Garth has sent the Voyager trio to the cafeteria while he tries to find out why they have the wrong information on Pam.

"Well, the food hasn't much improved," Bogg says, sticking his fork is some green mush. "What do you suppose this is?"

"Whatever it is," Jeffrey replies. "I think it is well and truly dead. You can safely eat it."

"I think I should have gone for the warm milk and brownie like Pam."

"Warm milk and brownies are comfort food," Pam says. "You can have them when you need comforting. After you've eaten that, for instance."

"Besides, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," Jeffrey adds.

"It's not so bad," Bogg says after his first bite. "It's soft and easy to swallow. I don't have to taste it at all."

Jeffrey and Pam watch with interest as Bogg eats the green substance. With a satisfied sigh he pushes the empty plate away.

"I'm never eating that again."

Pam and Jeffrey chuckle.

"Good, you're all here." Garth sits down at their table. "We've looked into it and come to the conclusion that the death of your parents was wrong."

"Are you talking from a historical or ethical point of view?" Pam asks with sarcasm.

"Historical. We don't deal much with ethics."

"I've noticed."

"Now, we just need some information from you regarding your parents' death." Garth continues unperturbed. "They died on 6 June 1975. How did they die?"

"They were killed."

"Do you know who killed them?"



"My mother."

"What?" Jeffrey shouts. This information is new to him.

"I'm sorry to hear," Garth says. "But we'll send someone in to prevent that from happening. Don't worry you'll be all right."

Garth gets up, but Pam pulls him back by the sleeve of his robe.

"Wow! Park it there, mister. What do you mean with 'I'll be all right'? I will be picking my life up the way it was that Friday afternoon before I almost ran over them?"

"No, uh, you will pick up your life the way it should have been. Actually there will be no picking up of life as you would have never been here. From June 6 your life will take the alternative path it should have taken. You will never meet them."

"What if I don't want that?"

"You don't really have a choice in the matter. That is how history is supposed to be. We repair history. Afterwards you won't remember a thing of Voyagers."

"I don't want that. I want my life back the way it was."

"We can't do that. That's not the way history is supposed to be."

"Without me telling you you wouldn't even have known history was wrong there. That means that whatever happened there, was not all together that important. Therefore I don't see why you can't give me my own life back. The life I remember having."

"Because you would be remembering Voyagers. We can't have you remember voyaging. You could compromise our mission."

"I promise not to blab."

"Not good enough. You can't tell people what you don't know. Now, with your history on the right track you would automatically forget about voyagers. It works that way for everyone Voyagers ever meet: time just weaves a web that falls over the memories they have of Voyagers. That doesn't happen if you're in the wrong history. There is no other option. Your parents will live and you will live with them. Be glad you will have your parents back. If you'll excuse me now, I have to assign someone to this task."

"What if she became a Voyager?" Jeffrey offers.

"Mr. Jones we already discussed that Miss Townsend is not supposed to become a Voyager."

"Yeah, you said that. But she'd be great at it. She really knows her history. You'd be missing out on one hell of a Voyager if you change her history. You'd be stupid not to take her as a Voyager."

"Jeff," Bogg says trying to contain his young friend.

"Do you want to be a Voyager?" Garth asks Pam.

"I don't know. But someone just changing my past also doesn't appeal to me much." Pam breaks a piece of her brownie and chases it around her plate. "But is it an option to become a Voyager? Would it mean I get to keep my memories as I know them?"

"I would have to look into it. But we're always looking for potentials to strengthen our team, and you have Mr. Jones championing you. Whatever the case, you can't go back to the life you had. If you'll excuse me now, I will have to look into the possibility of Miss Townsend becoming a Voyager." Garth gets up.

"And no secretly sending someone to correct her history," Jeffrey warns him.

"I'm not stupid, Mr. Jones, and as you pointed out so bluntly, I would be if I passed up this opportunity of recruiting a new Voyager."

Garth walks away.

"How about that? You could really become a Voyager," Jeffrey says to Pam.

"Perhaps. Although, there is also something I like about having my parents again. Or having them - I don't really know how this works. Except, I would loose everything I have now; in stead I would have my parents and some other kind of life. I like the life I've had so far, but it's tempting to have my parents."

"I know what you mean. I would do anything if I could have my parents again. Except, perhaps, give up ever having known Bogg."

"Thanks, kid. But I don't think Pam feels that strongly about us."

"No, I don't. No offense."

"None taken."


It's near the dinner hour at Voyagers Headquarters and Voyagers administrative staff and Voyagers trainees start spilling into the cafeteria. Bogg and Jeffrey are greeted by a lot of old acquaintances, who like to be introduced to Pam. Jeffrey takes every opportunity he gets to champion Pam's candidacy as a Voyager further.

"Phineas, Jeffrey, fancy seeing you here. I hope you didn't come to enjoy our high cuisine."

"Hello, Susan. We just came back for the quick reminder that nothing we are served in the world out there is really that bad," Bogg replies. "Susan, this is Pam, we accidentally plucked her out of here time. Pam, this is Susan, she defended us when Drake falsely accused me of breaking the Voyager Code."

