Chapter 1: The End

As Marissa was running up the stairs to her room, she knew it wasn't where she should be. She was meant to be out with Luke, at a party, forgetting about the fact that her mother was ignoring her and even her father had forgotten her birthday. Now everything had come crashing down around her. She needed to get out; the day's events were pounding through her mind, all she could think of was Luke's slurred voice repeating, "I'm breaking up with you". She knew he was drunk, they both were, but somehow she could see that he was speaking his thoughts.

Marissa had never even contemplated a life without Luke, they had been together since the 5th grade, and now in their senior year of high school, their relationship had finally ended. There was only one thing Marissa had left to do, call Summer.

"Hey Coop, where are you? You are missing like the best party ever!"

"Hey, how'd you know it was me?"

"Caller ID Coop, like how drunk are you?"

"Whatever, I really need to tell you something, can you go someplace quiet? I can barely hear you."

"Yeah, hang on a sec."

At the party, Summer noticed something different in Marissa's voice, she didn't sound like her normal self, she sounded like she was upset, maybe even crying. After moving upstairs, Summer could finally hear Marissa clearly.

"Ok Coop, spill."

"Luke broke up with me," Marissa cried into the phone in-between muffled sobs.

"He what?" Summer almost shouted into the phone before-"Wait a sec Coop, was he drunk?"

"Yeah but-"

"Coop! You know better than to trust anything Luke says when he's drunk"

"I know Sum, but this time, its different. He actually meant it, I could just tell."

"Marissa. You're not thinking straight. Get some sleep, it'll all be better in the morning."

"But that's just it Sum, it won't be better in the morning, the only guy I've ever loved has left me, there's nothing left for me in Newport, I can't stay here anymore."

"Coop, now you're just overreacting, go get some sleep and clear you're head."

"Sorry Sum, I just can't be here anymore."

"Marissa!" Summer yelled into the phone, but it was too late, her best friend had hung up.

In her room, Marissa was packing one of her many designer bags with some essential belongings; clothes, money and some toiletries. She hesitated to pack her phone, she didn't want to talk to anyone, but decided to simply turn it off and take it just in case.

She managed to shut the large heavy front door quietly as she made her way out onto the deserted street. Overwhelmed by the thoughts in her head, she began to run, and she kept running until she found herself at the bus station. Marissa jumped on the first bus that came past, not knowing where she was going or why. All Marissa could think of was getting away, away from Newport, away from her family, and most of all, away from Luke.

Marissa collapsed into a seat at the back of the Greyhound, and cried herself to sleep as she watched the Newport she once knew slowly fading to the distance.

She awoke with a fright as the bus pulled into a decrepit bus shelter. She made her way to the front of the now empty bus, as the driver said once again,

"Last stop, Chino. Last stop."