Tristan looked at his watch. It was almost 9:30. Should he go back to the pool house and say goodnight to Rory? No. Then she'd ask where he had been. Maybe she was still asleep? Tristan sighed as he realized that she'd be worried about him if, in fact, she woke up and realized that he wasn't there.

Tristan pulled out of Lorelai's driveway and drove towards Rory's grandparents' house. While driving Lorelai home, it had been fairly quiet, but Tristan had taken the initiative of asking for his girlfriend's mother's name.

Tristan soon was back at Rory's grandparents' house and got out of the car. He quietly walked over to the pool house and opened the door. He walked inside to find Rory pacing back in forth. She turned, as the door opened, then ran into Tristan's arms.

" I thought something had happened to you," she said, almost in tears. " Where were you? I was so worried."

Tristan hugged Rory, stalling for time. " One of my friends called. He, uh, left his cell phone at my house the other day, and he needed it for work. So I had to drive home and then drive to his house and deliver it to him," Tristan lied.

He hated lying to Rory, his wonderful, sweet Rory. But he had to. He couldn't break his word with Lorelai. Tristan patted Rory's back and then pulled away.

" I should be going. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. See you in school tomorrow?"

Rory nodded and reached up to kiss him. " Bye, Tristan."

Tristan left the pool house and walked back to his car. Tomorrow he'd make sure that Lorelai started trying to make amends with Rory.

The next day after school, Tristan went straight home and to his room. Turning on his laptop, he silently berated himself for not taking down Lorelai's number. He patiently waited as his laptop booted up.

Tristan opened the Internet browser and got down to work. He went to a search engine and typed in Lorelai's first and last name. He sat on his bed as the results showed. He clicked on one of the links, to find in big block letters " Co- Owner Of The Dragonfly Inn" as the heading.

Great, he thought, as he wrote down the telephone number and address. He then picked up the phone and dialed the number.

He waited as it rang several times, before it got answered.

" Dragonfly Inn, how may I help you," said the voice that he was sure was Lorelai's.

" Lorelai," Tristan said plainly.

" Yes. Who's this?" Lorelai asked obviously not remembering his voice.

" Its Tristan. I have the perfect plan to get you back on Rory's good graces."

Tristan explained his plan to her and at first she was hesitant, but then she agreed that it was a great plan, one that might just work. Tristan told her that he and Rory would be there at her inn the next afternoon. The only problem was getting Rory there.

The next afternoon Tristan gave Rory a lift home. He parked in the main entrance and walked Rory to the pool house.

" Rory," Tristan started, unsure of how to phrase his words. He didn't want to lie to Rory, again, but he needed to make things right with her and her mom.

Rory turned around and waited for him to continue.

" I have a surprise for you."

Rory's eyes shimmered. " A surprise?"

Tristan nodded. Rory jumped into his arms and hugged him. " Aww… let me just change out of my school clothes. I'll be right out, okay?" Tristan nodded and told her he'd wait for her in the car.

Within a few minutes, Tristan saw Rory approaching his car. The only way she'd let him drive her to the Dragonfly was if she didn't know where they were going, or if she was blindfolded. The second option sounded good.

Rory climbed into the car and smiled at Tristan.

" Since it's a surprise, you can't know where we are going." Rory looked at him weirdly, but nodded her head in agreement. Tristan gently tied a small blindfold around her eyes. Then started the car.

The ride to Stars Hollow was a quiet one. Rory was anticipating her surprise and Tristan was almost afraid of how Rory would react when they got there. What happened if his plan didn't work? Would she be really mad? Or grateful at his attempts to help her relationship with her mom?

Tristan sighed as he pulled into a long driveway, which he assumed was the Dragonfly Inn. He parked his car and then went around to Rory's door and opened it. He helped her with her seatbelt, grabbed her hand, and led her inside the building. Tristan had told Lorelai to inform all her staff about their plan, as to not cause trouble, by making noise as they entered.

Rory started get restless. " Where are we, Tristan? Its so quiet."

" We're almost there, Angel. I promise," he then stopped and grabbed both of her hands. He stepped in close to her, so their faces were just millimeters away.

" Rory. You know how much I care for you. You mean everything to me. If it weren't for you, I'd probably be in some kind of reform school. You know everything I do is for you and for your well being."

Tristan watched as she nodded her head slowly, a grin forming on her uncovered mouth. Tristan couldn't resist. He bent down and kissed her soft lips.

" Ok. This is it," he said releasing her and taking a few steps back. He then gently guided her into a dark room, before removing the blindfold and stepping away from her.

Rory turned around to face Tristan, but he wasn't there. The room was pitch black. Then she heard a door closing and then the faint noise of it locking. She panicked.

" Tristan?" Rory walked to the door. " Tristan!" She tried the door; but it was locked.

" The door is locked! Please, help me."

" Rory," was all that came from Tristan's mouth on the other side of the door.

" Tristan. Help me, I'm scared," Rory whimpered, panic rising in her voice.

" This is for your own good, Rory. Trust me." His soft words made her shiver. Why was Tristan making her stay in this dark room, locked in and alone?

Rory was about to tell him not to leave her and to open the door, when she heard a shuffling noise from inside the room. Rory shivered. She was standing in a pitch-black room and NOT alone.

" Tristan!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, as two hands grabbed her shoulders.

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