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(Author's Note): Couples:KimikoXO.C, OmiXClay, JackXRaimundo, OCXOC, OCXOC,

Chapter 1: He's Gone

(Kimiko's P.O.V.)

He's gone. The boy I loved is gone.

I hate Jack Spicer and Raimundo Pedousa!


The gunshot, the fight all lead to Spicer, he should be dead.

Because I loved R.J instead of him, he pulled out a gone and shot at me.

R.J loved me so much, that he jumped in front of the bullet and took it.

Then while Clay,Omi,and Raimundo fought Jack and his bots,I checked on R.J and saw blood oozing from his chest and all over his monk robes.

"Dojo!",I exclamined.

"Yeah Kimiko","Woah what happened to R.J",he asked.

"Help".R.J got out.

"We have to get him back to the temple",I said."Omi,Clay,Raimundo,I'm taking R.J back to the temple,when your done ,call me and me and Dojo will come pick you up.",I said.

"Okay,but we're not far from the temple,we will walk",said Clay.

"Okay,let's go Dojo",I said.

Then Dojo,me,and an unconcious R.J,headed back to the temple.

(End Flashback)

There he was laying in front of me dead, I said to him,even though he couldn't hear me "R.J., I love you and I always will."

I left 15 minutes later.

"What is wrong, my friend Kimiko", asked Omi.

"He's..He's..DEAD,the boy I love is Dead!",I screamed and bursted into tears.

"I will tell Clay,Raimundo,and Master Fung",said Omi as he ran off.

End Chapter 1