Hocus Focus

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Summary: Eriol is heart broken. And due to his heartache, he swore that he won't use his powers anymore. But what if Tomoyo comes to his life? Would it help him for the better or turn things more worse?

Chapter 1 2 Lives

Love is like a magic. It was like in a flick of a finger, marvelous things happen. In love for an instance, a simple act of kindness could possibly be the start of wonderful relationship. Or maybe, just one glance could make someone fall desperately in love.

Love could possibly take place because of destiny. Destiny could make two total strangers meet. At first they would think that it was a coincidence. But actually it was destiny. They really are destined to meet in the exact place with the exact person and at the exact time.

Or it is also possible that two old acquaintance meet once more. Maybe on the second time around, would they finally realize how much they're worth loving. That is if some of the obstacles that prevent them from learning that they were meant for each other.

And this is what exactly how this love story started.

May I now welcome you to Eriol and Tomoyo's love story. Their love story.

It was still early in the morning but two certain people are on a heated argument already.

"I was just asking you a question, Eriol." Kaho's voice was a bit annoyed though she tries to contain it.

Eriol on the other hand was ignoring the lady who was standing right in front of him. He was seated on his favorite armchair. He just stared at her lamely for a second and then turns his attention somewhere else later.

"Eriol come on. Answer me." Kaho begged.

"Who do you think are you to ask me about my life. Does it matter or should I say, does it bother you if I'm not using my magical powers! It's not like you're part of my family." Eriol said without looking at her.

Kaho eyed him intently. And then she began to talk. "Seeing that you stopped using your magic matters and bothers me. I'm just worried about your condition. You considered me as a family member and you know that."

Eriol eyed the pink haired lady warily.

"You used to be part of my family. Since the day you married George Seaton and left Nakuru, Spinel and me, I do not consider you as a family member. He bluntly said

"You move out from this house, better start getting consequences. So please excuse me for I need to go to school. Today is the start of my first semester." He stood up from his seat.

Eriol was about to leave when Kaho grabbed him by shoulder. That was the last strand of patience that both of them had. A more intense argument flared up as both of them start raising their voices against each other.

"Get your hands off me!" Eriol muttered. "Get your hands off me!" this time, Eriol shouted.

"I won't let go of you unless we settle things up!" Kaho shot back.

"There is nothing to about!" Eriol snarled as he forcefully removed Kaho's hands off of him.

Tension started to rise up from bad to worse. While on the other hand, Nakuru and Spinel stood at the door wordlessly. This isn't a good time to butt in. Let alone breathe. It's their business they have nothing to do with it.

"There is!" Kaho insisted. "I want to clear the issue about my marriage to George and your refusal to use your powers." Kaho said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Eriol spun around to face her. He wore an unpaintable expression on his face. His hands clenched into a tight fist.

"I don't care whatever you say."

"But you have to answer me!" Kaho interjected.

The last statement of Kaho was followed by a deafening silence. No one moved. Not even a single muscle Spinel, Nakuru and Kaho held their breaths as the anxiously whited for Eriol's reply.

"You wanted to know the truth?" he asked." Then the truth is what you'll get"

Eriol paused momentarily before he resumed talking.

"First off," Eriol began "You broke my heart and tore it into shreds when you married him. I was so hurt when I realized that the love of my life is actually taken from me. Or maybe not actually taken. I think that it would be more appropriate to say that you walk out of my life for you never loved me in return. And if you loved me, I'm that isn't as great as my love for you." Eriol paused. "I always dreamt that one day you'll become my wife. But unfortunately my dream never came true. And also, you told me that even if you do love me, our relationship wont work. I'm 20, you're 26 and the relationship that we could possibly have is unacceptable to the society." He finished off.

Eriol waited for Kaho's reaction. But nothing came. Kaho remained speechless. Seeing that Kaho couldn't choose the right words to say, Eriol continued talking

"And for your second question, the answer is plain simple. You've wounded my heart badly that I can hardly perform a simple spell." He finished off

He then turn his back from her and headed towards the door. He took his school bag from Nakuru and walked out of the room.

Kaho just stared at his retreating back. She may have not experienced it but deep inside she knew that an unrequited love hurts.

Eriol's only fault is to love the wrong person

Tomoyo entered their house. As she steeped in, an anxious looking maid greeted her.

"What's wrong?" she asked while trying sense what was wrong this time.

"Your mother is in her study." The maid stuttered, quietly unsure if she needed to inform her.

Tomoyo nodded her head and began ascending the stairway. She silently her way into her mom's study.

By the time she was near the room, she could hear two people bawling at each other.

"Not again!" Tomoyo thought

How she wondered what has gone wrong this time. Ah, things have been like this since her mom remarried. Ever since her new husband step into their house, a day won't end without hearing them fighting.

Even those things happened, Tomoyo couldn't blame her mother. Sonomi just wanted to give her a father. Sonomi thought that it would be better if she will have a dad. Who could blame her? Sonomi didn't know that this is Taske Kurusawa's true nature. Even her was fooled by that moron.

Tomoyo took a deep breath before knocking at the wooden. She knocked loud enough for her parents to hear it.

"Come in!" Tomoyo heard her mom shouted.

Hearing her mom's permission, Tomoyo turned the knob and step into the room. Once inside, Tomoyo looked around. There was her mom and stepfather standing face to face with each other. Both of their heads tilted towards her direction.

"Oh, hi honey." Sonomi's hardened expression softened upon realizing that it was her daughter.

"Mom, what's going on?" Tomoyo asked her.

Her mom did not answer her and continued tugging her. Tomoyo asked no more for she thought that her mom would tell her about it.

