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Chapter 9: A Nice Surprise.

(Kimiko's P.O.V.)(8:00 A.M.)

I woke up feeling great, and saw a tray on my dresser and a card saying,

"To my beautiful wife, Kimiko, here's some breakfast and some O.J., Meet at the Oak tree, there's some people here to see us.

Yours truly,

R.J ."

"This is a nice surprise, and I wonder who could it be?", I said, getting ready, and I headed out.

(R.J.'s P.O.V.)

"Hello Kimiko, here's who came to see us", I said. I opened the door and there were my parents and Kimiko's parents. "Hello, R.J.", said my parents. "Where's that girl, you were telling us about?" "She's right here", I told them, and I put my arm around Kimiko. "We both had a hard night ", I said. Mine and Kimiko's parents stood surprised. "Not that way, she was being held against her will and I saved her." "How?" They asked. So me and Kimiko both told them about the other night, and I'm glad I left Kimiko a nice surprise.

End Chapter 9

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