To be Forgotten

In A Heartbeat…..

"Aren't they Beautiful Kovu ?" a dark Tan Lioness looked to the Brown Male. Three little cubs in her paws, one was light blue with a T3 in little letters on his left cheek. Next to him was a girl, brown in color with a black tuff of hair on her forehead. Next was another Female, tan in color with Pink hair tuffs. The hair Gene was in theme having hair in stylish motions and different colors on each lion. "Yes, They are..What are there Name's" Kovu asked Staring at the cubs. "Cobalt, Kohonna, and Michuru " Ryanna stated proudly. They than heard a Roar from Zira 'I have to go Ryanna " he quickly left the cave entrance. "I will wait for your Return Victories of Simba !" were her Finall words.

Here she was now alone and Raising Three rambuctuos cubs by herself. Kovu had never came back for her Never. She was on her way to pride rock, she did not want her cubs to die of starvation. She moved through the Savannah Grass when a Lion stepped infront of her. He looked like samba and it was!

She could not speak because Michuru was clenched in her teeth, and she pushed Cobalt and Kohanna behind her. "Ummm..Will it be alright if I reside, King Simba ?" she gulped, not enough for him to here. Suddenly he Lightened up and spoke Softly "Of course you may, It must be hard Raising Thrree cubs by yourself" Simba Looked around. 'Where's your Mate ?" He asked confused. I can no tell him my Mate came to Kill him ut has not returned!

"He left and Never came back, His Name was Kovu" she sighed acting depressed. That hit Simba like a Rock. 'I thought Kovu was…." He stammered 'Mate less, certainly not" she stated. 'Came let us straiten this out' Simba said as he led Ryanna towards Pride Rock.

Pride Rock…

When they arrived Everyone was talking and socializing. Then she spotted Her Love Kovu near…another Lionesss! She growled low and walked over. 'Hello Kovu, It's Me Ryanna" she said as she walked up her cubs by her side.