen I want to be,

Maybe one day someone will see, the cat that I was, hoped, wished I could be…

Nobody sees me and I don't care anymore

I'm so sick of wishing that I was adored,

I'm going to leave now, you'll see me no more,

You probably wont even notice when I walk out that door,

I wasn't there, I never was,

Defiantly not heaven sent or fallen from above.

All I wanted was someone's love, and perhaps get the chance to soar like a dove,

But I'm going now, you'll be happy to see, the body of a cat who I didn't want to be,

You thought I was happy, content, free,

Never dreaming that I'd want to get out of the chains that bound me,

For all I'll ever be is what you see,

An invisible cat with exotic beauty…

This might be the start of a group of poems or it might stay as a one shot. I was watching the video and wondering what Exotica's life would be like or how she might possibly feel, not being one of the maine cats cast and this came out. Its my first poem so be nice! And please review, I havent had much experience in writting a poem before.