At the formal Tristan didn't waste time showing Rory off. He introduced her to all his friends. Rory politely smiled and talked to each one, but soon she got tired of meeting people.

" Tristan. Do you want to dance?" Rory asked Tristan when they were finally alone.

Tristan smiled at Rory. " Sure."

Tristan got up and grabbed Rory hand. They walked slowly to the dance floor. Rory blushed as Tristan put his arms around her waist. Rory forced herself to put her hands around his neck.

" Rory, you're blushing," Tristan smirked. Rory looked away.

" I am not blushing, Tristan." She tried to deny the truth. The truth was that she was enjoying herself a lot. Tristan was acting so sweet.

Rory looked back at him, staring into his blue eyes. Tristan stared at her for a minute than slowly lowered his head. He was about to kiss her when he heard someone calling Rory's name. Rory sighed and turned around to find none other than Paris Geller standing next to her.

Rory glared at her. " Paris! What do you want? I'm sort of busy!" she hissed. Tristan smiled down at her.

" Rory…" Paris whined, " Are you dating Tristan?" Paris looked at Rory than at Tristan.

Rory was going very agitated. She wanted that kiss. " Paris! What does it look like? Now state your purpose or leave!"

Paris looked embarrassed. " I…umm…I…" Paris stuttered then ran off.

Rory turned to Tristan. " What was that all about?" Rory asked.

" I think Paris has had a crush on me since elementary school," Tristan laughed.

" Oh." Rory laughed then put her hands back behind Tristan's neck. Tristan pulled her closer to him. Rory once again found herself staring into his blue, blue eyes.

" Tristan," she whispered, " I'm glad I came."

" I'm glad you came too." Tristan lowered his head and softly kissed Rory.

Rory softly kissed him back, and then pulled away, putting her head on his shoulder. Her first kiss, it had been with Tristan DuGrey. She had never thought that she'd actually like Tristan, but she was slowly growing more and more accustomed to him being close to her and by her side.

They danced for a while then Tristan asked if Rory wanted to leave. Rory nodded, so they left. At first Rory was caught off guard, when Tristan drove towards her grandparents' house. Then she remembered her lying or straying from the truth. She had made Tristan believe that she actually lived there.

But things were good between them now and Rory was very happy. She knew that if she told him the truth he'd be mad at her. Rory sighed. She'd tell him soon, just not now.

Tristan drove up to the Gilmore residence and walked Rory to the front door.

" Thanks for tonight, Tristan. I had a wonderful time." Rory smiled.

Tristan grinned, " So how did I pass? Will you go out with me again?"

Rory blushed. " Of course, Tristan. You're different now. You're sweet and kind and considerate. I'd been honored to date you again."

Tristan moved closer to Rory and kissed her again. Rory leaned closer to him, enjoying the kiss, then pulled away.

" Goodnight, Rory," Tristan whispered then walked away. Rory watched him leave then went inside, luckily there weren't any maids around.

Rory looked for her grandmother. Finally she found her in the dining room.

" Rory! Oh, how was your date?" Emily asked standing up and walked over to her granddaughter.

Rory hugged her grandmother. " Oh Grandma, it was perfect. Tristan is so nice and polite. But the problem is, I can't tell Mom."

Emily nodded. " Where does she think you are?"

Rory sighed. " I told her that I was going to my friend Lane's house after the library. I hate lying to her."

" So you need to stay the night, Rory?"

Rory nodded. " Is that ok, Grandma."

" Of course." Emily headed upstairs. " You can sleep in the guestroom for tonight, alright?"

Rory followed her grandmother upstairs. " Yes, of course. Thank-you so much."

The next morning Rory woke up refreshed and ready for the day ahead of her. She planned to tell her mom about Tristan.

Rory got out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast. Emily was already sitting there drinking coffee and eating a blueberry waffle with whipped cream. Rory's stomach growled.

Emily heard footsteps and looked up. " Rory! Come and join me."

Rory headed over then sat down.

" Amanda! Bring my granddaughter a blueberry waffle with whipped cream and a cup of coffee!" Emily yelled to the maid. " So when are you going to tell your mother about Tristan?" Emily asked quietly.

" Today. When I get home, I will."

Emily nodded, " That's good and Rory if you ever need to come here for ANY reason just come, ok?"

Rory smiled and nodded. Her breakfast came so she ate. After breakfast Rory said goodbye and took the bus home.

Rory got off the bus near her old high school and walked to her house. When she got home her mother wasn't there. That's weird, Rory thought; her mom was always home on Sunday. Maybe she was at Luke's.

Rory grabbed her purse and was walking towards the door when she heard the front door slam. Rory walked into the hallway to find her mother glaring at her.

" Mom? Are you alright?" Rory asked concerned. Lorelai shook her head.

" No, Rory, I'm not ok," Lorelai paused and looked away. " You lied to me Rory, to ME. Where were you last night?"

Rory faked an act. " I was at Lane's like I told you." Lorelai laughed bitterly and turned to face her. " You were at Lane's?" Lorelai asked giving Rory one last chance to come clean.

Rory looked at her a little nervous. " Yes, Mom."

" Lorelai Leigh Gilmore! Stop lying to me!" Lorelai yelled. " I know you weren't at Lane's house. Last night I went over to Lane's house looking for the two of you, I was going to take you guys to the movies. Mrs. Kim answered the door and told me that you weren't there and that Lane had been studying all night and hadn't had any visitors. Meaning, you never slept over there last night. So Rory. Where did you go?"

Rory looked at her mother. She'd been caught, now what was Rory supposed to say? Rory went to sit down on the couch. Lorelai followed.

" Mom. Yes I lied to you, but I was going to tell you the truth this morning."

Lorelai's eyebrows rose waiting for Rory to continue.

Rory sighed and took a deep breath of air. " Yesterday I didn't go to the library, I went to see Grandma. You see I like this boy, Tristan, but Tristan thinks I live at Grandma's house because of the party. Tristan's family is rich, so I didn't tell you about him because your so judgmental to people who have a lot of money."

Lorelai glared. " That's not true, Rory."

" Yes it is. Anyways so I went to Grandma's house and she helped me get ready for my date. Then after my date I stayed at her place for the night."

" Rory I can't believe you!" Lorelai jumped up. " You went behind my back and saw my mother instead of coming to me!"

" I knew that you'd take it badly. Like you are now!" Rory yelled and ran to her room.

Rory sat down on her bed and sobbed. This fight was going to be a bad one Rory knew that. Rory was tired of having to fight with her mother. Rory had the right to talk with her grandparents and she had a right to have a relationship with them.

Just then Rory's door swung open and Lorelai appeared. " You're grounded, Rory, for lying to me. Plus I forbid you to date Tristan. I've heard things about him, Rory, he's not our type."

Rory jumped up from her bed. " There you go again judging people! Leave me alone!"

Rory ran over and slammed the door in Lorelai's face.

Right now Rory hated her mother. She was happy with Tristan. Her mom couldn't just forbid her to see him, just because he's rich. That's not why Rory liked him. She liked him because he was sweet and kind now.

Rory could only think of one thing and that was clear. She needed to get away from her mom. Away from the fighting and judging. Just away and she knew only one way out.


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