This takes place some time after the end of Dino Thunder, which earlier had the team-up between Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder. I've tried to stay true to the original story, so that means:

a. Blake haven't really gotten to confessing his feelings to Tori.

b. All the other rangers went about as was mentioned in the last episode of Ninja Storm.

This is my first fanfic, hope you guys like it. Please read and review! Thanks!


At Blue Bay Harbour beach…

"Ted, be careful there alright. Don't go too near the water," a woman called out to his son

"Alright mom. Don't worry." Ted was so excited to be at the beach. He began digging some sand to build his sand fortress. When it was done, he began arranging his monster figurines inside the sand fortress. Then he took out his Power Ranger action figures. He only has 3 so far – Red, Yellow and Blue. His mom had refused to buy him the whole set together, as she didn't want to spoil him. She promised to buy him the remaining Ranger figures for his coming birthday though.

He put the Rangers in front of the fortress.

"Come on guys. Let's do it!" Ted said as he waved the Red Ranger toy.

"Right!" He moved the other 2 Rangers up and down. Then he enacted a mock battle, with the Rangers finally "kicking" all the monsters down from the fortress.

"Yeah, we did it!" Ted shouted as he shook all the Rangers up and down vigorously. Just then he spotted an action figure half buried in the sand.

Ted's attention was drawn to a half-buried action figure. He pulled it out to reveal a fierce-looking human wearing larger black coat, a weird mask, with long pony-tail hair.

"Cool!" Ted placed it in the fortress and played out a battle between the new monster and his 3 Power Rangers.

This is an insul!. The galaxy's most evil and powerful space ninja reduced to being a child's play in a stupid made-up battle with 3 Ranger dolls. Oh the irony… Lothor thought bitterly as he felt himself being waved back and forth with the other Ranger dolls as Ted continued the fiery "battle".

After Lothor's escape from the Abyss of Evil where he forged a temporary alliance with Mesogog, both of them were engaged in a fierce battle after the Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder Rangers teamed up to take down their monsters. Both of them seemed equally matched, until Mesogog used some kind of mind warp which distracted him and then turned him into a small plastic figurine. When Mesogog's island fortress was besieged, most probably by the Dino Thunder Rangers, the container which held him was broken and he fell into the sea as the whole island sank. Then he spent like an eternity floating in the sea until he was washed up a few days ago on the beach of Blue Bay Harbour. Now he only needs to find a way to break free of this cursed plastic form, which render him physically helpless though he's still mentally aware of what's going on. What he needs now is a source of energy, something that he can tap into, to break free.

"Ted dear, we're leaving soon. Pack up your toys ok".

"Ok mom." Lothor found himself thrown into a box cramped together with the other action figures.

I need to find a way to break this damned plastic body, before I become Power Ranger toy fodder for the rest of my life.

"Mom, Ted's bothering me!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Kids, please keep it down. Mom's a little busy doing some important work now," Ted's mom answered without looking up. As if the rows and rows of figures staring from her computer wasn't headache enough.

Her two kids ran stumbling up to her.

"Mom, Ted took my crayons without telling me!"

"Did not!"

"Did t…"

"That's enough kids. Jen, you're the older sister. Could you please give and take with your brother once in a while?"
"But mom.."

"Mommy's busy right now. Please go back up to your rooms now."

Both of the kids make faces at each other as they trudged up the stairs to their rooms. Jenny was particularly angry. Just because she's the older sister doesn't mean she's the one who has to give in to every fight every time her brat of a brother did something. Her eyes caught a small toy, mostly black, lying carelessly on the floor.

"Another of Ted's toys. Wait, is this a new one? Not fair! He gets everything!" She stomped her foot angrily. Then, she grinned nastily as a naughty idea came to her. She grabbed the toy, and went down to the kitchen. She threw it into the microwave and set it to high. She sometimes helped her mom in the kitchen, and had watched her mom used the microwave. She pushed some buttons as the microwave began to hum and heat up.

This heat is killing me, Lothor thought as he could feel his plastic body begin to melt. Wait, perhaps he could use this energy to break free? Focusing all his concentration, he could feel the energy from the heat building up within him…just a little bit more. Finally, a bolt of energy shot out from the microwave and took form.

"Ah, finally I'm free!" Lothor exclaimed as he stretched his back a little. His attention was drawn to the small girl who was staring at him with her eyes and mouth wide open in shock.

"Don't worry little girl, since you helped Uncle Lothor, Uncle Lothor won't do anything to you. Unless, well, after I took over the world and you're in my way. So for today, you're alright. Run along now." Jenny didn't need to be told twice, and she bolted from the kitchen screaming hysterically.

"Phooh! What's that smell? Smells like something's burning.." Lothor said as he took a few sniffs. Then he noticed the steam coming from his coat.

"Oh wait, that's me. Another good suit ruined. Who says being an evil space ninja is cheap?" Lothor grumbled as he teleported away in a flash of red.

To be continued…