Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Humor/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, some angst in about two chapters, and swearing.
Summary: A freakish potions accident has caused Remus and Sirius to switch bodies, but their minds still intact. What can they learn by being the other? Will they finally fall in love?

Notes: I…didn't think this would be as good as people were saying. But, I have been reading it for the passed couple days and I find it rather funny. So, I am going to be continuing this now and as you know I have taken off about fifty percent of my stories. Once upon a time in the little home of WhiteWolfCub, she begins to try and complete the rest of her stories. Well, I suppose I have another on my load…

-Chapter Two: We Can't Tell James-


Remus was in a right state, looking around so often that his head should have popped off by now. Grabbing his head he rubbed his fists through his hair so many times the strands started to tangle within themselves.

"Remus, if you are going to be me you don't mess up the hair!" Sirius snapped, closing a hand over his mouth at how squeaky it sounded. "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MY SEXY VOICE IS RUINED!" Remus growled, jumping on Sirius immediately, choking the boy under him.

"Sirius Orion Black I want my body back!" He yelled, shaking the smaller one harshly. Sirius hissed in protest, trying to find some way to activate that uber werewolf strength Remus used at times.

"Werewolf powers activate!" Sirius yelled, making a weird look. Remus stopped what he was doing, looking at him strangely. "How do you get these powers of your to work?" Remus sighed, stepping off of his own body and brushing himself off. Shaking his head he was going to go back to the dorms when the Hospital Wing doors opened and James stepped through, grinning at the sight of his friends.

"Sirius, how are you?" He asked. Remus figured he was speaking to him, and Sirius naturally replied.

"Fine," both of them said. James raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, how are you as well Remus?" He asked. Remus blushed.

"Fine," both of them said once again. Sirius growled.

"Shut up Remus!" He growled.

"You shut up Sirius!" Remus hissed.

"Um, I think you two are…confused," James replied slowly, unsure if they were serious or if this was game. "Which one is Sirius and which one is Remus?" Both of them paused for a second, looking at each other briefly.

"I'm Sirius of course James," Remus said politely. Sirius slapped his forehead from behind the other one. "Erm- I mean, yo James, it is I –your, erm- lord and master." An over dramatic sigh escaped from Sirius.

"Yes," he said in a high pitched voice. "I am Remus, the wimp that always prefers to make fun of Sirius instead of James."

"Watch it Black! I pick on you because you're so stupid!" Remus snapped. James sat down, rubbing his head.

"That potion must have done something to the both of you," he muttered to himself. Remus rubbed his ears, unused to the short distance hearing he was getting. Sirius on the other hand, marveled at the fact he could everything.

"Oh yeah, how did that go buddy?" Sirius asked. James looked at him with a glance. Shutting his eyes he leaned back, propping himself up on his hands. Opening his eyes once again he laughed, making the other two look at each other in confusion.

"A really funny joke you two, but I just talked to Madam Pomfrey and she said that you could go, but if you feel any different come strait here," James said in a rather bored voice. Remus and Sirius shared one more look before Sirius pulled Remus away breaking into a run once he reached the hallway.

"Hey! Sirius, where are you going?" Remus gasped, nearly tripping as Sirius continued to lead him down the hallway, more like force him down the hallway but that wasn't the point. Sirius whipped around, allowing Remus to smack right into him. Grabbing his hand (man that sounded weird) he shoved Remus into the empty classroom, closing the door and locking it behind him.

"We can not tell James what's happened," Sirius said harshly, still facing the door. "We'll be the laughing stock of the school! I refuse to loose my reputation over something so stupid!" Remus sighed, getting over the initial shock of being dragged around and sitting on one of the desks.

"I think we should at least tell-" Remus started but was cut off when Sirius' hand –erm, his hand- covered his mouth.

"We can't tell anyone!" Sirius hissed. After a long silence he pulled back, blazing amber eyes glaring into grey. Remus bit his lip, nodding at last. Sirius grinned, but his face didn't show it, which was another problem Remus had. An awkward silence followed, none of them knowing what to say to one another.

"Are you always this tall?" Remus asked suddenly, jumping once to get a better feel. He was too busy strangling Sirius earlier to notice. Sirius grinned.

"Jealous shrimp?" He mocked. Remus flushed in anger, stepping forward and taking Sirius by the collar of the shirt (marveling at the fact he was able to at last) and shook him harshly.

"SAY THAT AGAIN BLACK I DARE YOU!" Remus yelled, shaking him even more. Sirius stuck his tongue out, though secretly enjoying the fact that his body was so strong. Remus frowned, not liking the grin on the others face.

"Hey," Sirius said suddenly. "Are you really gay for me?" Remus paled, dropping him on the floor and turning around, trying to hide yet another blush.

