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"Don't die because you're heart isn't strong enough to fight for life."

Strong Heart
Chapter 1

He looked out the window, his face still planted sideways against the pillow; watching the sun high in the sky, rays warming the planes of the window seal. A body next to him churned slightly, the bed sheets moving with the other man, a blanket hog for certain. Trunks heard a groan, his eyes never leaving the outside world.

"You're still here." He stated coldly. He loved this part. Maybe even more than he loved the introduction to this part. The breaking, the domination, that look, that sniffle, that rejection that tore them up worse then any nine inch cock. Oh God, it was pure fucking poetry.

The man lifted himself off the pillows, supporting his weight on his elbows.

"Excuse me?" He asked, non-too-thrilled with his morning call.

Trunks lifted his body off the sheets, walking to his dresser drawers without the smallest glance in return for the man's question.

"That's what a one night stand is genius," he yawned, pulling on his dress pants. "For one night. Not for one night and a morning. Get out."

The man lifted himself into sitting position, face a mixture of confusion and anger.

"Hey man, fuck you!" he hollered, throwing his legs over the side of the bed to get dressed.

"Sorry," Trunks grinned, orgasmically loving this part. "Already did that. And trust me, I've had better."

The other man shook his head of dull brown hair, five o'clock shadow gracing the lines of his handsome face, the only reason Trunks had ever needed to pursue a straight, engaged man. Not that the challenge wasn't enough he supposed. A baby on the way, a gorgeous, glowing wife. God, fucking poetry once again. Like winning a war, only this time, there wasn't much of a battle before the ultimate victory.

Trunks watched the brunette's movements, his smile widening as he prepared for the final wrecking ball.

"Oh," he said as the man reached the door. "by the way, you're fired."


Oh lord, the sniveling part. He could have busted one right in his pants.

"Company policy," he grinned. "No body fucks the boss. And don't worry about your darling wife, I'll make sure she gets a detailed description as to why you're no longer employed by capsule corp."

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