A Thousand Sweet Kisses

This idea has been bouncing around my head since I saw the movie, I just didn't know how to put it into a fanfiction. It was really strong today so I just sat down and wrote it.

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With a thousand sweet kisses

Oh lover I'll cover you…

They promised each other, and from then on Collins kept track. Starting that day, he was counting their kisses. That was the first one.

By the time the party at the Life was over, they were at 15. 985 to go.

He kissed her whenever possible. Little kisses everywhere. Whenever she said something cute. Whenever she cooked him dinner. Whenever he came home. Every night before he went to bed. Every morning. Every time he saw his beautiful drag queen. And he kept counting. He was always counting.

A little trail of kisses down her neck, then kiss after kiss on her lips. 234, 235, 236, 237… She deepened one kiss, slipping her tongue in. Oh, god how he loved her. He replied to the kiss with as much passion as he could muster. He let his hands wander down to the waistline of her skirt, and he gently broke the kiss. He smiled at her and faux-innocent smile, and she kissed him all over his face. Forehead, temple, temple, eyelids, cheeks, jaw, jaw, chin, nose: 238, 239, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247… he trailed his hands up, feeling Angel's stomach muscles, his bare chest. The wig had long since fallen off, and he kissed the top of her head, 248, and pulled the shirt and fake breasts over Angel's head. He hovered over his lover, and then bent down to kiss his lips. 249. Hand were finding their way under Collin's shirt, lifting it up, up, up, his arms were out of the fabric. They broke the kiss briefly to pull the shirt over his head, and they met again. 250.

A New Years kiss at midnight was number 315.

Valentine's Day kisses led to 456.

Rainy day kisses in March ended at number 506.

April Fools Day sorry-I-tricked-you kisses added to the collection, now making it 554.

Walks in the park in May, and Collins was still keeping track. They were at 623.

Schools-out-so-Collins-can-spend-more-time-with-Angel kisses in late June brought the total to 758.

And counting

Add July ice cream kisses in the park – 831

Along with August Collins-got-a-job kisses – 894

September kisses before work every morning – 934

And finally October. A single kiss on the subway on the way to the hospital brought the grand total to 956.

In the hospital, he couldn't kiss his lover where he wanted to because of all the machines. He placed a gentle kiss on Angel's forehead, 964, as the frail boy drifted to sleep

They never reached a thousand alive. 965 was the highest they got.

With one thousand sweet kisses… I'm sorry Angel.

He walked to his lover's grave, and just sat there for a while, softly singing

When your heart has expired… oh lover I'll cover you… oh lover I'll cover you…

Their first kiss.