Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Humor/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, some angst in about two chapters, and swearing.
Summary: A freakish potions accident has caused Remus and Sirius to switch bodies, but their minds still intact. What can they learn by being the other? Will they finally fall in love?
Disclaimer: This is the only one so get it here. I do not own any of the characters, though if I did Harry would snog Draco and Remus and Sirius would be already hitting home. Sadly, that is not the case, so all I can bring you is my craziness.

Notes: This one has been bugging me for a long time. Though I do have chapter nineteen to 'Which One is Mommy' I really want to write this. I am really passed all of my angst but I am just so good at it. Humor is not my favorite topic but I thought I would lighten up on all of you this time…but believe me, only this time. Okay, enough of this. In the story coming up Sirius is against Homosexuality but is best friends with Remus, whom is gay (and he knows it). He is a ladies man, but is dedicated to his friends completely. Remus is shy, even around his friends, soft spoken, and tries to keep his homosexual qualities not to show (though everybody knows he is). Smart and occasionally gives the heart warming laugh. James is just…James. Remus is actually chased a lot by the Slytherins and when they switch bodies something happens. Side note: Sirius is on the Quidditch team; Beater. Remus hates flying more than anything.

-Chapter One: Meet the Boys-

The sun hit the dorms seemingly extremely fast to the slumbering boys. Three of the four boys still slept soundly, though the fourth opened tired amber eyes, blinking at the sudden invading light. Sitting up lightly he stretched, his short pajama top revealing a pale and scarred torso. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed he stretched once more before getting up, stumbling over to his trunk where his toothbrush and comb were. Yawning once more he walked into the bathroom, peering into the mirror angrily.

"Oh Remus Lupin, you look so pathetic," he sighed to himself. His amber eyes shown brightly back at him, years of experience behind his young eyes. His scarcely thin body was covered in scars, a large one on his side which was the origin of the rest. Remus, if not for being a werewolf, was a rather willowy thin boy, his long bangs consistently falling into his eyes, and his small limbs moving perfectly with the rest of him.

Remus was an odd boy, highly intelligent; top of his class in fact, though never likes to speak in front of crowd. Aside from being hunted by all of the Slytherin boys, he had always loved Sirius Black. He sighed, peeking his head back into the dorms, watching his love interest carefully, seeing the gentle rise and fall of his (nicely muscled) chest. Remus blushed, immediately going back to his teeth and allowing his thoughts to stop. He was great at mental barriers.

"I want him damn it!"

Apparently not good enough to keep annoying Moony out of his head. Sighing mentally he kicked the wolf and went back to business.

"I'm bored! Pay attention to me!"

Maybe getting the business over and done with was too much to ask.

"Leave me alone Moony"

Walking out of the bathroom he quickly got dressed, grabbing a book from his trunk and going to wait until his room mates woke up.

A loud beeping was finally heard throughout the dorms, a lazy hand going to hit the magically powered alarm clock. Sirius Black sat up in bed, looking around to make sure he was in the right place. His eyes closed tightly as he yawned widely, stretching his arms high above his head. Unlike Peter and Remus, whom always put a shirt on before they went to bed, James and Sirius preferred to go bare-chested, showing off who had the stronger muscles. A silent but very powerful battle had been unfolding between them since first year.

Sirius kicked his legs up, stretching his back and hearing the slight pop. Much better. Crawling forward, Sirius pulled his curtains open to reveal the dorm room, watching as James pulled his curtains back along with him.

"Hey Black."

"Hey Potter."

That was all said quickly before Sirius reached down, opening his trunk from behind and grabbing his toothbrush and toothpaste, smiling that he hadn't crushed either one…yet. Walking into the bathroom he grinned at his reflection. Hello beautiful, how are you this morning? He thought to himself. Looking at himself he grinned once more, feeling his ego boosting even higher.

His gray-blue eyes were looking at him in deep appreciation, his nice chest looking healthy and peachy. Unlike Remus, his body looked highly healthy, the five years of Quidditch training getting him perfectly into shape and making him even more delectable to all of the women in Hogwarts. Only a few scars from childhood accidents were the only thing that marred his perfect skin, which added to the beauty of Sirius Black. He was tall, not skinny tall, but tall.

