To Be Forgotten

In a heartbeat

T his was not what Kovu had planned, he had wanted something more different than this, it seemed like time paused for an eternity, but it was only a minute. Kiara looked to Kovu, waving her paw in front of his face. She got worried when he didn't respond. "Kovu? Kovu? Are you all right, c'mon, this is good; you can be king now, since you have an official heir now! "

"NO! No it isn't! This is not good; this is bad, what'll happen. It's the end of the world, I'm dead! Yes, that's it….lets just lie down and wait for me to die, that's the best thing to do!" He lay down quickly on his back, looking to the sky, but Kiara's head blocked the sun.

"Kovu, what the ? I though we wanted a cub before!" Kiara looked hurt, but quickly moved when Kovu sat up. Frantically checking that no one was around.

"Kiara, I'm sorry…it's just that I just got on an understanding level with Ryann….if she finds this out, I'll lose her and my cubs! Maybe even for good!" Kiara smirked lightly, getting up,, walking slightly away.

"Duh, that's the whole point, I'm tired of Raynn! She treats me like trash; I should be the one overpowering her! I'm the Queen as of the afternoon! She will know how she has treated me for the past month, she will be exiled. The little rodents too! They bit my tail…" Kiara looked at her tail, though it was hard to see, sharp little indents made by teeth could've been seen. Kiara turned to Kovu, only to see him prance upon her pinning her down.

"Listen here Kiara…I know she does, that's called tough love, the fact is you're still young and haven't had the full experience, the stuff you've gone thru…hmm that was the half of it. She's teaching you a valuable lesson, not everyone will treat you as you want, title or no title. Furthermore, those little rodents are my kids; the fact is you do anything to them…anything, despite how we were before I won't hesitate to take action..." He growled low, his nose touching hers. Kiara glared back at his green eyes. "Now if you excuse me, my kids are waiting for me" He left in a quick hurry, Kiara still on her back, breathing heavily.

- Later-

"Hey Dad! What took you so long? Look what Sarabi gave me!" Cobalt gently moved an earring with two blue feathers hanging from them on each of his ears. He grinned mischievously, before noticing his father's blank expression. "Dad, what's the matter?"

"Cobalt what did you do to Daddy?" Kohanna came up, behind Cobalt, a pink feather clip making her black hair go to one side. Her brown coat glistened making her look older than she actually was, which was blending with her beige underside.

"Probably showed Daddy his girly earrings" Michuru smiled, getting a smug look from Cobalt, a feather attached to her tail, white in color. Her pink hair wild as ever. "So Da, what's with the guilty/angry/don't know what to do expression?" Michuru tugged at his tail.

"OH, nothing, nice earrings Cobalt, better to save then when you're older…" He looked lazily at them all. Gathering all in his paws, holding them in a close embrace

"Ok, Daddy, I love you but, I…Can't…breathe….." Kohanna squirmed, before Kovu let them go.

"Oops, sorry, just had to have a father moment!" Kovu smiled widely, before picking Michuru up. "C'mon, your Mom is waiting for you.."

Sorry it's not a long one but, I wanted to at least give you lovely peoples a chapter. GreatMarta, I didn't get the picture send it to because that's the only that works now. I'd luv to see it! Sogar will be in the story next chapter, maybe two-four more chapters till the end.