"Nice to meet you. I heard Voyagers' crack team had picked up a non-potential. But why hasn't Garth arranged yet for you to be returned to your own time?"

"Garth is looking into it whether she could become a Voyager," Jeffrey says. "And she'd be a good one too. She has a doctorate in Modern History. I think she may even know more history than me."

"I'm not sure that is possible," Susan replies with a smile.

"Well, she knew there are other people named Phineas," Bogg says. "Phineas Miller for instance, who backed the inventor Eli Whitney."

"You would have known that too, Phineas, if you had paid attention in School," Susan retorts.

"Very funny, Susan. Please go and eat something green."

"Ooh, green. Yesterday it was brown. At least this is more cheerful. Good luck on Garth's search. We all know we could use some Voyagers who actually know their history."

"Bye, Susan." Bogg gives her a little push in the direction of the dinner line. She gives Jeffrey a little wink before turning around and joining the line.

Garth returns some time later.

"Well, it is possible. You can become a Voyager. So you have a choice to make now."

"A choice?"

"Yes, do you want to become a Voyager, or do you want us to correct your history?"

"That's unusual. I don't remember being given a choice to become a Voyager," Bogg says.

"That's because you were meant to be one. Indeed this is an unusual situation: we have never had someone applying for the position of Voyager, so we want you to give this careful consideration."

"I - I need some time to think about this."

"Of course. Take all the time you need. Within reason."

Pam nods. "Can I walk around? I like to walk while I think."

"Sure. Just don't go anywhere that says 'no entrance'."

"I'm not as curious as my namesake."

"Good luck on your decision." Garth leaves them alone.

"Guess I have something to think about." Pam gets up.

"Hey, Pam. Even though I was championing you earlier, and I would really like it if you became a Voyager: I respect every decision you make."

"Thanks, Jeffrey."


"Can I sit with you?" Susan is back at their table with a little tray of food.


"So how have the two of you been?" Susan sets her tray down and installs herself before eating.

"How can you eat that?" Bogg asks with a little disgust.

"If I don't eat what they serve here, I'll starve. The secret is applesauce." She empties two cups of applesauce on her plate. "Luckily not home made. Now, how have the two of you been?"

"Good. You know, giving history a push. The usual."

"Righting what went wrong, picking up women," Susan adds. "I must say, you do take that last one a bit too literal."

"I did not pick that woman up by choice. Far from it," Bogg protests.

"Uh-huh. Jeffrey, you think she'll make a good Voyager. Has she shown any signs of being a good Voyager?"

"So far? Other than that she knows her history? Not much. But she's smart and I like her. She's nice. To me," Jeffrey adds after a look from Bogg.

"Well, like I said, knowing her history is a start. And if she becomes a Voyager voluntarily that's all the better, I guess. Do you still like being a Voyager?"

"It's the best. I get to meet all these famous people that made history. Just the other day we met Marilyn Monroe before she was famous. She's great."

"Yeah, I liked her. Much rather be voyaging with her," Bogg says. "She'd be more fun."

"For you perhaps. I don't think Marilyn would agree."

"Well, you don't know if Pam wants to be a Voyager," Susan says.

"Yeah, but she's thinking about it."

"And if she wants to be a Voyager, you'd like it if she voyaged with you?"


"Aah, can't she voyage with someone else? Olivia for instance?" Bogg says.

"Why Olivia?" Susan asks.

"They'd be a good match for each other. Fire and oil. It'd be fun to watch."

"That's a bit wicked," Susan comments.

"If you knew them the way I know them, you would agree."

Susan frowns and Jeffrey shakes his head disapprovingly.

"Any other news?" Susan asks Jeffrey.

"We ran into Drake a couple of times."

"Oh dear. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, just some images in my head I rather had not had. He tried to kill Nellie Bly in London. And a few days ago he tried to drown Pam."

"Hmm, and you still think she wants to become a Voyager?"

"I guess that's a good reason not to become one."

"How about you, any luck on finding Drake?" Bogg asks.

"Not much. He's slippery. His omni can't be tracked. Yours is the first report on a Drake sighting in a while. I want details from you. If we know where he's been perhaps we can establish a pattern."

"Hey, do you suppose it was Drake who killed that woman?" Jeffrey suggests.

"What woman?" Susan asks.

"We were in 1926, with Agatha Christie when she disappeared," Bogg says. "A woman was found dead at the hotel where Agatha is staying."

"And right before we found her, we ran into Drake leaving the hotel through the back door," Jeffrey adds.

"Well, it sounds a little suspicious," Susan admits. "But why would Drake kill that woman? Who is she?"

"We don't know. But maybe Drake killed her so that the police would come to the hotel and Agatha was found before she was supposed to be found?"

"That could be Drake, trying to upset history. Was Agatha found?"

"No, she was still going by the name of Mrs. Neele when we left. I think we should go back soon to make sure everything is all right."

Bogg and Susan nod in agreement.

"But first we wait for Pam to make a decision."