When Roxas first joined the Organization, I was intrigued. He was so young…but he'd definitely had a hidden strength about him.

It was odd…he, being so young, and even ranked a few steps below me…but I still felt more respect for him than I did for a lot of the more superior members of the Organization.

He was always very quiet; never boasting of his abilities, never snapping at or scolding anyone, never telling anyone of his ideas. He just took orders from Xemnas and that was that.

Also, I'd never seen him alone. He was always with everyone, just a little off to the side.

But now, a few months after he'd joined, my feelings toward him have really started to develop, I of course catch him alone in a living room of sorts in the Castle.

I stop in surprise at the sight of him, his knees drawn to his chest, and his eyes looking off into space. But the said eyes flicker to mine, and I know I can't back quietly out of the room now.

He smiles politely at me, and hums an informal hello. I just return the greeting and stand there, not knowing what to do.

"Take a seat."

His voice is soft, and it just might be the first time I've heard it. I quickly oblige to his words and seat myself comfortable not to close to him. There is a pause before I asked, "Why did you join the Organization, anyway?"

He doesn't reply for a while. "Maybe for the sense of security. To feel like I have a purpose."

Another pause, and I mull his words over.

"Well, maybe, if you want a sense of security, you could…come to me."

The words are out of my mouth before I know it, but I do anything but regret them when Roxas leans closer to me as he replies, "I will."