I made this poem after thinking about how InuYasha thinks about Kagome; don't steal my work, thank you. I do not own InuYasha, but I wish I did.

You're just out of reach

Always on my mind

My fingers always brush you,

Just before you slip past 'em.

It drove me mad,

How I could never hold you.

The love I hold for you,

Is forbidden.

It's not ment to be,

but you stole my heart,

I love you.

Your golden brown skin,

Your bright smile,

Have wormed there way into me heart,

But I can't touch you.

You're always out of reach,

Always slipping past my fingers.

Your innocent brown eyes,

Have captured me the first time I saw you.

But I can't hold you.

I'm just a worthless half-breed,

You are pure,

Too pure for my touch.

I love you,

Little Miko

I love you,