Okay, the idea STILL isn't out of my head. By popular demand, I have some up with a sequel / new chapter to "A Thousand Sweet Kisses."

When he got to heaven, Collins didn't say a word until he found his Angel. And even then, he didn't say a word until he kissed his lover as if for the first time (966). He could feel the happiness radiating from his lover, and tightened his grip on her. They finally broke apart, and Collins saw tears in his Angel's eyes. He brushed them away with his thumb, and asked her,

"What's wrong? Don't cry, Angel…"

"Well, you're here, right?"

"Yes, dear, I really am here, you're not dreaming."

"But… that means you're not with your friends. They're all down there devastated that you're gone."

"Angel, sweetie…" Collins could not believe this. Angel was just too much. He knew she was happy to see him, and she is still thinking of others… still being an Angel to the group, even while she was in heaven.

"You were there for us even when you were here, right?"


"So we'll do the same thing… together now. We can be there for them. Okay?" Angel took his hand in hers and they walked together around Heaven, Angel pointing out all the friends she'd made.

"And there's Ali."

"I remember you!" Ali cried. "You came to Life Support!"

"Oh, yea! How are you, girl?"

"Here, I'm fine. I'm worried about the rest, though."

"Who isn't, sweetie?" Angel remarked with a sympathetic look at her friend. Ali turned her attention away, and Angel and Collins snuck away to a room all their own. As soon as the door was closed, Collins turned around and pinned Angel to the wall.

"You really missed me, didn't you, Tom?" Angel teased him.

"More than you can imagine." He punctuated his statement by kissing Angel deeply on the lips. 967. He traced his fingers to her lower back and held them there, still kissing her. Her hand wandered down his chest, and she looped her pinky fingers into the belt loops of his jeans. The need to breathe broke them apart, but the need for each other could not keep them apart for long. Soon enough, Angel's hands traveled under his shirt, and she lifted it off of him, revealing his flat chest. Damn, Angel thought. He kept in shape. She was glad his attention was on her jaw line (969, 970, 971…) and not at her hips, because her skirt was sticking up just a tad in the front. She lifted her arms up to help him take off her shirt, the wig going with it, and then let her arms drop slowly down, tracing lines down Collin's chest. Collins drew a sharp breath and she smiled. She knew her lover well enough to know what that meant. Her fingertips lingered at his hipbones, and his hand traveled up her back right in between her shoulder blades. He brought them close together and kissed her again. 972. She could taste the desire in his kiss, and she almost laughed. He had been lonely, she could tell. Even surrounded by his friends and family, he had been lonely. The drag queen wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and whispered in his ear,

"I missed you baby."

"I missed you, too."

Hour and a half later…

Angel and Collins walked hand in hand through the halls of the huge castle, until they found a room where they could look through a hold in the clouds at their beloved city. They sat together, arms around each other's waits, and looked down at their friends. They were celebrating a promotion Joanne got – she was now president of her law firm. Collins saw Mark get up and deliver a toast,

"To Angel and Collins!"

"To Angel and Collins!" the rest echoed. They saw Mimi and Roger kiss, then Maureen and Joanne. There was a ring glittering on Mimi's left ring finger, and engagement ring. Collins looked at Angel, and found her looking right back. He leaned in and kissed her lips… 1,000. When they broke away, Collins was grinning broadly. Angel smiled back at him and sang,

"With a thousand sweet kisses…"

She was counting, too.