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Ron sat nervously between Adrena and Kim anxiously awaiting his name to be called so he could receive his diploma.

"I still can't believe you did that" Ron said looking at Adrena.

"I still can't believe you did her" Kim remarked jokingly.

"Jealous?" Adrena said.

"Of course not!" Kim said as she started blushing.

"I will admit it was funny"

"Yeah" Felix chimed in. "Who else would've thought to boogie board down a Crisco covered 'Slip-and-Slide'" (Don't own either)

"I'm just glad Barkin didn't catch you"

"Same here"

"Shh! The speech is almost over" Kim whispered. Indeed Tara was finishing her graduation speech.

"…And remember as you boogie board down the 'Slip-and-Slide' of life…" The gang couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm really going to miss this place"

"Yeah" everyone agreed. Mr. Barkin walked up to the podium.

"Now, when I call your name come up to receive your diploma" As Ron, Kim, and co. went up to receive their diplomas camera flashes came from a certain part of the audience where the Possible's, Stoppable's, Mandy, Mrs. Renton, and Monique's parents were seated. Not far from them sat a certain green eyed woman wearing sunglasses, a green blouse, and black pants. When Kim went up to receive her diploma she pulled her glasses partway down her nose.

'Congratulations Kim' After the graduation ceremony everyone was hanging out near the school when Kim thought she saw Shego.

'Must be my imagination'

"You ok Kim?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" Kim took a quick look back, but she disappeared.

"Come on Kim, we're all heading to Bueno Nacho to celebrate"

"Coming" Meanwhile at Middleton's Medium Security Prison Frugal Lucre was droning on about various evil plots Drakken might want to consider if he escapes. It took all of Drakken's willpower not to strangle him. Suddenly, the whole cell started shaking as a giant robot appeared and knocked down the wall.

"Yo, dude, I'm here to bust you out, seriously" An evil grin formed on Drakken's face.


The End?

This story will continue in the sequel 'When A Man Loves A Villain 2: One Fun Summer'. I'll get the first chapter up ASAP, but first I promised a friend, and fellow author, that I'd write another KP fic. If anyone wants me to let them know when the sequel gets posted let me know. Also, one last thank you from the bottom of my heart goes to all you great readers and/or reviewers. Finally, as an added bonus here's an outtake from the last chapter I forgot to add.

"I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Kim. Keep your hands around the equator and don't go north to the polar ice caps"

"Looks like they're started to melt if you know what I mean" Ron said as he burst out laughing. Shego following suit.

"I can't believe you said that" Shego said laughing.

"Kim put me up to it" Ron said laughing.

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