Gavin lay beaten in the road-side ditch. Donphan tracks were slugged in the mud. The young boy had been attacked when he frightened the nearby creature and caused it to charge in his direction. Dust and mud were smeared across his scared, cut face and his cut arms. The rookie feared for his Pokemon, Chikorita and kept it tucked inside the Pokeball. Gavin groaned suddenly and blacked out.

Luna was walking along the road, her Totodile calmly pacing at her side. It clucked eagerly as they walked. "Ra Ra Ruh…" The little water Pokemon perked as it spotted a Pidgey pecking around in a road-side ditch. He pulled at Luna's pant leg. Luna turned her head and followed Totodile's gesture. She grinned and gave him a pat. "Let's go!"

Totodile crept up and caught the bird off guard with a well aimed tackle. The bird squawked in surprise and flew up awkwardly. Totodile fired a strong jet of water and the bird faltered. Luna through her Pokeball and whirled around in a cheer, noticing something in tall grass a few yards away. "Oh." She exclaimed, not even waiting to see if the catch was final. She parted the grass and stepped into a mess of mud and scattered Pokemon tracks. In the center of it all, a boy lay fainted in the dust. "Oh." Luna took a step forward and kneeled down. She brushed the boy's dark brown, shaggy hair out of his eyes and sighed. He had Pokeballs with him. Luna looked skeptical and gently poked him, but realized it would get her no where. Gently she shook him, careful to avoid moving him or pressing on a painful spot.

Slowly the boy came to. His eyelids parted, his fingers twitched and a weak groan was emitted. He blinked again and saw a breathtaking, nervous girl kneeling over him. His whole body ached. "Where? Who?" He stuttered, stirring uncertainly.

Luna smiled reassuringly. "I'm Luna. Do you remember what happened?" Her Totodile waddled over, clutching the Pokeball with the Pidgey inside.

He looked confused a moment but quickly responded. "I think a Donphan attacked me."

Luna nodded. Judging by the tracks. She nursed the boy into a upright sitting position with a firm palm. "What's your name?"

"Gavin." He breathlessly observed her short, blonde hair. It cut off at her ears. Her smile was amazingly bright and her hands were gentle, so gentle. He sighed peacefully and brushed himself off. He irritably began to mess with his hair and let her pull him up. He felt so at ease in her arms. He wavered on his clumsy legs and stumbled forward into her arms which closed around him protectively. Gavin straightened, embarrassed and steadied himself. "Sorry."

"It's ok." Luna smiled at him. "Are you hurt badly?"

Gavin shook his head no but faltered on his step forward.

Luna surveyed him curiously. "You should stay with me tonight, we can make camp for two and you certainly should rest."

Gavin didn't want to object, he nodded, feeling hypnotized and went to pick up his pack. Luna got it for him. "Maybe I should carry this?" She smiled kindly and he forked it over. He wasn't feeling too strong anyway. He looked curiously at her Pokemon.

"Is that a Totodile?"

Luna nodded and turned her own captivated soul towards him. She was willing to help, but there was something she was attracted to in Gavin, though neither of them knew they had feelings about each other.