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Chapter 11 - The Chase

For a typical Chino day, the weather was surprisingly perfect, the morning sun bright in the sky, and the trees moving softly with the breeze.

Ryan was still holding Marissa's hand as they strolled playfully down the street, laughing and joking their way towards the busier parts of Chino.

"So where exactly are you taking me?" Marissa demanded with a cheeky grin,

"Oh, you'll see.. that is.. if you can catch me!" he retorted, breaking free from her grip on his hand and beginning to jog.

"Hey!" Marissa cried out after him, beginning to chase Ryan down the street, attracting strange looks from any passers-by.

They ran for several blocks, until they slowed down to a halt, and, out of breath, Marissa taps Ryan on the shoulder.

"Tip," she says finally, regaining her breath and she hears Ryan laugh quietly through his heavy breathing.

"Oh, looks like you got me then, seems I'm going to have to show you around now" he said, in mock disappointment.

It was the sheer simplicity and happiness of the smile Ryan then gave to Marissa that made her heart warm inside her, it felt nice to have someone she could joke with.

"So here it is," Ryan continued, shrugging and gesturing around him in a half-hearted sort of manner.

"You mean, this is Chino?" Marissa inquired,

"Yeah, there's not much to it really.. unless you know what to look for.." and with that, Ryan gave Marissa a knowing wink, took her arm in his, and began showing her

insight into a world she'd never believed she'd know.

The seemingly ill-fitted pair spent hours together, simply walking and talking, not caring where their feet took them, or how far they had travelled, or how long for.

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