Wow! 6 reviews for chapter 1? That's a personal best for me, thanks! As I expected most guessed Shego, but one guessed DNAmy. You'll find out at the end of this chapter who Ron's girlfriend is, though some of you might not like who it is. Without further ado I present…

Chapter 2: The Next Day

The next morning Kim headed to the kitchen after a rough night. She still couldn't believe what she saw last night.

"Morning hon" said Mrs. Possible as Kim entered the kitchen.

"Morning mom" Mrs. Possible set her cup of coffee down.

"Did you enjoy the movie last night?"

"Actually I went to Monique's instead"


"Well, I saw Ron at the theater and…well…" she trailed off.

"Well what? Don't leave me hanging"

"He was on a date" Kim blurted out.

"Aw, how sweet. It's about time he met someone"

"You don't understand, his date is an arch-foe of mine"

"Are you sure? It was pretty dark when you left"

"I know what I saw!" Kim yelled.

"Whoa, calm down, it couldn't have been that bad"

"I'm sorry, but how would you feel if your best friend was dating…" suddenly there was a loud boom from the garage.


"I'll handle this; we'll talk about it later"

"Ok mom, I'm going to get ready, I'm meeting Ron and Monique at Bueno Nacho in an hour"

"Ok dear" she said as she went to discipline the twins.

Later at Bueno Nacho

Kim walked into the restaurant and went to her usual table where Monique was already sitting.

"Hey Mon, have you seen Ron?"

"Hi Kim, no he hasn't shown up yet" Just then Ron walked in.

"Speak of the devil" Monique joked.

"Hello ladies, isn't it a bon diggity day?"

"Someone's in a good mood"

"What can I say; I'm on top of the world"

"And why would that be?" asked Kim annoyed.

"You ok KP?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"You seem a little tweaked"

"I'm not tweaked" Ron knew better then to argue with Kim when she was in a bad mood.

"All right, I'm going to place my order. You guys want anything?"

"I already placed my order"

"I'm not really hungry" Ron looked at Kim for a moment then left to place his order.

"What was that Monique?"

"What did I do?"

"You're acting like nothing happened"

"Look I know you're upset about what happened, but don't take it out on me"

"You're right, I'm sorry. It's just seeing Ron last night on a date with…"

"You saw me last night?" Ron asked interrupting Kim. (AN: I never get tired of doing that)

"Well, yes"

"Is that why you're so tweaked?"

"Pretty much"

"I was going to tell you guys today, but I guess you already know"

"My question is why?"

"Look I know you're upset, but she's changed"

"Villains don't change, Ron"

"Correction, former villain"

"Whatever! The point is I don't think you should go out with her"

"Why not? I enjoy being with her, I like her a lot"

"How could you like someone that's tried to kill both of us?"

"I'm a forgiving person"

"How do you know she won't betray you?"

"I said she's changed, apparently you don't listen, or at least don't trust my judgment"

"It's not that I don't trust your judgment, it's just I don't want to see you get hurt"

"I appreciate your concern, but I can handle it" After lunch they left Bueno Nacho.

"You guys have any plans today?"


"Not that I know of"

"You guys want to come to the mall I'm heading over there now"

"Let me guess, you're meeting a certain someone there, aren't you?"

"Nothing gets by you"

"All right we'll go"

"Just promise me you won't start something ok?" Kim looked at him for a moment.

"I promise"

Later at the mall Ron, Monique, and Kim were heading for the food court.

"Remember Kim no Kung Fu stuff"

"I know, I know" Kim growled. When they reached the food court they saw a lovely young lady waiting for them.

"Hi Ron!" she said excitedly.

"Hey sweetie" Ron said as he went up to her and they shared a quick kiss. Monique was worried she'd have to restrain Kim. Fortunately Kim restrained herself.

"You remember Kim, and that's Monique"

"Hi guys" she said cheerily.

"How's it going?" asked Monique.


"I can't do this!" yelled Kim startling everybody. She then walked away in a huff.

"I'll talk to her" offered Monique. "See you later Ron, nice meeting you Adrena"

"Likewise" Ron watched as Monique ran after Kim.

"I hope she's ok" said Ron sadly. Adrena put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"So do I Ron, so do I"

As you may have guessed by now Ron's girlfriend is none other then Adrena Lynn. Now I'd just like to say that I like the Ron/Shego pairing as much as the next author, but a friend requested I write a Ron/Adrena story. R and R please.