Thank you for reading Strong Heart. I didn't really want to put in an explanation, but for those that might have found the end extremely confusing, it's here just in case! I wanted to expand on the idea that Viktor Frankl, in his book "Man's Search for Meaning" tried to stress. That in order for a life to sustain itself, it has to have a reason; an ultimate goal is the greatest incentive for life to continue and that hope will keep that goal alive.

Through Strong Heart, we see that Mirai came back from death itself to stress in Trunks the need to love in order to save himself. No, Mirai didn't go back in his time to die, he was already dead when he came to visit Trunks.

A question came to me in the making of the storyline. If a human soul can supposedly sustain itself after death enough to be seen by others, what of an infinitely stronger soul, like a Saiyan soul? If given the reason enough, couldn't it essentially move amongst others as though one of us? Couldn't it use its power occasionally to be nearly whole, like a living being?

Through the deepness of people's subconcious, Mirai would talk with the other characters. Notice that Goten and Gohan were both sleeping when he came to talk with them and both went back to sleep when he left.

Through Trunks' addiction to drugs, Mirai is able to manifest himself stronger. While under the influence, a person's mind is somewhat detached from reality, their belief and ability to accept scenarios much easier than an uninhibited mind. Mirai comes to Trunks in the deepest clutches of his drug addiction, when he's first taken the drugs or when they're in their fullest effect.

At first, it's easier for Mirai, able to expend enough energy for even others to see him in crowds and in places where he's watching Trunks. But after a while, the energy given (possibly by a wish made to the dragon for enough time to reach his goal, something I didn't really want to expand upon too much) begins to dissipate, making it harder for Mirai to move about in a world where he doesn't rightly belong.

Gohan is the first to really grasp what Mirai is doing.

Waking up while talking to someone, it becomes clear to him that there is an abnormality in the world. After talking with Vegeta, he realizes what's going on, the Saiyan Prince leaving for Mirai's timeline to solidify their assumptions. In the last scene with Mirai and Gohan, he is fully awake, talking with Mirai who in turn, uses a great deal of his energy to manifest himself to the person he knows NEEDS to see him the most. (Thus, his time is cut very short by this scene)

Gohan asks him to "be real for me", which most probably assumed was a simple, poetic request that fit the rather "flowery" moment between those two. In fact, he was asking Mirai to use whatever energy he could so that Gohan could hug him.

There are a few moments when I left hints (somewhat 6th sense like, unfortunately). Bulma scolding Trunks in the church and saying nothing to Mirai. Waiters leaving only one set of silverware or cups of water. People trying to steal Mirai's seat out from under him.

Ultimately though, I wanted the story itself to remain a mystery, including its author, as, if there are some that haven't guessed it yet, is actually Camaro.

I wanted to go under a unique name for this story. I didn't want my reputation to attract or detract readers. As shown in several cases with Monster, readers have clicked links for the one purpose of trying to tear down the author, going into the reading of something with the ultimate outlook that they're going to hate it simply because it was written by Camaro. I didn't want that for Strong Heart. I didn't want my reputation to keep people from reading something I thought was a lesson maybe a lot of people needed to learn about love and life and the fragileness of everything.

Also, I didn't want people to think they couldn't be honest. True, some opinions were just stupid, but at the same time, I think that sometimes people will see something by Camaro and decide they HAVE to like it and HAVE to praise it just because they're afraid to tell how they really feel. I didn't want people to be intimidated by Todesengel, an unknown author in the DBZ world.

True, most people who read Monster and then caught on to Strong Heart were pretty aware it was me, but not everyone. I actually got GLOWING reviews for Strong Heart from authors that at one time had FLAMED me, claiming that I was a horrible author and that I should stop writing altogether.


So my conclusion was right. People (including myself) will go into stories and based on who the author is, will already have decided if they will or won't like it. That's why it was pretty important to me that Strong Heart be written by an unknown author, no holds bared. That way, everyone was free to be honest about how they felt.

I want to thank so many people that stuck with me through the writing of this story. Of course, always my reviewers! BrucesGirl, Jayficlover, Macha... so many others that were RIGHT THERE to review and encourage me every single chapter. I want to thank everyone that stuck through and read the whole story... it was a very.. different idea! hahaha

And my little brother for always being my inspiration in everything!

Thanks again everyone!