He looked over as James walked through the door, a wide grin on his face. Looking at Sirius he smiled even wider.

"Sirius I think Remus likes you," he said smoothly. Sirius raised an eyebrow.

"Remus knows that I only like women," Sirius said sharply. "I accept Remus, but the whole gay thing is disgusting and unnatural."

"You aren't truly accepting him though," James replied with concern.

"Its fake, he'll find out who he truly is and that he needs to be with girls, not men," Sirius said stiffly, shaking his head at the thought of homosexuality.

"Don't you think it's bad enough that he's a werewolf, but also gay?" James asked. Sirius grinned at him.

"That is why I am going to protect him James, I always have," Sirius said happily. James smiled wryly, going back brushing his teeth. After silence, and the brief interruption from Peter, the two made their way downstairs to see Remus napping on the squishy armchair, his legs hanging over the armrest and a book laid across his chest.

"Why does he always get up at the crack of dawn? He's wearing himself thin," James sighed, going to the armrest and gently shaking the young boy awake. "Come on Remmie, get up."

"Mm, what, is it time for Potions?" Remus mumbled, getting up from his seat groggily. His head was spinning, from lack of sleep or food he didn't know. Sirius frowned in concern, watching the small tilt in his friends form. "No, breakfast would be it, breakfast and then Potions." James and Sirius shared a look but they eventually picked up their bags and followed their smaller friend.

"So we will be doing a body altering potion that can change the appearance of an individual for days, months, or even years –depending on the quality of the potion," Slughorn said, clapping Sirius on the shoulder as he passed, and passing a confident fist pump at Remus. "Now be careful, if this potion goes wrong, some bad things could happen."

Sirius glanced at Remus, his work buddy. The boy was nearly falling asleep! Getting the supplies, he noticed that Remus was now fully awake, looking at the directions in his book carefully.

"Add the goat belly juice first Sirius, to change the body fat," Remus said. "One cup full, and then add the mermaid scales, for the skin change." Sirius nodded, looking at the vials carefully. Shrugging he added both of them, watching in slight fascination as the concoction bubbled at an alarming rate. Remus was not paying attention to the potion as he began to stir it, adding in the rest of the things as he wet along, going with the occasional stir.

A couple pops were heard and finally Sirius' attention became fixed on the potion. It was…glowing? "Uh, Remus, I think –something, is –well something is wrong," Sirius said.

"Not now Sirius," Remus growled, going back to reading the chapter. Sirius shrugged it off too, going back to his reading. "We have to let it simmer for ten minutes." A gentle nod and they continued.

The glowing was exceeding the cauldron now, its gentle yet powerful light crawling up to the two boys. Remus looked up, his eyes widening in panic as he looked around and noticed that no one else's did that. A loud bang erupted from their cauldron, Remus and Sirius automatically blown away from the force.

The classroom broke into screams as Remus crashed into Lily and Sirius into James, both knocked unconscious.

"What happened?" Slughorn yelled fiercely.

"It was Black and Lupin! Their potion backfired!" A student yelled. The kids were still in a panic, confused and very lost. Lily and James looked at one another, very worried for the boys in their arms.

"Take Black and Lupin to the hospital wing."

The first thing Sirius noticed when he woke up was that he felt shorter and very light. Looking around his vision was amazingly clear and crisp, able to pick up every slight detail. His nose itched with a lot of smells that came at him clearer than before. Sitting up he noticed a large scar down his arm that he had not known before, in fact, his arm seemed to be shorter and much thinner.

"What is going on?" He whispered to himself. Remus had to be near by; he was closer to the cauldron than he was. His eyes ran over the Hospital Wing, looking at every bed until his eyes fell on the figure next to him. He froze completely, mouth open in a wide gape. It was…him!

Sirius passed out again.


Well, that was chapter one, next goal: work on Chapter Nineteen of Which One is Mommy.