Tomoyo patiently waited. And then, they reached Sonomi's room. Sonomi gestured her daughter to come in. Tomoyo obediently entered the room.

"You can sit wherever you like." Sonomi told her as she shut the door

Tomoyo nodded her head and began choosing the spot advisable. After a few seconds she decided to go with her mom's bed. She sat comfortably on the bed and began bringing up a conversation with her.

"So okasan, could you now tell what the heck is wrong?" Tomoyo eyed her mom and gave her a questioning look.

"Well," there was uncertainly in her mom's voice. "Actually the reason why we are fighting has something to do with you."

"Then I guess I have all the right to know what it is." She said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"It won't sound nice but I learned that your stepfather was trying to arrange your marriage with some rich businessman." Her mom nervously said.

"WHAT!" she shouted much to her horror.

This is ridiculous! This is quiet unacceptable! It was the first day of her first semester. She just went home from school and this would greet her. The almighty Taske Kurusawa, whom she wished to die soon, actually dare to arrange her marriage without telling her.

"Well, I didn't know about that's why I was deranged upon learning it." Sonomi honestly said as she looked at her daughter.

Tomoyo hands are gripping the bed sheet really tightly. Her hands clenched into a fist and by the time she stood up and let go of the sheet, the bed sheet is already crumpled.

"I'm going to kill him." Tomoyo concluded, her voice cold and serious.

Sonomi's eyes widened twice its normal size. Hurriedly, she went beside her daughter and told her not to take drastic measures and think it over.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Tomoyo burst into tears.


"Mom I'm scared!" she hugged her mother tightly and cried her heart out. "I'm afraid to think that one day I would be force to put on a wedding dress and walked down the aisle. And then the next day, it would dawn me that I married a total stranger!" Tomoyo said in between her sobs.

"I know how you feel, sweetie." Sonomi gently caressed her daughter's hair and sooth her trouble hard.

Even though Sonomi was too busy to work, she was still able to do her task as a mother. Maybe it wasn't a task but honor. It is a honor for her to raise such an angelic creature. Deep inside her heart she wanted Tomoyo's life to be perfect. And get her daughter married to a stranger isn't part of it. She needed to stop all this. She must.

Taking a deep breath, a decision formed in her mind. She decided to send her daughter away for good. She decided to send her daughter away for good. She wants her to get out of the pressure and tension in Japan. Maybe she should tell her plan to her daughter right away.

"Tomoyo," Sonomi began.

"Yes?" Tomoyo lifted her head and look at her mother straight in the eye.

"Would you agree if I'll send you away?" Sonomi said.

"I beg your pardon?" Tomoyo gave her a questioning look.

Sonomi eyed her daughter intently then smiled. She patted her daughter's head twice. Afterwards, she invited her to sit on her bed.

"What I meant a while ago is that I want to send you somewhere." Sonomi informed her. "I guess, getting you out from this country for good is the answer. It's not that I'm sending you away cause-"

Sonomi's trail of words are stopped as Tomoyo hushed. Tomoyo rubbed away her tears and gave her genuine smile. The same genuine smile that Sonomi have known for years.

"I understand. I think it's a brilliant idea." Tomoyo assured her. " I'll try to think where I should migrate. I guess you should know about the place that I would go." Tomoyo pecked her mother's cheek and stood up.

She began walking towards the door. She turned the knob and opened. But before she exit the room, she took a last look at her mom before saying,

"I'll come back to your room later once I chose the country that I want to stay." She finally said as she began exiting the room. But then she momentarily stooped as her mom began to talk.

"I'll be the one to go to your room. I guess I'm going to sleep in your room tonight." Sonomi told her "Ah, I think that I need to cool off. And besides, I can't take to sleep with that bastard." Sonomi finished off.

Tomoyo let out a soft giggle. It sounds funny for her mom to call him a bastard.

"Ok then, I'll wait for you in my room, mom." Tomoyo smiled and went to her room.

Inside Tomoyo's room, everything was still. Even for the fact that the owner of the room was in there. Well maybe the reason that she isn't making a move is because she was on her bed, thinking.

Her eyes closed, Tomoyo was busy thinking where she wants to stay. But how she wondered, how is she supposed to know how to choose the place.

Well the first thing that she needed to know if that certain country is well developed. Maybe she is living in a small town in Japan but she also wants to be accessible to technology. Well she knew for a fact that Tomoeda may be a small town but it's still has all the newly released gadgets.

The next thing she needs to think about is about language barrier. If she is going to sum it up, the languages that she could use are Japanese, English and French. Obviously, Japanese would be deducted from her options. If she'll stick with the French language, her most advisable destination would be France. But If she'll choose the English language she would like be in USA or UK.

Seeing that she was having a hard time to choose, she try to think of a way that could make things more easy for it.

"Got it!" Tomoyo snapped her fingers.

Tomoyo jumped out of her bed and began getting a pen and a paper. Maybe her idea sound silly and childish, but it's the easiest way to solve her problem.

She began cutting the paper into strips. She started to write the words French and English. After writing it, she folded it neatly and put it in her palm. Then. She started shaking it. When Tomoyo thought that she should start picking a piece of paper, she shut her eyes and picked the paper of her choice.

Nervously she opened her eyes. And with the use of her shaky hands, she unveil the word that she got. Slowly she open it and after a split second, it shows that she got the word 'English'.

Now its time to choose the country, she did the same procedures once more. It did not take her long before she ended up with United Kingdom or UK.

The last thing to do is to choose where she wanted to settle. Well, her best choice is London so she decided that London would be the place.

Realizing that her problem was over, a smile formed on her thin lips.

All she had to do is wait for her mom.


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