Previously On The First Kiss…

" Tristan. Help me, I'm scared," Rory whimpered, panic rising in her voice.

" This is for your own good, Rory. Trust me." His soft words made her shiver. Why was Tristan making her stay in this dark room, locked in and alone?

Rory was about to tell him not to leave her and to open the door, when she heard a shuffling noise from inside the room. Rory shivered. She was standing in a pitch-black room and NOT alone.

" Tristan!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, as two hands grabbed her shoulders.

Rory let out a panicked yelp and then let the two hands turn her around.

" Rory?" the voice asked. " Are you okay?"

Rory's heartbeat slowed. The voice of the stranger in the room with her was not a stranger at all.

" Mom? What's happening? Why did Tristan lock me in here with you? And why did you let me panic and get all scared, when you could have easy just said that it was you?"

Lorelai sighed. Tristan's plan wasn't working very well. " We needed to talk, Rory, so I asked Tristan for help. Don't be mad at him, Rory. He was just doing what I asked him to do."

Rory shook her head and turned and faced the door. She tried the doorknob once more. It didn't budge. " Tristan! At least turn on the lights in here."

From the other side, Tristan said nothing, but turned on the lights as per her request. They needed some time alone to sort out all their problems. He'd leave so that they could have some privacy.

" Mom. You shouldn't have done this," Rory said. " But since we're locked in here we might as well talk."

Lorelai nodded, and grabbed two chairs. Sitting down, Lorelai took a deep breath.

" I'm sorry, Rory. I never meant to overreact like that with Tristan. I should never have judged him, without knowing him," Lorelai paused, letting the words sink in.

When Rory didn't say anything, Lorelai continued. " I really miss-judged him, Rory. Can you ever forgive me, and come back home?"

Rory frowned, but thought about what her mother was saying. Her mother was sorry for miss-judging him? She believed that, but what had made her mother change her mind?

" I forgive you, Mom. I've really missed talking and hanging out with you the last few weeks. But you really hurt me, Mom."

" I know that now, Rory. I'm so sorry."

Rory nodded and reached over and hugged her mother. " I love you, Mom."

Lorelai felt a tear roll down her cheek. " I love you too, Hon."

Rory hugged her for a few seconds then sat back down. " But, Mom, what made you change your mind about Tristan?"

Lorelai took a deep breath. She had to tell Rory the whole story about jail. It was the right thing to do. Plus how else could she answer Rory's question?

" The other night, I was upset, from our fight, and I needed coffee. Luke's was closed, and plus I was on the other side of town. It was getting late so I sped up. I was going way over the speed limit, and a cop caught me. He gave me a ticket and a warning. I nodded and the drove to the coffee shop. It was closed so I banged on the door. No one answered. Just then the same police officer came by, I guess he'd been following me, and arrested me."

Lorelai paused when she heard Rory gasp. She smiled. " Yeah, I know. I didn't know who to call, so I called you, but Tristan answered your cell. I asked him if he could come and bail me out. Then when he arrived and bailed me out, I asked him not to tell you. I told him that I needed to make up with you first then I'd tell you. Like I just did."

Rory nodded and smiled. " So you approve of him now?"

Lorelai nodded. " He's a good boy, Rory."

Rory hugged her mom again, before asking, " Can I move back in? I miss you."

Lorelai jumped up and down. " Of course. Lets go."

Lorelai got up and went to the door. " Tristan let us out now."

Tristan came to the door and opened it. " I'm glad you to made up. I guess you'll need help moving back in?"

Rory nodded and hugged Tristan. She knew her life couldn't get any better right now. She'd made up with her mom, she was moving back home, and she had the best boyfriend in the world.

Rory sighed a peaceful sigh as the three walked outside.


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