"No, but it might seem that way because of all the Slytherins that have a strange obsession with me," Remus muttered, shutting his eyes as if trying to block out the conversation. Sirius looked immediately surprised, standing up and going around to be in front of Remus, an expression of worry.

"They've been harassing you? Why haven't you told anyone?" Sirius asked harshly, amber eyes piercing. Remus looked away.

"I never wanted anyone to worry about me, but since you are in my body…you ARE going to be bothered by those guys," Remus pointed out, Sirius nodding. "But, the thing I usually do to avoid them is ignoring, so as not to suspect just ignore them instead of beating the crap out of them, like you usually do." Sirius nodded again.

"And when people bother you I always have dung bombs and stink pellets in my pockets," Sirius said brightly, allowing a radiant smile to come onto his face. "Don't be alarmed if all the girls swarm you, just smile and laugh and say 'how are you lovely ladies doing?' and they giggle and say you're so cute and then just give them each a kiss and walk away gloriously."

"Erm g-gloriously?" Remus inquired. "I can't really do that, but I'll try." Sirius frowned.

"That reminds me, what do you usually do when girls –or erm, g-guys- get on you?" Sirius asked, shuttering at the 'guys' part. Remus blushed once again, looking away completely.

"I get embarrassed and usually walk away," he muttered quietly. Sirius crossed his arms, taking all the mental notes he could while nodding.

"Okay then! Are we ready to take our places in the outside world?" Sirius asked curiously. Remus nodded, releasing a great sigh, but he eventually laughed, giving a truly Sirius-like grin.

"Yeah, maybe I could actually learn to be brave," he joked. Sirius blinked at least once or twice before nodding energetically, clapping Remus on the back.

"Yeah, you could!" He said, and Remus shook his head. "You are way too timid buddy." Remus stopped Sirius as he was walking out and made him turn.

"You must not be happy all the time and…after classes, everyday we will go to the library and find a cure," Remus pointed out. "Besides, back to what I said earlier, I'm not constantly happy, so keep on the down low to make sure no one suspects."

"Our potions accident will be the hot topic all over school, no doubt there will be questions," Sirius hissed, rather angry.

"But there will be no answers for them Sirius, no matter what," Remus replied sharply, walking to the door and unlocking it, opening the heavy wood with no effort at all. It felt…strange to be so strong yet so weak, not at all like his body, where it was a constant power trip that consistently ignored.

"We don't want them to worry," Sirius said suddenly, sounding so much like he was Remus it scared Remus!

"That…is the attitude you need," came the reply before both of them walked out.

It was all a dream, it was all a dream. His body was still knocked out beside him, and he had no idea whose body HE was in! It was a horrible, drug induced nightmare from that potion that had back fired. Sirius sighed, trying to calm himself down. He remembered looking over and seeing his body, passing out, and waking up again just to freak out.

A groan from the bed beside him made his (but not exactly) head to swivel around, watching as the imposter sat up, rubbing a bump on his perfect head.

"Where am I?" He murmured. Looking around the grey eyes landed on himself, his body freezing immediately. Sirius continued to watch him, unsure what the imposter was going to do next. Kill him? Maim him? Torture him until he talked? No, that couldn't be it; he was too lazy to know what was important.

"I'm dreaming, something induced by the potion that backfired," his imposter murmured, grabbing onto the long black hair and shaking his head. Sirius glared, looking at his own body, jumping up and running to the connecting bathroom, looking at his reflection.

He was…Remus?

Sirius touched "his" hair lightly, watching as the short strands fell right through smoothly. Lifting up his shirt he saw the bite scar, swallowing hard as he realized that not even a Polyjuice potion could copy that. Then, they had switched a body, which was the backfire that had occurred.

"This can't be happening," he whispered. Running out again he saw his own wand pointed right at him. Grey eyes looked fierce, fright hidden well behind them.

"Who are you? Why are you in my body?" He demanded. Sirius stuck his mew arms in the air as a defense shaking his head in surrender.

"Remus, that potion, that was the backfire, our bodies were switched!" He said squeakily, hoping that his rational friend would listen. He slowly watched as the wand was lowered and Remus turned to face him fully (which looked rather threatening considering his body was taller).

"Prove it," Remus said quietly and hesitantly.

"We are in sixth year, the Marauders, and…I'm Padfoot, a big black dog that helps you during the full moon," he reasoned, hoping Remus understood. A silent battle was going on inside Remus, but he somehow knew that Sirius (or what he thought was Sirius) was telling the truth.

"Then, what are we going to do?"

"Erm, we can't tell James," Sirius laughed nervously.


Heh, there we go, we end on what happened after Sirius woke up.