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Summery: When the now famous Ginny Weasly's daughter get's her photo in the newspaper, letters of her mothers old family and friends that she left back in England begian to arrive, and who is Ginny's daughter's father?


Most kids always say that they wish that they were famous or had famous rich parents... the ones that don't say that are the mainly the kids like me. I have a rich famous mother, and I wish that I had a normal mother. One that had a normal job, and was home everynight. One that didn't leave me with my nanny and tuder to go shoot muggle movies every year. You see I am the daughter of Ginerva Westling or as she was called when she was born, Ginny Weasly. My mother is famous with both the magical and muggle worlds. She makes movies in the muggle world, and sings along with modeling in the magical.

Most people would think I'm lucky. I have a beutiful mother, who has more money than you can imagine, and who is in magazines all the time. But what people don't understand, is that my mother is not the nice person everyone see's on T.V. No. She's depressed, and a liar. You must be confused. Let me explain. When my mother was 17, and living in London, she got pregnant with me. She left all of England behind, and broke off all contact with her friends and family, and moved to America where I was born. When I was only 2 months old, my mother got her big break. A director was in the coffee shop she worked at, and saw her, falling instantly in love with her.

His name was Micheal Mornington, and he got her to play the lead role in his movie, Time and Again, the love story of a witch who fell in love with a human. Seeing as how Micheal is muggle he didn't see how ironic it was for my mother to be playing a witch. After her first movie, came musicals, movies, t.v. shows, and most importantly... money. My mother made sure that no one knew of little Angelica Lily Weasly, me. She told me that it was because she didn't want me to always be in the magazines, and that she wanted to protect me.

My story starts the day the most hated by movie star magazine, 'The Gossip', found out about me. I don't know how they learned about me, all I know is that my mother went crazy when she found out!

Chapter One

I was at the supermarket when I first noticed people looking at me, more than ever. I didn't understand why they were looking at me like I was someone that had just now noticed. I was going up to the cash register to pay for my pack of gum, when I saw it. 'The Gossip', it's headline was, "Angelica, Ginerva Westling's secret daughter."

Needless to say, I screamed. The guy at the register, told me that I could have a copy if I wanted one, and that he would pay for it, if I gave him my audograph (sp?). I just threw a $10 at him, and took my gum, and the magazine, and ran home. I lived in a small cottage most of my life, along with my tudor, and my nanny. My mother came around once or twice a year, unless she was making a movie near by, then she came more often, but that had only happened when I was 10.

I knew that my mother was there when I came in view of the cottage. Her limo was in the drive way, and her bodygard, Leo, was standing outside the door way.

"Hey Leo." I said, going past him, and into the house. I had heard my mom yelling from the sidewalk, and when I got inside I saw that it looked like a tornado had gone through the inside of the cottage. Mom was throwing dishes at my tudor Gonna, who was running out the back door. When the door closed, Mom fell to the floor, and began to cry. I had only seen my mother cry in her movies, never real crying. I weaved in and out of the piles of glass and chairs that littered the kitchen, and slid to the floor by my mother. When I put my arm around her, she flinched, then lay her head in my lap. Her red curls, the same color as mine covered my lap.

"How could she betray me! I payed her so much. She wasn't supposed to let anyone know about you." Mom said. I didn't understand why my Mom was making such a big deal out of this.

"Who told?" I asked, rubbing my mother's back, trying to calm her down.

"Gonna. She's going to regret the day she was born when I get threw with her." Mom said.

A snowy white owl, flew threw an open window, and dropped three letters on top of my mother, and then the owl started to eat some crackers out of a left open box.

Mom jumped up feeling the weight of the letters, and she grabbed the letters. She tore open the first, and I watched as her eyes got big and frighten'd looking. She gave a little gasp, and then fainted.

What did the letter say?

Who is Angelica's father?

More Later!