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She couldn't believe it was ending. She had considered Hogwarts her home for so long and she was graduating. It was thrilling yet sad, she could remember so much. Her Ron and Harry running around getting in all sorts of trouble, her being herself again. She had thought she would need to be as knowledgeable as any witch or wizard that was in this world from birth, that every one of them knew the stuff she wouldn't. How wrong she was. She had realized that in Third year when she started loosening up completely agknoleged it in Fifth. But still they were leaving to the real world she was afraid that when she walked out of Hogwarts it would all evaporate around her and become a dream she had as a little girl something not real.

This was where she had her first boyfriend, first real crush, on an older man non-the-less. This was where she had grown, found who she was, learned of her world, found siblings she would never of had if still in the muggle world. It all ending was like her never reading again it was amazing. She had heard there was going to be a Muggle Studies Job opening up here. She was thinking of taking it. Apparently the current teacher thought this school way to weird and always stuttered worse then Quirlle did when he even got a glimpse of Professor Snape.

She would stay in her home for more than ¾ of a year and rent a flat or hotel when she wasn't able to. It would be like going to her "home" for the summer. She wouldn't stick to that forever but at least it was something to do while she found what she would do. Maybe she could be a…She didn't know but she could find out over time.

That was in her mind as she accepted her scroll. That was what she had in mind as she locked eyes with the Potions Professor, but that wasn't in her mind when she reached up and kissed him. So maybe there was more than just a job on her mind, but hey what can you do your first major crush is hard to get away from.

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